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10 Classroom Calendar Templates

There are a number of document tools you can use for your work, including in a classroom. Teachers can use tools like behavior charts in order to help them in the job of monitoring and educating their students, especially since such aids are more widespread nowadays. One of the most common tools educators may use is a classroom calendar, which can definitely help in keeping classrooms more orderly.

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Like work calendars, there is no denying that classroom calendars are invaluable in the modern classroom setting. After all, there are different kinds of calendars available in schools in general, academic calendars being one example that comes to mind. As such, if you ever see a need to use such tools yourself, you ought to know about the different aspects of classroom calendars to be sure of using them properly.

Free Classroom Calendar Templates

Classroom Calendar of Operations

Classroom Project Calendar Template

What Kinds of Classroom Calendars You Can Use

One thing that would definitely help you use classroom calendars to their fullest is knowing exactly how you can use them. After all, like other kinds of calendars used for professional purposes, there are different varieties of classroom calendars available to you. With that in mind, it would help to know exactly what kinds you may use so you know which one to use when needed.

Academic Calendars

One of the most common kinds of classroom calendars is the academic calendar. Practically every school has its own academic calendar to remind different classes and levels of what upcoming events the school has in general. Another clue to the widespread use of such calendars is the abundance of college academic calendar samples that you can use as a foundation for making your own calendars. While academic calendars might be a general tool used by a school, there can still be a need to modify academic calendars for particular classes so as to reflect the school year as it relates to a given class.

Schedule Calendars

There are also schedule calendars available that are more related to a given class’s own particular daily routine. For these, you may use daily work schedule templates as a basis to build your own particular calendar schedules. These calendars can vary in the period covered, which allows you to plan ahead as far as you think necessary, be it weeks or months in advance. Schedule classroom calendars can prove to be flexible tools being that they can let you include events for specific days while also allowing you to plan a tentative schedule for a given day. This allows you to plot the day down to specific hours if need be so that you can make the most of that day’s time.

Birthday Calendars

You also have the option of using birthday calendar templates to make classroom calendars. Admittedly, these have limited utility in terms of planning out academics, but these are still useful if you want to improve morale among students and encourage bonding within a class. After all, there are other concerns a teacher needs to keep in mind other than academic ones. This type of calendar would allow you to take these things into account, if only to be polite on a given student’s birthday.

Vacation Calendars

Another alternate use of your classroom calendars is to help plan out vacation periods. In order to help you, there are different vacation calendar templates available online that can serve as helpful resources in such cases. This can be an important concern for students, particularly if you have students who live away from home, as this would allow them to plan out their trips back home more efficiently. This can also be a boon to teachers, as it would allow them to plan out leave periods more easily. Besides, teachers are also on leave during holidays, so this can be of use if they ever want to make plans during their free time.

Classroom Calendar Samples

Free Classroom Schedule Calendar

Classroom School Calendar Example

Classroom Scheduling Calendar Sample

Blank Classroo Project Calendar Template

Functions of Classroom Calendars

Another factor to keep in mind when trying to decide whether or not to use classroom calendars is what functions classroom calendars can perform. Like other documents, classroom calendars are able to do certain things for you, which you should definitely be aware of before actually getting around to using them yourself.

Providing fair warning of upcoming events.

Like other kinds of calendars, classroom calendars naturally provide teachers and students alike with advance warning of what events they can expect to see throughout the year as a whole. While this can include ordinary events such as exam dates and particular school events, classroom calendars can include more unconventional events such as workshops, seminars and others. Indeed, there are even training calendar templates that can be used by students who have to take additional training in the course of their classes. With this, you should be able to see for yourself how flexible such calendars can be even when carrying out their most basic functions.

Reminding teachers and students of daily routines.

In the case of classroom schedule calendars such as weekly school schedule templates you can use them to keep aware of regular routines. Many people might admit to some level of confusion during the beginning of any new schedule, as might be the case during new school years and semesters. In such cases, classroom calendars can immediately prove their worth at keeping their users reminded of their regular schedules. This function may even see regular use throughout the year, particularly by teachers, who might need a tool to help stay updated with schedules of different classes and keep up with their workloads.

Keeping the class up to date with the rest of the school.

