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When designing your own business card, there are different methods you can follow. The most common method is by using a pre-printed business card template. The second method is by making handmade business cards. And the last method is by using a business card maker app.

This last method may come as a surprise to those who may not be that tech-savvy. But now that you know there is an easier and more innovative way of creating calling cards, you may now start using the different business card design apps that we will introduce below.

Lenscard App

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The first on the list is the Lenscard Business Card Maker powered by Pic Lens. The app includes about 38 pre-built business card backgrounds. This way, you will be able to create your own professional business cards without having to download background images and users still retain the ability to use their own images for their respective business cards. This is made possible by using the Create a Custom Card option in the app menu.

The app’s photo editor gives its user total freedom to adjust any design element and to change the font styles and colors. The app also includes more than 33 font styles. Lenscard also allows its users to choose between different image photography styles—from overlapping images and creating photo collages to using different frames, shapes, pip, and art styles.

Shopify Business Cards Maker

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If you want a free business card app, the Shopify Business Cards Maker app may be the one for you. The app boasts of a lot of free professional card templates. You may also create your own business cards based on the individual design elements from the app. This free business card maker allows its users to create both digital cards and printable cards. If you wish to create a printable card, you can save the card design in PDF format (functionality already built into the app) and then take this file to any printing shop or print it directly using your home printer.

The Shopify Business Card Maker is relatively easy to use because of its simple user interface. When first opening the app, you will be asked to enter your personal details that you wish to showcase on the card. Then you can choose between different color palettes and different layouts. You may also use all the information you have gathered into different business card designs and use them as a digital contacts list in your own phone. The app also has affordable premium card templates that you can choose from if you find the free card template gallery inadequate.

Light Creative Lab Business Card Creator App

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Light Creative Lab Business Card App is one of the most highly downloaded business card creation apps in the Google Play Store. And just like other card creation apps, it allows you to create your own digital business cards or use any of the pre-made templates found on the app. What makes this business card maker app different from other apps is that it includes an intuitively designed user interface. On top of that, the app has more than 100 customizable business card templates. You surely will not run out of card designs to choose from.

Another advantage of Light Creative Lab’s Business Card Maker app is that it has user-friendly editing tools. With it, you may edit and add any card design element by just using any of the different tool categories (Symbol, Line, Text, and Logo). Apps like this are especially helpful to struggling entrepreneurs who may not have the budget and the time to create other more creative business card designs.

CamCard Free Business Card Maker App

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The CamCard Free Business Card Maker App is primarily a digital business card maker. The app contains all the necessary card creation tools that any business person will need to create a compelling business card design. On top of that, the app also includes a business card scanner and reader. This allows all of its app users to exchange professional business information digitally. This function is really helpful for those who get to meet a lot of people every day for their job.

The CamCard App may be likened to a social network for entrepreneurs, salespersons, and marketers since the app also allows its users to see updates from anyone they have added as a contact through the app. When used effectively, creating a digital business card profile on the CamCard app and using your corresponding business card can be a good marketing tool. CamCard’s business card scanning feature is able to detect more than 15 languages so you do not have to worry if your new colleague sends you an e-card that is written in a different language.

ZerOnes Business Card Maker App

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With the ZerOnes Business Card Maker App, you get a simple and colorful user interface that allows you to create different types of business cards. What makes this card maker one of the best is that it works well even offline. You may create and save your business card designs without having to worry about having a spotty Internet connection.

In addition. the card allows you to choose between different predefined card templates. However, if you truly want to create an original business card, you will still have all the editing functionalities, including being able to choose a color scheme, layout the card design, and select between different symbols and logos. As with any logo design, you may use your own business logo design and insert this on your business card template. However, if you have not come up with a logo yet, you may select a temporary one among the options in the vast logo design collection that the app has. Also, check this link for more useful tips in logo designing.

What Business Card Maker App to Choose?

The five business card making apps listed above may not be an exhaustive list of the best mobile apps available. However, each app allows you more or less the same editing functionalities in terms of creating a business card. You may easily select one at random and you can still create the best and the coolest business card design that you can think of.

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