288+ Business Card Designs and Templates

Those of of you who own businesses need to learn how to design business cards.  The reason for this is simple: you want to be able to provide people with information about your business in the simplest manner possible.

By simply handing someone your business card, you are giving that person enough information to tell him or her who you are, what your business is, how to contact you, etc. So, be sure to learn how to create a business card and always have one in hand. You’ll never know when you might need it.

>Simple Business Cards


There are a multitude of card designs that you can choose from. The only thing you have to think about is which of these designs fit well with your business. So, go through all of them and think it through carefully before making the final decision. 13+ Simple Business Card

>Vintage Business Card Designs


If you want to go for the vintage look for your business card design, then you should definitely choose any of these. They’ll give your business card that feel of finesse and people who receive these will definitely think highly of your business. 15+ Vintage Business Card

>Fashion Designer Business Card Designs


If you’re wondering how to use business cards effectively, then remember that the best way to use them is by keeping them straight to the point and handing them out to the people you want to whenever you find the opportunity. 14+ Fashion Designer Business Card Designs

>Sleek Business Card Designs


Some business cards don’t necessarily require you to place a lot of images in them. For example, these sleek business cards provide one image, and the rest is pure text. In the case of this type of business card, you’re going for the “less is more” kind of look. 14+ Sleek Business Card Designs

>Studio Business Card Designs


Even those who own studios need to provide clients with their business cards, especially if they plan on working together for some time. Be sure to pick out the right kind of studio card design as there are multiple varieties. 12+ Studio Business Card Designs

>Manager Business Card Designs


If you’re a manager for a certain company and you want to promote your services to another, then all you have to do is hand that other person your manager business card. Be sure that your name and position stand out whenever you decide to create this type of business card. 13+ Manager Business Card Designs

>Producer Business Card Designs


Producers have the important job of taking care of whatever one needs for a certain project. So, when you create your own business card as a producer, just make sure that you have your own logo and that your name stands out before you print out the business card. 14+ Producer Business Card Designs

>Executive Business Card Designs


If you’re part of an executive team, then these business card designs are definitely for you. All of them look sleek and professional, so just choose which card design suits you best. 14+ Executive Business Card Designs

>Director Business Card Designs


If you’re the type of person who loves making films and has decided to turn it into your profession, then you’ll need a business card if you want others to know that. Director business card designs are designed for the sole purpose of showing that you’re the director and you can customize it to show the genre you specialize in. 13+ Director Business Card Designs

>Graphic Designer Business Card Designs


If you’re a graphic designer, then you definitely need a business card as you’ll be in demand. Pick any of these templates and customize them until they are able to suit the kind of information that you want to provide to potential clients. 14+ Graphic Designer Business Card Designs

>Media Business Card Templates


If you’re part of the media, then you definitely need your business card so that you can show people who you are and what you do. Also, it’s really useful in the event that you want someone to avail of your services, as this business card will help you with that. 14+ Media Business Card Templates

>Black and White Business Card Templates


Black and white are two of the most basic colors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. These black and white business card designs will help you get straight to the point with your business information, and it will do just that with its simple yet standout design. 14+ Black and White Business Card Templates

>Restaurant Business Card Templates


If you’re a restaurant owner, then you want to go for a good-looking design on your restaurant business card. Make sure that the images represent the type of food that your business mainly serves, so that people will get the gist of your business card right away. 16+ Restaurant Business Card Templates

>Business Card Design for Inspiration


Remember that there are some who benefit from having the most basic designs for their business cards. There are also some business cards which focus on motivation, so having minimalist designs on these are definitely useful. 14+ Business Card Design for Inspiration

>Business Card Examples


If you’re going to make a business card, then be sure to go through all of our examples. Also, you have to make sure that all of the information that you present is 100% accurate. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your future client now, would you? 75+ Business Card Examples

>Artistic Business Card Templates


Some like their business cards simple while others want to go for the more creative look. The latter is definitely the case when it comes to artistic business card designs as this is the type that focuses more on visual impact rather than text. 14+ Artistic Business Card Templates

>Taxi Business Card Templates


If you own a taxi service and you want people to know that, then you should definitely take advantage of this type of business card design. The ones here are simple and will let viewers immediate know about the kind of business that they’re going to deal with. 12+ Taxi Business Card Templates