It should be given that specific classroom calendar types like preschool calendars should be coordinated with the school’s general calendar. As such, this should make classroom calendars perfect for keeping specific classes up to date with the school’s events as a whole. After all, if there are general events to keep an eye out for, then classroom calendars ought to serve as a way for students to stay in the loop regarding such days. This can also apply to general periods like exam dates, as this gives both students and teachers to prepare everything ahead of time with regard to classes and tests.

Allowing teachers to plan for classes and tests.

Speaking of preparing for classes, there are also tools like classroom agendas that make it much easier for teachers to plan out their classes, particularly with respect to exam periods. Having an idea of when culminating activities like midterms and final have been scheduled makes it easier on teachers when it comes to pacing classes. This allows teachers to determine the flow of their classes so as to prepare students for such tests and ensure that students are learning what they need to without being overwhelmed. This can also be applied to students, as revealing these dates ahead of time also makes it possible for students to determine what pace they have to proceed at in order to absorb information in class and prepare for all the requirements they need to have by the end of a given year or semester.

Making it easier to plan for non-classroom activities.

Since academic calendars can generally have different events listed, it is also possible to include non-academic events such as extracurricular activities. While these events may not contribute much in the way of academics, these are still a necessary part of regular school life, and it would be wise to take them into account when making your own classroom calendars. After all, simply because they do not necessarily have much weight on students’ academics is no reason to ignore them. In any case, many of these events are generally set in stone since some of them are related to a given school’s particular school culture, so having knowledge of such events in advance would give you ample time to plan around them if need be.

Example Classroom Calendars

Sample Academic Classroom Calendar

Quarterly Classroom Calendar Example

Monthly Academic Classroom Calendar

Tips for Using Classroom Calendars

Finally, like with other documents, there are some tips that you would be wise to take into account. After all, these tips generally make it much easier for you to make and use tools like calendars as you might stumble on a better way to do your work by knowing of them. In that case, such tips should definitely be something you should be interested in, if only so at you can improve your use of the various documents you use.

Be sure to update your calendars regularly.

You should always take care to update any calendars you use on a regular basis. After all, if you have to make any changes to dates and schedules, then you would need to have the calendars updated so that everyone who uses them can be kept in the loop regarding what you have changed. This is especially so in the case of scheduling calendars, where you would need to let students and teachers be aware of any edits to the schedule that could impact their daily routines, and their performance along with that. You can argue that the very point of a calendar is to give readers ample time to prepare for any events listed on them, hence the importance of making sure that your classroom calendars reflect actual upcoming events properly.

Make sure to use an appropriate template.

If you have ever had to download different calendar templates for any work you may have had to do, then you would be aware that there are a great many kinds of calendar templates available for any possible use or profession. In that case, it is vital that your classroom calendars be made using the appropriate format for what you need at the time. For example, if your own classroom calendars need to reflect your daily routine, then it would be prudent to use day calendar templates as the foundation of your finished product. This can help you ensure that your finished calendar is made in such a way as to convey the information concerning important events properly.

Always coordinate your calendar with other documents.

Your calendar templates in Word should make use of information from other documents when you get around to actually writing your classroom calendars. This is true of any professional setting as it is necessary to make sure that each document corresponds to other relevant documents. In this case, it may be necessary for you to make sure that a given classroom calendar corresponds to the school’s general academic calendar. This can help you make sure that your own classes have the same understanding of the school’s general flow of events as everyone. Being that the academic calendar applies to everyone within the school, it would be wise for you to make sure that your classroom calendar contains information matching other such documents so as to avoid confusion.

Always make sure that your calendar contains complete information.

Documents like a free class schedule need to contain complete information, which is to say that they need to have all the relevant information students and teachers need. For example, in the case of a schedule, you would need to include all the tasks listed for that day so that everyone using that schedule has the same idea of what to do on that day. The same can be said of calendars as it is vital that the calendar contain all the events that apply to a given class. After all, the class would need to be aware of such events in order to prepare for them, hence the importance of making sure that all important events be contained in yours.


With these insights, you should have a considerably easier time of making and using classroom calendars yourself. After all, such tools are undeniably useful in any setting where you need to use them, so you should definitely consider using them for your own work. Classroom calendars can be used by both students and teachers alike, so there is no reason that you cannot benefit if you do see a need to use them.

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