6+ Cleaning Business Cards

Exchanging business cards is one old-school method by which individuals (and/or their companies) exchange information to extend the reach of their network. These small rectangular cards are either exchanged between two persons, between two organizations, or even between a person and an organization and back. Oftentimes, this exchange happens during huge intercompany conferences or social mixers.

Cleaning companies are those assigned in the cleanliness of households, institutions, or establishments. They deal in the dusting and arrangement of furniture, the cleaning of rooms, refilling of supplies in restrooms, and emptying of trash cans, to name a few. They also identify potential issues that may be hazardous to the people occupying the area and forward it to the client. What better way to make cleaning companies known than making use of business cards. And on our website, we have a big collection of templates for business card designs.

Cleaning Company Business Card

Cleaning Company Business Card


Modern Cleaning Business Card

Modern Cleaning Business Card


Sample Cleaning Business Card

Sample Cleaning Business Card


Cleaning Services Business Card



Extending Your Reach

With business cards, cleaning companies will be able to reach the general public easily. It will also be a good and effective means of promoting the company. The potential customers, on the other hand, can also easily communicate with the company if the need arises. Therefore, companies may be able to draw customers easily through exchanging business cards.

What are the advantages of giving out business cards?

  • Business cards are effective means to exchange information and details of the cleaning company, all the more so than verbal communication.
  • Business cards production is relatively cost effective and very easy to make (especially when using the templates on our website).
  • It is far more easier to hand out a business card than having the recipient jot down your contact information.
  • With its size, you could take business cards with you anywhere.
  • Business cards is a time-tested method in extending your network—that is, your recipient shares your business card to his/her colleagues and his/her colleagues to their own colleagues, so and so forth.

We just need to make sure that our business cards contain all the necessary information for our client to be able to reach us without much hassle. The most common details contained on business cards include but are not limited to the following:

  • Name of the company (the address of the company’s office is sometimes included)
  • Complete name of the owner or person in charge
  • The company telephone number
  • The company e-mail address
  • The company website

For more templates, you may want to check out corporate business card designs from our website.

House Cleaning Business Card



Classy Cleaning Business Card



Professional Cleaning Business Card



So now that you have an idea on the importance of business cards and the necessary details that it should contain, start making your own business cards using the templates provided on our website. While most of our templates are offered for free, some can be downloaded for a negligible royalty fee so you could experience the templates’ full features. These templates come in PSD, PDF, EPS, or AI vector formats, which means they are fully editable to give you the freedom in making the necessary customizations that fit your preferences.

For more business care templates, you may also want to check out our collection of professional business card designs. But if you couldn’t find the templates you’re looking for on this page, simple scroll down to the bottom and check out the links from our website.

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