>Transportation Business Cards


Transportation business cards are mainly used to tell people that yours is a business that focuses on transporting items from one place to another. These card designs definitely help take care of that as they easily show what kind of business yours is. 10+ Transportation Business Cards

>Networking Business Card Templates


There are a lot of networking companies that are trying to build relationships with others for higher chances of success. By having a networking business card, you can easily introduce people to your networking company in the hopes that they take up what you have to offer. 9+ Networking Business Card Templates

>Tattoo Business Card Templates


Do you own a tattoo parlor? Then, you’ll definitely need this type of business card to show people that you have one. If you’re going to create one, then it’s a good idea if you have one of your tattoo designs on the card to give people a little preview as to what you can do. 11+ Tattoo Business Card Templates

>Watercolor Business Card Templates


The art of using watercolor is one that’s prominent even until this day. If you’re an artists who primarily focuses on using watercolor, then you’ll want to make use of these card designs to show that as clearly as possible to your potential clients. 10+ Watercolor Business Card Templates

>Floral Business Cards


Are you into selling flowers? Is yours the kind of business that provides services such as flower arrangements or tending? Then, make use of this type of business card design so that everyone will know that. 22+ Floral Business Cards

>Business Holiday Cards


Sometimes, your business might just want to send a nice greeting over to someone, like another businessman you’re forming a relationship with, during the holidays. Then, you should definitely consider using these designs as they’re perfect for the situation. 8+ Business Holiday Cards

>Minimalist Business Cards


This has already been said many times before, but sometimes, it’s a good thing if you keep your business cards as simple as possible. And that’s definitely the case whenever you decide to go with minimalist business card designs. 107+ Minimalist Business Cards

>Best Handyman Business Cards


Are you in the business of fixing things? Do you want to tell people the kind of things that you fix and show them how they can contact you? Then, handyman business card designs are definitely what you should go for, so be sure to choose the right one for you. 3+ Best Handyman Business Cards

>Yoga Business Cards


Those who own a yoga studio would want a lot of clients to ensure that their business would be successful. So, use these card designs to show that you’re in charge of one and that people should definitely consider coming over to your establishment. 9+ Yoga Business Cards

>Elegant Business Cards


For those of you who are looking for a more classy look for your business cards, then these elegant designs are definitely the way to go. Since there are a number of them, the only thing that you have to do is choose the right one for you and your business. 10+ Elegant Business Cards

>Minimalist Business Cards


If you’re going to go for the minimalist card design, then be sure that it matches your business well. Because you don’t want your business card to say that you’re a “passionate artist”, yet your business card only contains the most basic design. 9+ Minimalist Business Cards

>Massage Business Cards


If you own a massage parlor, then you should definitely make use of these business card designs. They can immediately  show the people that you hand your business cards out to that your establishment is one they can go to or contact in the event that they need to have a relaxing massage. 6+ Massage Business Cards

>Round Business Card Templates


A business card would traditionally be rectangular in shape, but then there are those who wish to stand out by making use of round business cards. Use these if you think that they suit your business and if you’re particularly fond of straying away from the usual standards. 9+ Round Business Card Templates

>Printable Business Card Templates


While there are a ton of printable business cards available, all you have to do is choose which is the right one for you. And before you start printing one out, be sure that you edit it as much as you can so that it suits whatever business information you’re trying to share. 9+ Printable Business Card Templates

>Landscaping Business Cards


The art of landscaping is one that focuses on making the exterior of homes or buildings look as beautiful as possible. So, if you think that you know someone who might be in need of your services, then hand over this business card whenever you see the opportunity. 8+ Landscaping Business Cards

>Photographer Business Cards


There’s always going to be a need for photographers. The problem is that most people might not even know they’re hanging out with photographers when they wish to avail of their services. So, if you’re one who enjoys the photographic art and does it for a living, then be sure to make full use of this type of business card and hand it out whenever the opportunity presents itself. 6+ Photographer Business Cards

>Construction Business Cards


Construction work is something that’s necessary if new buildings are to going to be erected. That’s why if yours is a business that focuses on construction and you hear someone needs a job done, then you should hand that person this business card and hope that he or she avails of your business services. 7+ Construction Business Cards

