11+ Watercolor Brochure Templates

Watercolor brochures are like the regular brochures except that they are not design using the solid colors. They are created digitally with the watercolor like effect that comes with various tools and brushes available with the design softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator. The watercolor effect is very much in demand and is being used on various graphic mediums like posters, invitations, advertisements etc. It given a ethnic and artistic vibe to the design and make it look distinct and arresting.

We have compiled few interesting watercolor brochure design from the internet that can be used as an inspiration for brochure and other designing projects. There are also some watercolor brochure templates available that you download to use directly or edit to customise as them as per your requirement.

Watercolor Eco Brochures



This is modern vector design that can be used to create brochures, flyers, posters and other design material. The vector is perfect if you want to create an environmental themed brochure design. The vector has been designed with natural and watercolor like effect that makes it perfect for an eco brochure design.

Watercolor Wine Brochure Template



Abstract Watercolor Brochure Design



The brochure template provides you with an abstract watercolor design. The design looks decent and can be used to create any kind of brochure since it not any theme specific.

Decorative Watercolor Brochure Template



This premium quality watercolor template provides with elegant pattern and subtle charm of pastel colors. You can use similar design to create a watercolor brochure of your own and keep the colors light and simple.

Watercolor Style Brochure Design



This brochure design vector is not theme specific and comes with nice but understated watercolor effect. You can edit the vector file to complete the brochure design by adding the content and images relevant to the brochure.

Watercolor Marble Brochure Template



The given brochure design is modern, elegant, minimal and fresh. You can edit it using InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC. the images, texts and backgrounds are all layered and you can edit them to customise and make changes. The file provides 16 watercolour images for white backgrounds adn 3 high-res marble backgrounds

Watercolor Geometric Brochure Design



This brochure design vector looks very interesting as the geometric watercolor effect. The combination of geometric pattern with watercolor effect makes for a nuance but mesmerizing brochure design. Download the template to explore the design and use it to create your own brochure design.

Blue Watercolor Stylized Brochure



The watercolor brochure template uses an interesting color combination of blue and purple that works well for the watercolor effect. The file is available in AI format and can be edited using Adobe Illustrator without putting in much efforts.

Watercolor Bi Fold Brochure



Watercolor Diwali Brochure Template



Though the season of Diwali is yet to arrive and it is too early but you can always take inspiration and create something else out of it. Same with this template, you can use download it to edit and create your own watercolor brochure design.

Vector Watercolor Brochure Template



Another purple watercolor effect in the list here. The vector watercolor brochure provides you design to create a 3 fold brochure. The design looks suitable for all kinds of theme and can be used as an abstract concept

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