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It can be a painful and tedious task to create a design for your modern business card. You need to consider a lot of things, such as the material to be printed on, the software that you need to use (particularly if you are not into graphic designing), and most especially, how to start your design. There will be moments when a surge of motivation will take over your body, and there will also be unfortunate times when you just stare blankly at the digital white canvass on your computer’s screen. If most of your days are spent doing the latter, then you probably need to hire a graphic designer to create your business card. Or, better yet, look for creative business card templates.

The design trends in this modern time involve edgy and minimalist styles. The utilization of design elements and quiet, simple spaces of the layout create a more pleasing visual compared to the rest. You can make an original design for your business card, or get one of the templates that we will be showing you in this article. We have collected a bunch of stunningly beautiful designs that will definitely impress your business partners and clients. Check them out below and choose one (if not all)!

Multipurpose Modern Business Card Template


Sleek Modern Business Card Template


Minimal Modern Business Card Template


Corporate Modern Business Card Template


Simple Modern Business Card Template


Why do you still need a business card?

In this digital age, business cards are deemed to be superfluous. Why is that? If you look around you, people have digital devices in their hands. It is their primary tool for communication. People can easily exchange messages template or emails online with a single tap of a flat button on their smartphone’s screen. They have abandoned the traditional way of using business cards for business transactions and chosen to take the modern approach. So, in this section, we will remind you why business cards are still as important today as when they were first created.

Modern Business Card Designs

1. Promotion for your business

Business cards are obviously tools that you use for networking and promoting your business. It allows you to give information to prospective clients in hopes of making a deal with them. Also, personally handing out your business card creates an opportunity to talk about business right at that moment. You can talk it out and promote your business.

2. Not everyone has a digital device

Even if smartphones or any other handheld device have become a necessity for some, there are still other people who don’t have one. Some even have computers or laptops but they don’t have a smartphone. Not everyone can afford to buy a smartphone that can easily access emails. We all have different priorities; to each his own. That is when business cards come into the scene. You need to formally approach your prospective clients to introduce them to your business.

3. Downtime isn’t an issue

As with every machine out there, electricity is needed to fully operate and function. Smartphones or any digital device need to be charged from time to time, so if there are times when you found a prospect but your smartphone is off due to running out of power, then you would definitely miss that chance. If you are in an area where there is no reception no matter how much you extend your arm or move to a more elevated spot, then giving your business card is the only way to grab that opportunity. You may also see Premium Business Card Template

4. Proper etiquette

Business might be universal, but transactions vary from one culture to another. For example, in Hong Kong, if you are given a business card, it is expected for you to give yours too. If you fail to do so, then you’ve basically burned the bridge into building a business relationship with a prospective client. You have destroyed it before it even started. In Japan, your business card reflects on how you want to be perceived and how serious you are about your intentions of making a business deal with a prospective client. You may also see Construction Business Cards

Creative Modern Business Card Template


Vertical Mode Business Card Template for Photographers


Clean Mmodern Businss Card Template


Stylish Modern Business Card Template


Modern Business Card Template for Graphic Designers


How to make an impressive modern business card

A simple business card is a perfect medium to use to promote yourself to people who need your services. And, as such, it is of utmost importance that you make it as presentable and comprehensive as possible. Design and information should work hand in hand to utilize your business card’s maximum potential. These two aspects are the major factors that greatly affect your business card’s impact. Having a “correct” way to create a business card doesn’t exist. But, what does exist, though, is an effective one. If you want to know more about how you can use them to your advantage, read the elaboration of each factor that we have written below.

1. Information

A business card is considered a marketing tool because you are promoting yourself or your company by giving one to prospective clients. As such, you should provide details of yourself or your company that will be essential for promotion. It will help your prospects or existing clients to remember your name and the ways of how to contact you should they need to avail of your services. If you don’t know what details you need to include on your business card, the list that we have created below will act as a guide.

  • Name, title, and profession. Put in your full name and your title. If you represent a company, it is a must that you include your profession or position. It is important to do so since most prospects and existing clients base your skills and capabilities from what they know about your profession. Some people have multiple careers, and if you are one of them, you can include all of them on your business card or you can create separate card design for each of your professions so you can select which card goes to which client.
  • Company name. Whether you are working for a company or you own a company, it is crucial to include the name of the company on your business card, especially if the company you are working for or that you own is still a startup. This information sparks interest in your prospects which results in them asking questions about your company, like what it does, where it is located, when it started, and other questions that will involve your company’s business. It helps build a business relationship and open a new door for possible negotiations between you and the prospects.
  • Contact details and address. Business cards are created for the purpose that you can be contacted for your services. Put in your mobile phone number and your telephone number, if you have one. Include your address so your clients will be able to send you packages or letter template, should your client want to send you one the traditional way. And speaking of letters, your email signature should be part of the contact details as you will surely be exchanging emails every day once your negotiations start. Reading and replying to emails are part of every business person’s daily routine that they even do it first thing in the morning or during meals.
  • Social links. Social media used to be only a platform for people to share photos and daily thoughts with their friends. Now, it is also being used as a medium for communication. Social media applications offer features such as direct messaging. This has been made possible because of the people’s need for accessible and easy-to-use messaging platforms. Sure, you can use text messaging to contact people. But social media has instant messaging that will let you receive the message the second the sender presses the send button as long as you have an Internet connection. Some of the social media platforms that people commonly use are Facebook template, Instagram post, and Twitter post. Also, you can put other links on other online platforms such as LinkedIn, Upwork, and others that cater to a professional’s needs.
  • Company logo or personal picture. If you are working for a company, it is only appropriate to put their logo design on your card since you are representing them. But if you are working as a freelancer, you can either put your personal photo or your own brand image if you have one. A well-designed logo or a personal picture will help your prospects and existing clients remember you more.