>Funny Business Cards


While there are some who go for the more serious approach when it comes to designing business cards, others opt for the more entertaining route. These are the best kinds of designs if yours is a profession that focuses on entertaining people. 7+ Funny Business Cards

>Social Media Business Cards


Social media is something that’s bound to stay for a very long time, and that’s why people use it for their profession nowadays. So, if you’re a person who deals with social media and uses it in the course of doing business, then use this card design. 13+ Social Media Business Cards

>Embossed Business Card Designs


If you’re going to go for business cards that are more suited for pleasing the eyes of viewers, then you should go with these embossed designs as they can do just that. Just be sure that you’re going for the ones that will help point out the information that you want. 16+ Embossed Business Card Designs

>Artists Business Cards


If you’re going for the artistic look for your business card design, then be sure you go with the style that you mainly focus on. So, let’s say that you focus more on abstract art, then that would  mean your business card should have abstract images. 9+ Artists Business Cards

>Nail Salon Business Card Templates


Owning a nail salon can be tricky, but a lot of people definitely need their nails done. If you’re willing to do home services, then you’ll need to make this type of business card to ensure that they know how to contact you if they need a manicure or pedicure done. 14+ Nail Salon Business Card Templates

>Round Business Cards


When going for the round business card, it’s best that the images of your design stay near the outer rims of the circle, as well as behind. You want to save the front part for the information about your business as that’s the most important thing about a business card. 7+ Round Business Cards

>Cleaning Business Cards


If you’re in the cleaning business, then be sure to make full use of these cards. You may want to point out the specific type of cleaning that you focus on as you don’t want people to hire you and expect that they pay you by the hour when you actually charge your services by the rooms you clean. 6+ Cleaning Business Cards

>Digital Business Cards


These digital business card designs are really helpful if you’re in the business of handling digital art. You should pick out the design that best captivates the reader’s interest so that he or she knows what your business is about as soon as he or she receives the card. 5+ Digital Business Cards

>Business Cards


If you’re going to create a business card, then always remember that the images aren’t the most important thing. While they can play a key role, it’s the information you place on the business card that matters the most, so be sure that you put in everything a person would need to know about your business. 9+ Business Cards

>Modern Business Cards


If you’re going for a more modern look for your business card, then be sure to check out these different designs. The modern look tells others that your business is in with the times and that yours tries to stay relevant by adopting modern trends. 9+ Modern Business Cards

>Best Artist Business Cards


Trying to show off that you’re one of the best artists in your area? Then, you’ll need a business card to back that up. Go for the design that best suits your creative ability as well as your personal taste, and then just place your artist and contact information on the card. 8+ Best Artist Business Cards

>Realtor Business Cards


Being in the business of selling properties is never an easy thing as getting clients may be difficult. And that’s exactly the reason why you need a realtor business card as you’ll get the chance to show people that if ever they need to buy property, they can go straight to you. 9+ Realtor Business Cards

>Free Business Card Templates


While there are a lot of free business card templates available online, the problems is how one utilizes them. When handing out your business card, make sure that it’s during appropriate times or when the opportunity presents itself. 10+ Free Business Card Templates

>Printable Business Cards


Printable business cards are always going to be a thing, it’s just a matter of how you edit them. You can either go simple or you can be as creative as you want. Just make sure that it matches well with your personality and the type of business you run. 9+ Printable Business Cards

>Colorful Business Cards


Sometimes, it’s better to go with a business card that’s visually pleasing, and that’s exactly why there are colorful business card designs. These are perfect for those with passionate and artistic jobs such as designers or photographers. 19+ Colorful Business Cards

>Free Business Card Templates


There are a variety of free business cards for all types of business people. They can range from business cards for cleaning services, all the way to executive business cards. Make sure that you choose one that properly showcases the type of business you’re in. 9+ Free Business Card Template

>Leaf-shaped Business Card Designs


This is the kind of business card that really goes out of its way to show that your business is different from the rest. These are especially good if yours is a business that focuses on going green; a good example being that your establishment focuses on selling people flowers and different types of plants. 14+ Leaf Shaped Business Card Designs

>Business Cards with Stripes


If you think that stripes are the way to go, then you should definitely make use of these templates. You can either go with horizontal or vertical stripes, but the point of this is that stripes can be visually pleasing to some as their designs are simple yet elegant. 20+ Business Cards with Stripes

