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Do you enjoy traveling to different parts of the world? Do you love experiencing different cultures in these places? Traveling truly is a magical experience that can not be replaced with something else, which is why people would always say that while you are still young and capable of doing these things, you should grab the opportunity as soon as possible. You may also see travel brochure samples.

Gateway Travel Tri-Fold Brochure Layout

travel trifold brochure template1
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Size: A4 & US


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Travel & Tour Tri-Fold Brochure Template

travel   tour tri fold brochure template
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Size: US, A4


Travel Agency Tri-Fold Brochure Template

travel agency tri fold brochure template 1
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Size: US, A4


If you are managing a travel agency and you wish to help people achieve their dream of traveling to other places, then promote your agency with the use of brochures. Here, we have gathered various travel brochure designs and templates that you can download and use. There are around sixteen creative templates here that you can choose from, feel free to check them out.

Free Sample Travel Brochure Template

free sample travel brochure template 440x570 1
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Size: US

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Free Travel and Tour Brochure Template

free travel and tour brochure template 440x570 1
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Size: US

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Hotel Travel Trifold Brochure


Holiday Travel Brochure Design

holiday travel brochure design

Travel Resort Trifold Brochure Design

travel resort trifold brochure design

Travel Vacation Resort Trifold Brochure Design

travel resort trifold brochure

Graphics Travel Trifold Brochure Template

graphics travel trifold brochure template

If you’re looking for a tri-fold brochure template that’s simple, trendy, and functional, you may want to use the one above. The best thing about this template is its QR code at the back which helps to make things more convenient.

Holiday Travels Trifold Brochure Design

holiday travels trifold brochure design

Studio Travel Trifold Brochure Example

studio travel trifold brochure example

If you prefer to work using Adobe Photoshop, then this PSD-based brochure template may be the best choice for you. Plus, it’s highly creative as you can see from the image above.

Different Types of Brochures

1. Bi-Fold Brochure

This type of brochure, as the name suggests, is folded in a way that the entire paper will have two equal divisions. All in all, this brochure will have four pages, two on the front and two on the back. This is the most common type of brochure being used by businesses since it is also the most inexpensive to make. You may also see tourism brochures.

2. Tri-Fold Brochure

From the name itself, this type of brochure has two equally-divided folds to make a total of six columns: three on the front and another three on the back. The type of brochure is the second most commonly used one and it lets advertisers organize the contents well by taking advantage of the divisions. And just like the bi-fold type, tri-fold brochures are also highly inexpensive. You may also see examples of travel brochures.

3. Gate Fold Brochure

A rather uncommon type of brochure, but is able to make a great impact if used correctly. The paper used for this type of brochure—preferably something very durable—is divided into three parts: two small ones (sides) and one large division (middle). The two smaller divisions are then folded inwards to resemble a closed gate that will need to be opened in order to reveal the brochure’s contents. You may also see free brochures.

4. Z-Fold Brochure

Almost as similar to the tri-fold brochure type, this one contains two folds to make three equally-divided panels. The only thing different about Z-fold brochure is the way it is folded. Instead of folding the two side panels inwards on the same side, the other panel is folded on the opposite side, giving it a letter Z-like form when viewed from the top. The purpose of it is just as similar as the tri-fold type, which makes it a good alternative if you’ve grown tired of using tri-fold brochures.

5. Accordion Fold Brochure

This type of brochure resembles the musical instrument, thus the name. It’s actually very similar to the Z-fold brochure type, but instead of having only two folds or three panels, the accordion fold type is folded three times to make a total of four panels. This type of brochure is perfect for those designs that contain a lot of text. You may also see vacation brochure templates.

6. Roll Fold Brochure

And lastly, the roll fold brochure which is folded inwards in a rolling-like motion. Roll fold brochures have four or more panels which are used mostly for text. This type of brochure is ideal for instruction or tutorial booklets. You may also see sample travel brochures.

Holiday Travel Trifold Brochure

holiday travel trifold brochure

Simple Travel Trifold Brochure Template

simple travel trifold brochure template

Photorealistic Travel Trifold Brochure Sample

photorealistic travel trifold brochure sample

Sample Travel Trifold Brochure Design

sample travel trifold brochure design

How to Make the Most of Your Brochure Design?

1. Determine the purpose of the brochures

You’ll never know where to go or what to do if you don’t know why you’re doing it, which is why knowing the purpose is very important, especially for marketing campaigns. Yes, your purpose might be to convert prospects into actual paying clients, but this purpose is very broad and will need to be broken down. Define specifically the purpose of your use of brochures and let that guide you in the process of making them.

