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9+ Travel Business Brochures

As a lot of people nowadays tend to travel around the world, and tourist destinations now are heavily jam-packed while also trying to promote their tourist attraction, amenities, and a bunch of other activities, which would highlight the destination to others. If you wanted to showcase your tourist destination, you’re going to have your marketing and advertising skills on point so that you can outdo what you did the previous day.

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Pretty sure coming up with brochure templates is ideally fun to begin with. Not only that is it fun to make but it is also effective in so many ways too.

Travel Business InDesign Brochure


Travel Business Brochure in PDF


Professional Travel Business Brochure


Travel Agency Business Brochure


Travel Business Trifold Brochure


How to Make a Business Travel Brochure

Since your goal is making these travel business brochures to highlight your travel agency—and, to some extent, the tourist destinations you offer—for more potential clients to go to your office and be sold on the idea of travelling, here are some ways that you can definitely choose for yourself on how to make your own personalized travel business brochures:

  • Check and review the things that you need on the making the business.
  • Pick the destination. Depending on your liking, you can choose to feature a single destination or you can also choose to feature multiple destinations as a travel package.
  • Once again, run another review and finalization on the destination which you want to highlight and feature.
  • Explore the tourist destination which you picked and from there and find out about the destinations’ amenities. It could be the coffee shops nearby, the malls, amusement parks, museums, and the like.
  • Carefully research about your target market. Are you targeting business travels or families traveling together having a personal vacation time?
  • Set a price for your tourist destination and compare yours with your competitors’.
  • After that, plan every detail regarding your travel brochure. This would include layouting, designing, putting headings, and writing important details or notes relevant to your topic.
  • Balance out your brochure content. Once you have you already planned your travel brochure, balance your text, titles or heading, and your pictures out in a way that your potential clients would have a balanced and broadened overview of the information with regard to the destination
  • Finalize everything.

Landscape Travel Business Brochure


Travel Holiday Business Brochure


Travel Business Brochure Catalog


Travel and Tourism Brochure


Fun Travel Business Brochure


Priceless Rewards

Once finished with your travel brochures, there are several ways of putting it out there! Think about all those possibilities and chances. More importantly, don’t let them go to waste. It would definitely be in your advantage if you have already established a travel agency, for you can just hand it out to people visiting your office.

Throwing or launching a promotional party could be a way to go, given you’re willing enough to capitalize a little more. It will eventually pay off if done the right way. On the other hand, one of the bet options that you can have right at the moment is distributing it through social media. Depending on how well you have managed to design your content and layout your travel brochures, it would definitely reach a whole lot of viewers, and in some cases, it goes viral.

On a case-to-case basis, it is how you strategize and play it to get the job done. With the perfect timing and excellent match or relevance to your targeted market’s needs or interest, you can definitely expect something.

For any consolation whatsoever, you never really lose because you always get to learn something new and different. Isn’t that enough reward for effort?

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