Rounded Modern Business Card Template


Flat Modern Business Card Template


Geometric Modern Business Card Template


Watercolor Modern Business Card Template


Elegant Modern Business Card Template


2. Design

The design of a marketing tool is a crucial aspect that one should not ignore or take lightly. A well-designed business card should be able to compel the recipient to take it and keep it for future reference in case one decides to avail of your service. And the design should be attractive enough that the recipients will have to look at your business card more than twice, or even to indirectly make them share the card with their peers and together they admire the beauty of it. Crafting a design takes as much time in planning as it does in execution. You can never start the design without properly knowing what you want it to be and how you should go over it. Check the tips that you need to take note of in order to create an impressive free business card.

  • Think of a concept. Before you start everything else, you should be able to come up with a concept for your business card. Do you want to have a vintage theme? floral business card? corporate business card? sleek business card? The list can go on as long as you want. But despite having a good deal of choices, you should always remember to stick to the concept that best represents your identity as a professional or as a company—it depends on whether you are working freelance or for a company. The design should project the image that you want your prospects and clients to know about your business. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put your personal touch in the design. It will help your business card look personalized. The client will have an idea about the style that you prefer to represent yourself or the company.
  • Plan the layout for your business card. Creating a layout is the first step in designing as it marks the positions and arrangements of the elements. Margins, spaces, and everything else that you need to create a skeletal form of your layout should be properly planned. Margins around the business card should not be too wide as it will compress the design. In spacing, make sure that the lines of words have enough space apart from each other to avoid crowding the text area. As you plan the arrangements, you can also include the outline of the images and the font styles that you need to use for the texts. This way, things will be easier for you to design since everything is already in order.
  • They should be attention-grabbing. As it is with every marketing tool, a business card should have a design that would instantly snatch away people’s attention at first glance. Fixating a person’s attention to your business card is one step closer to your card to be looked into. The design of your business card not only promotes your services, but it also lets people know of your creative side. The recipient will then have an impression that you have meticulously prepared your business card and that you have really poured out every ounce of your creativity into it. Every time people look into your business, they will see an image of a hardworking entrepreneur that puts their dedication and heart into everything they do for the sake of their business.
  • Choose colors that pop! Since we’ve already discussed how the design should be attention-grabbing, one cannot end that topic without talking about the colors that should be used in the design. Although the beauty of a design is subjective, it is hard not to admit that colors are what make a design lively and fun to look at and that they make such a huge contribution for its impact. Using bright colors is one way for a design to be eye-catching, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave out the black and white motif. There are those who prefer minimalist color tones for their design, and using a black and white color scheme is one way to achieve it. You can create a sleek, clean, or sophisticated look with both of them. Colors are essential elements which you should use carefully as they can greatly affect your design.
  • Make sure that the design is relevant to the concept that you are going for. Colors and striking designs will not matter if they are not relevant to the business card’s theme. The ideas that you have thought of should be evidently shown on your business card’s design. For example, in the case of a modern-themed business card, the images, icon design, and fonts should all complement each other and they should be able to truly show what a modern style is. Putting images that do not relate to anything modern will only make your business card look disorganized, distracting, and disappointing. Every element’s relevance to the design should be carefully considered.
  • Use the standard size. Business cards vary in sizes depending on the preference of the creator. But, to achieve a more professional look, using the standard size of 3.5 inches by 2 inches is the best way. If you use a smaller size, it may get lost from the group of business cards that the receiver has. And, if it’s bigger than the standard, it might stand out in the most annoying way possible. Chances are, your business card might get discarded from standing out too much or having too little presence in the receiver’s bundle of business cards. We know that we have always advised you to get creative, to go beyond the ordinary. But, this time, you should follow the norm when it comes to sizes. Better safe than sorry. You can also see Business Card Templates

Pick the most relevant design

Relevance has always been the most important aspect of a business card. It must be relevant to the business that you are promoting and it also needs to be relevant to your character and personality. Your business card represents you as an entrepreneur when you are not around. You may also see Transparent Business Card.

The designs that we have provided caters to any kind of concept or theme that you want for your modern business card. You just have to find which is the most fitting to your business and to you as an entrepreneur. We hope you will arrive at a final choice and we wish you the best of luck in your business!

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