2. Limit the number of fonts used

Don’t go over the top with the use of fonts, just enough to let readers distinguish the contents from each other. According to experts, a specific font should be assigned for the header, another one for the sub-header, and a third one for the main body. Your number of cool fonts should only be between two and three, more than that may result in a cluttered look.

3. Make it easy to understand

Avoid using jargon on your brochures, make the content easy to understand by using simple words and statements. The reason behind this is because your brochures are intended to be read by the prospects, and you can’t always expect them to understand complicated words. So to be safe, use terms that are sure to be understood by everybody. You may also see free printable brochure templates.

4. Explain why prospects should avail of the offer

Brochures are usually made to showcase the different products and services that are being offered by the small business, which answers the “what” question. Since this is not convincing enough, you should also provide them with answers to their “why” questions. Write down the benefits of availing the offers and support those benefits by giving examples.

5. Make a good impression

The way a brochure is presented can determine the kind of impression given to the advertisers by the prospects. If a brochure is well-made, it could leave them with a good impression, which is something that people look for in a business. However, if a brochure is poorly-made, then people will assume that their services are poor as well. You may also see free tri-fold brochure templates.

Trip Travel Trifold Brochure Template

trip travel trifold brochure template

Artistic Travel Trifold Brochure Template

artistic travel trifold brochure template

Modern Travel Trifold Brochure Template

modern travel trifold brochure template

Travel Time Trifold Brochure Template

travel time trifold brochure template

Travel Tour Trifold Brochure Design

travel tour trifold brochure design

Benefits of Traveling

1. Traveling can actually help in developing your social and communication skills. In one way or another, you will definitely be forced to come into contact with random people to ask for directions or to find a particular place. This can help you with your social skills because you will learn to communicate with people of different cultures who don’t speak your language. You may also see travel business brochures.

2. Traveling can help in encouraging you to get creative and live outside your comfort zones. These usually go hand in hand and will result when a person is exposed to things that are totally new to them. So the more you get exposed to new things and experiences, the more you’ll learn to think creatively. You may also see simple tri-fold brochures.

3. In relation to the first two bullet points, traveling can actually help in boosting people’s confidence levels. From interacting with people and finding ways that they will be able to understand you to be able to live outside your comfort zone, you will eventually grow as a person and become much more confident with yourself. You may also see travel company brochures.

4. Most people want things to go according to plan, and if things go out of the way, they usually find it difficult to put those things back on the right track. This is often the result of compulsive behavior which is not as severe as those that really need psychological treatment. Traveling is a good way of letting people learn to overcome their compulsiveness and increase their tolerance to uncertainties. You may also see free brochure templates.

5. And for the most obvious, traveling can give you an unmeasurable amount of enjoyment that is sure to relieve you from all the stresses that you have been through. We actually placed this at the end even though it should have been the first one since the primary reason why most people travel is to have fun. You may also see trifold templates.

Cool Travel Trifold Brochure Template

cool travel trifold brochure template

Make your travel brochure more exciting with this tri-fold brochure template. The best features of this template lie mostly in its color scheme and type of font.

Travel Trifold Brochure Example

travel trifold brochure example1

Take the unconventional route by making square-shaped brochures, and with the travel brochure template above, you might be able to pull that off effectively.

Minimalist Style Travel Trifold Brochure

minimalist style travel trifold brochure

Tips on How to be Cost-Efficient When Traveling

1. Set a budget plan

Setting a simple budget is probably the most important part when traveling, and it is also the most obvious if you wish to control your expenses. When setting your budget, make sure to do a breakdown of the overall budget plan and assign specific budgets to different areas. Set a budget for transportation, another one for food, and another for souvenirs, you may even add more areas if you want.

2. Check for discounts or promos

Before or during your travel, check the internet for any promos on flights, hotels, or even restaurants. You’ll find a lot of them on the internet, so be sure to really look into them if you really want to save money. You may also see Microsoft brochure templates.

3. Shopping List

If you’re planning to bring some souvenirs or gifts back home, be sure to write down a list of things that you want to buy. If you’re unfamiliar with what that place is known for, you can also look it up on the internet. This way, you’ll have an idea on what to buy. You may even include the places where those things can be found if it’s included on the internet so you won’t be stressed out on where to find them. You may also see sample travel company brochures.

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