15 Sleek Business Card Designs & Templates

Business card designs, more often than not, reflect your personality. If you have a boring design, well, it might mean that you are actually boring in person. If it is a minimalistic template, then it might mean you want everything to be neat and clean. Although it is not always true that a design is a reflection of yourself, it is still better to present your business card in an appealing way so it would leave a great impression of you on others. You may also see business cards for teachers.

One of the best concepts that you can apply for your cool business card is a sleek design. This type of design does not go out of style. It is perfect for those who have corporate jobs as it has a formal vibe to it. But, even if you are not working in a corporation, you could still use it for your Corporate business card.

We have curated a handful of sleek designs that will help you be creative with your small business card. These are some of the most good-looking options currently available online, so check them out below! You may also see excellent black business cards.

Forest Sleek Business Card Template


A forest looking like the one on this template can be quite creepy, then adding a black and white designs filter to it makes it even eerier. But you have to admit that it is still pleasing to look at. The logo placed on the front of the card depicts the initials of your name, adding a simple touch to the overall aesthetic. The important details are located at the back and, if people want to extract more information about you, they can do so by scanning the QR code. If you want a haunting cover, this design will work out for you. But, of course, you can freely change the cover photo if you want to. You may also see best premium business card

The template is measured at 3.57 inches by 2.25 inches and styled in landscape orientation. The design is fully customizable and editable. The files include formats compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

Stylish and Sleek Business Card Template


Sleek Material Design Business Card Template


The material design’s popularity in 2016 has managed to survive up until now. Everything in this screams material design—from the font style to the colors and the icons. The simplistic material design is perfect for those who would like to incorporate the Android User Interface (UI) style into their business cards. The details are creatively laid in placeholders that are commonly used in Android. Everything in this template lives up to the true aesthetics of the material design. Whether you are a developer, a geek, or you just simply love the neatness of Android’s UI, you would definitely love this design on your business card, too. You may also see best PSD business card templates

Noir Sleek Business Card Template


Modern Sleek Business Card Template


The lines and shapes are what make this design a modern business card. With the simple font style and layout for the texts, this is clearly for those who do not like designs that are cluttered and crowded. The different shades of blue, when overlapping each other, create an illusion of a river with different depths. And, when partnered with the dark background, it looks like a river flowing through an underground cave or a place where the sun’s rays cannot reach—a mysterious and secret location where only few can enter and witness its enigmatic beauty. Legend has it that if you stare at it too much, you will most likely be using this design for your free business card. You may also see black business cards.

Sleek Minimal Business Card Template


Artsy and Sleek Business Card Template


A picturesque view of the mountains makes this template suit mountaineers or travelers in general. The design for the details located at the back of the card looks a lot like road stops, as if on a journey toward finding a priceless treasure! Each road stop reveals a piece of information about you, and as people go along the way, they gradually pick up pieces of you. Once they have gathered everything, they can connect all the pieces and use them to meet you at the last destination. Use this design for your blank business card and take people on a road trip! You may also see business cards for designers

Dark Theme Sleek Business Card Template


Hot Pink Sleek Business Card Template


Pink has always been associated with being feminine. But, as the years have passed, that perception has changed. In terms of fashion business card, the boundary for clothing between men and women is slowly thinning, tearing down society’s norm of what you can and cannot wear. People are now more accepting of men who wear pink. For some, it even adds charm to their appeal. So, whether you are a man or a woman, you can freely use this gender-fluid design for your best business card. This template measures 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches with a landscape orientation. The design is fully editable and customizable. It contains PSD files and requires the minimum Adobe CS version of CS3+.You may also see best vintage style business cards

Formal Sleek Business Card Template


Rounded Sleek Business Card Template


Most business cards have edgy corners, but this one decided to be different. The rounded corners make it look soft and more approachable than other business cards. The colors used for the text match the light and dark background well. The details are placed at the back, and the QR code that is placed at the front gives people an option to know more about you just in case the details you have shown are not enough. This design’s simplistic approach will certainly satisfy your needs for your business card examples. You may also see best business card templates of 2017.

Elegant and Sleek Business Card Template


Black and White Sleek Business Card Template


Sometimes, choosing between black and white patters is as hard as choosing which course to take in college. Well, not really. Exaggeration aside, it is honestly difficult to choose, especially if the designs are this good. So, to save yourself from the suffering, why not choose both? That is what this template did. The front side of the business card templates, covered in black, shows your business card logo, name, website, and slogan if you have any. The back side, covered in white, contains the important information, particularly your address and contact details. Should you want to switch the colors on both sides, you can freely do so as this template is fully customizable and editable. The layout is measured at 3.5 inches by 2 inches and is oriented in best landscape style. It contains PDF and PSD files and it requires the minimum Adobe CS version of CS4+. You may also see media business card templates.

Clean and Sleek Business Card Template


Vintage Sleek Business Card Template


A blast from the past—the border subtly reminds you of the old frames that were used in old movies or poster design. Meanwhile, the diamond patterns in the background are like the old designs in sweaters or in wallpapers. Generally, this vintage design will make you reminisce about the moments when designs like this were the top favorites of everyone. Vintage-loving people would greatly appreciate your elegant business card with this design. You may also see examples of luxury business cards

Gray Sleek Business Card Template


Photography Sleek Business Card Template


One, two, three—click! The lens icon at the front of the card is the perfect cover for a photographer’s business card. The details are neatly placed at the back of the card. There is enough space to add more details in case you find the predefined details lacking. The simple and clean design is perfect for a photographer who wants everything to be at a bare minimum. The layout comes in a size of 3.75 inches by 2.25 inches with landscape orientation. The design is fully editable and customizable, and it requires the minimum Adobe CS version of CS3+. You may also see photography business cards.

Turquoise Blue Business Card Template


Being sleek will never go out of style. It is a classic design that will be recycled and reused from time to time. Its simple and neat layout gives you the perfect setting to highlight the necessary details on your vintage business card. There are various designs available everywhere, so take your time to explore them all and do not hesitate to tweak them; you might find the perfect design when you give it a personal touch. Good luck in choosing the right one and have fun!You may also see premium corporate business card templates.

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