>Typography Business Cards


The art of typogprahy is one that not a lot of people can appreciate, but then there are some businesses that benefit greatly from implementing it within their business cards. If you’re going to go for this design, then make sure that it suits your business. 15+ Typography Business Cards

>Transparent Business Cards


This is a special kind of business card where you can do away with all the imagery and make the background as transparent as it can be. Only go for this if you want to go for the simplistic design and if you think that images aren’t all that important. 24+ Transparent Business Cards

>Wooden Business Card Designs


These designs best suit those who would like to go for the more wooden look on their cards. This is perfect for those in the business of doing woodwork or those mainly focus on using wood as the material for their craft such as lumberjacks or other similar professions. 20+ Wooden Business Card Designs

>Blank Business Card Templates


This is literally where you start off with a clean slate. Blank business cards make it so much easier for people to place whatever information they want regarding their business as there’s literally nothing within the design from the get go. 28+ Blank Business Card Templates

>Black Business Cards


For those of you who love the color black, then these are the type of designs that were especially made just for you guys. If you’re going to go with these designs, then it’s best that your business is one that operates at night to highlight the black in the card. 23+ Black Business Cards

>Die-cut Business Cards


If you’re going for different patterns for your business card, then you should definitely make use of these die-cut designs. You can use all the different patterns from letters to shapes; just make sure that you don’t go overboard with the design. 21+ Die Cut Business Cards

>Business Cards


For those of you who want to go for the  classier and more elegant look for their business cards, then all you have to do is go for these designs. They’re great if you want to show that yours is a business that’s full of class and your clients should definitely take note of that. 26+ Business Cards

>Professional Business Cards


If you want to show people that yours is a business that’s as professional as it should be, then go for these card designs. They’re best if you’re trying to show that you focus more on the business side of things and nothing else. People usually go for darker colors, but light ones can also be effective. 23+ Professional Business Cards

>Personal Business Cards


If you have your own personal business, then naturally you would want to go for your own personal design for your business card. These designs will help give you an idea for your own card or you can make use of them if you see that any of them suit your business. 22+ Personal Business Cards

>Wood Business Card Designs


Wooden business card designs look beautiful, but they’re only useful if they match the business that you’re going for. Also, don’t forget to include your information on the card as well as the type of business that you run in relation to the design of the card. 17+ Wood Business Card Designs

>Free Business Card Templates


As mentioned before, there are a ton of free designs that are available for you to utilize. The problem is that you have to pick a design that matches your business; otherwise, it’ll end up with you having a business card that won’t convey the kind of information you want to share. 25+ Free Business Card Templates

>Creative Business Card Design


When taking a look at all of the creative designs, you also have to think about the color. Some colors like black and green might go well with your business, but then there might also be others that won’t look as good. So, think about this carefully when making your choice. 22+ Creative Business Card Designs

>Embossed Business Cards


Trying to please viewers with embossed business card designs may seem like a good thing, but you have to think about whether or not you can come up with a good design for it. It’s more important that you focus on what information you’re sharing if you already have the template. 20+ Embossed Business Cards

>Die-cut Business Cards


Take note that a die-cut business card is not meant to be used for every type of business. This is the kind of design that you go for in the event that you want to show that your business is one that’s more creative and free in terms of imagination and professionalism. 19+ Die Cut Business Cards

>Automotive Business Cards


If you’re in the business of selling automobiles, then you want to go with a business card that shows that right away. The designs used for this type of card generally contain a vehicle, but you can also go with other simpler designs. 22+ Automotive Business Cards

>Glossy Business Cards


Some want to make their business cards as glossy as possible to give their cards that smooth effect. This will only work if your business focuses more on beauty or if it calls for being glossy, so make sure that your business can benefit from this type of design. 23+ Glossy Business Cards

>Modern Business Card Templates


Before you go for this design, you need to be able to see if your business benefits from having a more modern design. Because let’s say that yours focuses on selling antiques, then obviously a modern design won’t exactly be the best fit for it. 31+ Modern Business Card Templates

>Professional Business Card Designs


Just because you’re going for a professional business card design does not mean that you have to stick with the standard rectangular-shaped card. You can also go for the square-shaped ones if you think that it’ll suit your business or your personal taste. 33+ Professional Business Card Designs

