9+ Travel Company Brochures

Whether it’s traveling out of town or travelling to another country, it always feels wonderful to travel, especially when we have good company to go along with. Travelling for either business or for pleasure is indeed an experience to discover, explore, and learn.

For most business or travel-related career, most companies would go through a traveling agency to get their needs provided. Agencies would often have PSD Company Brochures finalized before the deadline for showcasing purposes. Perhaps you know when you step foot into a traveling agency first when you have those dreamy and picturesque travel destinations laid before your eyes.

Travel Company Profile Brochure



Travel Company Introduction Brochure





Travel Agency Company Brochure




Corporate Travel Company Brochure





Holiday Travel Company Brochure




Useful Steps to Get Your Own Travel Agency Started

If you plan and want to have your own travel agency and don’t know where to start, you can check out these steps to help you along the way:

  • Check out the law. It’s always crucial to check out your state’s law before involving yourself into starting a business since it’s obviously a huge undertaking and responsibility (not to mention risky too). To minimize the risk, studying beforehand and planning are always helpful.
  • Creating a business plan. Although this would sound rather cliche, but having a business plan—or, let alone an actual plan—before venturing into any type of business is a must. You should know what you’re getting into and always make sure you’ve come prepared. As there are challenges whatsoever, keep in mind that adaptability and improvisation are your friends. And although you can have plan B and C, there’s always room for improvements. This is where improvisation comes in.
  • Study and target your market. Study your target market first before entering the travel agency industry. This answers the question, What kind of traveling agency do I want to get?
  • Examine what you need and gather it. Basic requirements when starting business operations such as a business permit, license to operate, and assets needed to get your business started.
  • Examine the potential cash flow and finances. This is your profit-and-loss statement (Template.net holds a host of profit-and-loss statement templates you could download and use), and it’s also important to examine how much you’ll gain minus how much you’ll spend to get a difference of your profit.

If you’re still undecided, you can always check out our Travel Brochure Templates for more ideas.

Luxury Travel Company Brochure





Adventure Travel Company Brochure




Travel Company Bifold Brochure



Travel Company Catalog Brochure



Travel Business Company Brochure



Getting Your Name Out There

Moreover, apart from the steps mentioned above, there are quite a number ways to start your travel agency. You can choose to apply the tips we offered and make some changes. It’s really up to you. And yes, after completing all these steps, you can now officially register and start your own travel agency. Be reminded too that you’d need to have it also registered for accreditation so that your company will be a trusted and credible agency engaging on the tourism industry.

Once you have finalized your Corporate Brochure Templates, launching your travel agency will be simple and quite easy as long as you have everything and every detail ready. Pictures and slideshows of amazing tourist spot destinations are also a great way to wow your target market.

Social media and the Internet are also useful tools of getting your newfound travel company out there. Aside from that, handing out coupons, creating popular tour packages, handing out flyers, and advertising with travel brochure are deemed essential. Once the name of your travel company spreads, people will just eventually come to you.

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