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13 Executive Business Card Designs & Templates

Business cards are commonly used in today’s high-paced business environment. Even with the advent of new technology, business cards are still being used by individuals in multinational corporations, not only by entry-level employees but also by high-ranking company officers.

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An executive is defined as an individual who holds a senior position in a company or organization. Most of the time, his tasks include creating policies and long-term plans for the company. A chief executive officer (CEO) is considered as an executive, and so are the chief finance officer (CFO), chief operations officer (COO), and senior managers. These days, being an executive is no longer tied to being a senior company officer but has become a title given to professionals working in any corporate field or industry regardless of their position in their respective companies.

Here are some simple yet attractive executive business card templates you can purchase at very affordable prices.

Executive Business Card Template

This executive business card template has a very formal yet futuristic design which you should seriously consider purchasing. The yellow color matches well with the white and black colors used in this template, but you can always change the colors to fit your preference. The graphics and layout files are fully customizable. The photos and artwork used in this template are also included in the purchase.

Sleek Business Card Template

This sleek business card template uses an image of a black and white forest path resulting in one of the most stunning business card templates around. The black and white combination makes the business card template more formal which is the perfect design if you are dealing with conservative clients. Similar to the other template, the layouts and graphics are customizable with the sample image also included in the purchase.

Elegant Business Card Template

This elegant business card template uses gold paint brush splash effects that are spread across the black business card template. The gold and black combination is perfect. Gold matches well with any color and black is one of the best colors to pair with gold (together with white, blue, and red).

Graphic Designer Business Card Template

This graphic designer business card template is not limited to graphic designers only. This attractive business card template can be used by different professionals, executives included. The white and black combination is again used with some yellow touches to complete the template’s aesthetics. Black circle effects are also added to the template’s design which you can customize for your own business needs.

Minimal Business Card Template


Flat and minimalist designs have been taking over graphic designs the past few years. Gone are the designs that use heavy gradients and three-dimensional colors and textures which now have been replaced with a more simple and flat look. This business card template uses a minimal design but it still looks very sleek and formal which will be appreciated by your clients.

Multipurpose Business Card Template

This multipurpose business card template uses some nice gradients which proves that gradients are still popular in graphic design. This business card template is highly recommended as it has a clean yet formal look. Use this for your multiple business needs and meetings with clients.

Creative Corporate Business Card Template

This creative corporate business card template truly has a creative look. A paint streak effect is used as the template’s main design and this complements the white background well. This business card template has more of a casual design but can be adjusted to a more formal design. Similar to the other templates, this is also fully customizable.

Manager Business Card Template

If you hold a managerial position in your company, then this manager business card template is another template you should highly consider. A white and grey combination is used on the upper half of the template while a red and black combination provide a nice contrast at the bottom of the card.

Simple Business Card Template

This simple business card template has a simple design compared to the other templates. Purchase this template if you are going for a more minimalistic look. The white color dominates this business cad template with a blue shade added to the lower part of the template.

Vintage Business Card Template

If you are going for a vintage look in your template, then this vintage business card template that gets inspiration from the 1980s is the perfect choice for you. The colorful zigzag designs look like they were taken from Madonna’s closet, which is never a bad thing.

Vintage designs are always attractive and can be used for any event or purpose. You can choose numerous designs from previous decades or historical periods as long as they still retain a formal look. There are individuals or companies who still observe conservative business practices so it is better to stay on the safer side and use more formal business card designs.

Business Card Bundle 1

Bundles are very convenient if you plan on using different business card designs. It saves you money as business card bundles tend to cost the same as a single business card template.

This business card bundle (3.5″ x 2″) is easily customizable and editable, with a bleed setting  of 0.25 inches. This bundle also uses Adobe CC 2018, CMYK colors, and 300 DPI resolution with a print-ready format.

Business Card Bundle 2

Here is another two-in-one business card bundle that you can use for your different clients. This template is a Photoshop (PSD) file with a 3.5-inch by 2-inch print size and horizontal layout. It is fully editable and labeled and grouped for easy editing.

Business Card Bundle 5

This business card bundle has a similar design to the previous bundle but you can still choose from two different designs. The designs in this bundle have a 3.75″ x 2.25″ size (with bleed), easily customizable and editable, CMYK color, 300 DPI resolution, print-ready format, eight PSD files, four color variations, and a help file. Free fonts are also included.

Tips before purchasing business card templates

Before you decide to purchase any business card templates or any other templates in general, you should take note of a few things not only to get value for your money but also so you can receive a quality design as well.

Know your clients

As in every business, you should know how to approach and create a relationship with your client. Forging a great working relationship with your client is no easy task as it requires good communication and research skills.

The same situation applies for business cards. Before you start giving them out, you first need to do a comprehensive study or analysis. You just do not give out business cards to random people and expect them to buy your product or service. Identify your target market first so that you can know their preferences and needs.

Choose templates that use color

Having color in designs always adds to aesthetics and, overall, it creates a greater visual impact. You can always use the very popular black and white combination, but take note that using black and white almost always requires you to use another color to complement these two neutral colors. Since most templates are fully customizable, you can mix and match then edit your color schemes to create a more attractive business card design.

The safest color combination you can use are your own company’s colors. If the company you are working for uses red and white color concepts in the office interiors and exteriors as well as for marketing activities, you can use the same colors while adding a little bit of gold or grey for some added visual appeal.

Consider purchasing bundles

When you are looking for business card templates with numerous designs but do not want to spend too much, consider purchasing business card bundles. Bundles or packs contain two or more designs and usually cost the same as templates with only a single design. Bundles also contain high-quality designs so you do not have to worry about choosing the best design. If you have decided to purchase business card bundles, you can choose from a number of bundles from the list above.

Get approval from your boss

Even if you are the boss of your own company, choosing the best business card design still requires approval from a number of individuals. They can be your colleagues or people in the industry you trust. Getting their reactions or comments will be helpful when you are trying to figure out the final look for your business card.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our executive business card templates. We have the most extensive and affordable templates for your business needs. Executives need to adapt to any business setting, and these business card templates will do great for your next meeting or client call.

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