>Construction Business Cards


Remember that a business card is an extension of how you want to represent your business, so going for a design that shows what your business does is important. If yours is one that focuses on construction or anything related to the profession, then make use of these designs. 21+ Construction Business Cards

>Transparent Business Cards


You should only make use of transparent designs if you think that your business can benefit greatly from it. Also, it’s best to stick with this type of card if you want to focus more on the information about who you are and your business and less on imagery. 18+ Transparent Business Cards

>Engraved Business Cards


If you want to have more depth in your business cards, then you should definitely go for the engraved designs. These kinds of designs will really help in making sure that whatever information you present will catch the eyes of the viewer. 19+ Engraved Business Cards

>Recycled Business Cards


If yours is a business that deals with recycling different materials, then go for these unique designs. These are best used if ever you run an organization that focuses on cleaning and recycling, and if you want to tell people to be a part of achieving your organization’s goals. 18+ Recycled Business Cards

>Gold Foil Business Cards


Want to make sure that people know that your business is fancy? Then, you should go for the gold foil business card design to help make sure of that. This best suits those businesses that have garnered success within their respective industry. So, your name should be in gold or any other fancy color that you can think of. 19+ Gold Foil Business Cards

>Small Business Cards


This strays away from the standard business cards by having everything smaller than usual. This would mean the card itself as well as the images and information on it, meaning it’s simple and straight to the point. So, when you’re sharing your name, it doesn’t have any fancy images or colors—it’s just as basic as you would expect it to be. 15+ Small Business Cards

>Business Cards


Creating a business card may seem like a menial task, but it’s something you’re going to have to do if you don’t want to keep explaining what your business is about to different people. So, all you have to is simply whip out your card, hand it over, and that person can find out more on his or her own. 50+ Business Cards

>Music Business Cards


There’s always going to be a ton of competition in the music industry, and that’s why you need your music business card to stand out. Go for the designs that best fit the kind of music that you mainly play and then all you have to is hand it over to anyone who might be interested. 21+ Music Business Cards

>Fashion Business Cards


For those of you who are into fashion and who have your own clothing store or fashion company, then these elegant and beautiful designs are definitely the way to go for your business cards. Just pick out the colors that suit your business and you’re good to go. 23+ Fashion Business Cards

>Fitness Business Cards


Are you in the business of personally training people so that they’ll be physically fit? Then, it’s high time that you make use of these designs so that you can create your own fitness business cards to let people know that they can get fit if they do business with you. 22+ Fitness Business Cards

>Funky Business Cards


If you want to go for that funky look for your business card, then these designs are the way to go. You can be as funky as you want, but just don’t forget that this is a business card and that you have to place actual information about your business in it. 16+ Funky Business Cards

>Medical Business Cards


These designs can be used if ever your business is one that focuses on providing medical aid, or if yours is one that sells medical relief products such as herbs or even tea. Just choose which of these designs will best suit your business. 20+ Medical Business Cards

>Debossed Business Cards


Going for a debossed design for your business card may be a bit tricky, but it’s worth it if you can pull it off. If you’re having trouble in making one, then it’s best that you make use of the designs that are available here to help you create yours. 15+ Debossed Business Cards

>Metal Business Cards


This is the kind that you definitely want to go for if you want to be as professional as possible. This type of business card doesn’t focus on the design, but rather the card itself. It’s metallic, the right thickness, and it’ll show yours is a business that’s to be taken seriously. 21+ Metal Business Cards

>Salon Business Cards


If you own a salon, then you owe it to yourself to create a business card with these different designs. Go for the ones with designs that best match the kind of salon you have. So, if you focus more on men’s haircuts, then be sure the images on the card show that. 25+ Salon Business Cards

>Lawyer Business Cards


Being a lawyer means that you have to deal with clients with their cases, but it’s the act of finding clients that may be hard. So, you’re going to need these lawyer business card designs to help you create one so that you can present them whenever the opportunity arises. 17+ Lawyer Business Cards

>Business Card Design


There are a number of business card designs that you can choose from, but remember that you should always go for the ones that best suit your business. Also, the design of these cards should match what your business is doing as well as how you want viewers to see what your business is like. 35+ Business Card Design

