9+ Spa Brochures

Who doesn’t love going to the spa? I think everybody loves to relax and relieve themselves from all the stress. Especially after a tiring day at work, it always feels so good to just lie down and have yourself pampered.

When managing a spa business, a good way of promoting your business is through the distribution of brochures. These might be a bit costly to make, but it has been proven effective in promoting businesses. And to save you the hassle of making one from scratch, we have ready-made brochure designs templates that you can use to make your own brochures.

Tri-fold Spa Brochure



Medical Spa Brochure



Beauty Spa Brochure



Spa Massage Brochure



Spa & Salon Brochure



Get Their Attention and Make Them Interested

A brochure is a small promotional book or folded paper used to introduce a company, products, or services to the public. These are either placed inside newspapers or on top of counters or tables for the people to pick out or it can also be distributed personally. Brochures usually contain information of the products offered by the company and also the benefits that can be gained from these products.

Here are some advantages of using brochures for promotion of products and services:

  • Brochures are easy to distribute to the public.
  • Brochures are attractive to look at and fun to read.
  • While it may cost you something, brochures are actually much cheaper than other advertising methods.
  • You can make the best out of your brochures by placing as much information as it can hold.
  • Distributing brochures will show your determination and sincerity in your business to the public.

And here are some tips on how to make your brochures more effective:

  • Ask yourself the question, Why would they want to avail of your services? and use your answer as a guide to the contents on the brochure.
  • Use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in your brochure.
    • Your brochure should be able to get the public’s attention.
    • Make the reader interested in your products.
    • Promote your products and make them sound desirable.
    • Encourage the reader to take action.
  • Make sure to focus on selling your products and not storytelling. Indicate the benefits the customer will be getting if they buy your products.
  • Use bullet points to enumerate the best features of your product or services.
  • Make sure to include your name and contact details on the brochure to make it easier for the client to respond.

For people who are managing beauty spas, we also have our collection of beauty spa brochures that you can use to promote your business.

A5 Landscape Spa Brochure



Spa Square Tri-fold Brochure



Spa Bi-fold Brochure



Spa Menu Brochure



Resort Spa Brochure



So if you’re planning on promoting your spa, then our templates can help you with that. These templates can be accessed easily by anyone with good Internet connection and can be downloaded in either PSD, vector AI, InDesign, or EPS formats. These templates are compatible with any photo-manipulating software and are also easy to edit. Some of the templates we offer here can be downloaded for free, while others need you to pay a reasonable upfront royalty so you could experience the templates’ full features.

If you’re managing a massage parlor, then we also have our collection of massage brochures that you can also access and download easily. However, if you couldn’t find what you were looking for on this page, then scroll down to the bottom and check out the links to other related content found all over our website.

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