>Cool Business Cards


Do you want your business card to be different from everyone else? To have a design that strays away from the standard boring ones ? Then, you should make use of these cool business card designs as they’re attractive and they show your business is one that’s cool. 23+ Cool Business Cards

>Cheap Business Cards


There are some business card design templates for which you may need to spend a little more than usual, but then there are these cheap business card designs that not only look good, but are also affordable. Go with these if you’re on a tight budget. 25+ Cheap Business Cards

>Business Card Templates in Word


These are the type of designs that you can simply edit with the use of applications such as Microsoft Word. So, if you think that there are a couple of things that you need to edit or add to the card, then these will help you do that in a much simpler and quicker way. 22+ Business Card Templates in Word

>Military Business Cards


If you’re in the military or if your shop focuses on selling military equipment to anyone who might be interested, then you should make use of these designs so that you may be able to create your very own military business cards. 19+ Military Business Cards

>Magnetic Business Cards


Now this is the type of business card that you can definitely say is unique. These designs are ones wherein the base of your business card is made from a magnetic stock, allowing it to stick on metallic surfaces. Go for this if you think that it suits your personal taste and if your business can benefit from it. 19+ Magnetic Business Cards

>Transparent Business Cards


Transparent cars are always the way to go if you want to keep things simple, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have any designs. Stick to the ones that have simpler designs as well as the ones with images that show what your business is all about. 19+ Transparent Business Cards

>Artist Business Cards


If you’re an aspiring artist and you want people to hire you so that you can showcase your work to them, then you’re going to have to go with these business card designs. Because no matter how good of an artist you may be, it won’t help if you don’t have a business card that you can hand over to people. 31+ Artist Business Cards

>Cool Business Cards


Remember that these types of designs for a business card are only for those who would want to a more modern and trendy look. If you think you can personalize it in a way that will look good and show the information you want to share about your business, then use these designs. 45+ Cool Business Cards

>Free Business Cards


While there are a ton of free business card design templates available, make sure that you can edit them to the point where it makes yours unique from everyone else’s. Find ways to customize it so that you can show the unique points of your business such as presenting who you are and what you do. 30+ Free Business Cards

>Business Cards for Authors


If you’re an aspiring author and you want people that you have work that’s worthy of being published, then all you have to do is go through these designs until you are able to pick out the one that will show the kind of author that you are. 12+ Business Cards for Authors

>Dentist & Dental Clinic Business Cards


Owning a dental clinic is tough, but that means you’re going to have a ton of clients. But you can’t have clients if they don’t even know where your dental clinic is or how to contact you, so be sure to have this type of business card so that you may present and hand it over to potential clients. 40+ Dentist & Dental Clinic Business Cards

>Business Card Designs


Information sharing is always important in a business card as that’s the main point of creating one in the first place. You’ll need to have a good balance of both text and imagery if you want to make sure that your business card is one that people can enjoy looking at. 39+ Business Card Designs

>Spot UV Business Cards


This is where you want to have that glossy feel on your business card. You can use this type of design if you think that having a glossier effect on your card is the way to go; just make sure that you emphasize your business on the card. 15+ Spot UV Business Cards

>Red Business Cards


If you like the color red or if you think that your business mainly deals with the color red, then you should definitely go with these designs for your business card. Make sure that you go for the shade of red that you want as there are tons of them. 21+ Red Business Cards

>Hairstylist Business Cards


Are you a hair stylist? Do you want people to know that you’re willing to style their hair anywhere and at anytime? Then, go for these business card designs to show that you do exactly that. Make sure that you go with one with a clear design that emphasizes that you’re a hairstylist. 30+ Hairstylist Business Cards

>Magnetic Business Cards


Before you go with a magnetic business card, you have to think about whether or not you should be using it for your business. While there are some that benefit from this (corporations and organizations, in general), there may be some who might want to go for a simpler type of card. 20+ Magnetic Business Cards

>Folded Business Cards


These are business cards that you can fold in the event that you want to share more information about your business than usual. Make sure that it’s foldable to the point where people can still place it in their pockets and view them whenever they would find the need to. 21+ Folded Business Cards

If you would like to learn more about business cards or if you want to find more templates, then all you have to do is go through our site until you are able to find the articles that can help you and your business out. Just make sure that you utilize what you gather in a manner that will benefit you and the people you deal with.

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