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12 Company Calendar Templates

May be aware that there are any number of free calendars available if you ever have to make your own calendars for your work. This should come as no surprise, considering all the potential uses you can get out of using calendars yourself. This is especially the case for company calendars, as there is a variety of possible formats that you can use.

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This means that the selection of different Word calendar templates gives different options for what calendars you can make. After all, if you have looked at different business calendar templates then you can tell that you can get significantly more out of such calendars than just tools to tell you the dates. In fact, these calendars even have concrete functions related to your company’s operations.

Basic Company Calendars

Company Event Calendar Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PDF



Free Company Event Desk Calendar Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
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Marketing Communication Calendar Template

Sales Calendar in PDF

Functions of Company Calendars

Some useful bits of information regarding company calendars include those functions unique to company calendars that provide more dimensions for using them. After all, there are some implicit functions that such calendars are capable of that can inform how you use them yourself. At least some of which include:

Informing Personnel of Significant Dates

The most basic function of any kind of calendar is informing readers of any important events and dates. Work calendar templates can do much the same, by informing company personnel of noteworthy dates like holidays, company events, and so on. This is, of course, not merely limited to dates as these calendars can also set designated periods which can also provide windows and time frames for their users.

Tool for Operations

You should also be aware that these calendars can also be used as tools for a company’s operations. One example is the case of marketing calendar templates, which can be used to determine how a company goes about planning and implementing its marketing strategy for the year. There are still other operations that these calendars can contribute to, which you should keep in mind when thinking of how to make the most of them.

Allowing for Alterations to Schedules

Simply because dates and events are listed on a calendar is no reason to assume that they are set in stone. If need be, you can conceivably use your calendars to help you whenever you have to adjust your schedule, though this is never an ideal situation.

Providing a Common Calendar

Another point to be made about these calendars is that a company can use common calendars to be shared across the company as a whole. This can help keep individual departments of the company coordinated since everyone is using the same calendar. It goes without saying that this ensures that the entire company is on the same page regarding events, similar to using common sales calendars. This can go some way toward making sure that every department of the company can contribute to the same goal and avoid wasting their efforts working at cross-purposes.

Facilitating Cooperation between Different Departments

Being that a company can expect to use a consistent calendar across different departments, this can also encourage inter-department cooperation. After all, using the same general calendar template should make it much easier for departments to find a common time for any occasion where they need to work in tandem with one another.

As an example, there are sample marketing calendars available that can help enable cooperation between different personnel like management, marketing, sales, and others so as to coordinate their efforts to determine the company’s marketing strategy.

Work Calendar Templates

Schedule Calendar Template

Work Shift Calendar

Blank Holiday Calendars

Yearly Holiday Calendar Template

Work Vacation Calendar

How to Use Your Company Calendars

In order to find out how to make use of company calendars yourself, if would pay to know how employee calendars work, among others. Of course, there are different kinds of company calendars, each with distinct functions. So if you want to make the most of your calendars, it pays to know some of the basic uses of your calendars, such as:

Determining Employee Schedules

One of the most basic features of tools like employee calendar templates and schedules is setting employees’ shift schedules. This is to be expected when you consider that you can easily mark which times employees are expected to work, particularly in the case of companies that feature flexible schedules, or on occasions where employees are suddenly called into work.

Planning the Budget for the Year

Company calendar templates also include budget calendar templates that can be used as a tool for determining the flow of planning a given company’s budget. This has its most obvious use whenever you have to coordinate between different departments of a company in order to get all the necessary materials to calculate the budget. This is also the case whenever departments need to coordinate in order to set up any meetings, or whenever the accounting department has to set deadlines for different stages of the work.

Planning Your Leaves

Naturally, these calendars also have the function of allowing company personnel to plan out their leaves so as to cause as little disruption as possible. Also, since calendars can also list holidays in advance, this makes it easier for company personnel to find days that would be the most convenient to file their leave in the name of making the most of any given holiday. The inverse of using company calendars in such a manner is that it also makes it possible for management to monitor how many leaves any employee uses, and when they file and take leave.

Determining Your Company’s Payroll Schedules

Company calendar templates can also be used in conjunction with payroll templates, given that there are payroll calendars available for use. This makes it easier for a company’s management to plan out more consistent payroll schedules, which would go some way to ensuring that employees are compensated on time.

Measuring Employee Attendance

There are also attendance calendar templates that you can use to monitor your employees’ attendance records. This is a fairly important task, as it is always necessary to monitor employees’ attendance as a whole for the purpose of measuring office productivity and to better maintain discipline across the office. After all, if this is not monitored properly, unscrupulous individuals might well take advantage of any laxity.

Coming Up with Project Timeframes

Different teams within a company may also make use of project calendar templates in order to ensure a smooth workflow for each of their projects. These calendars allow teams to set deadlines and goals for their teams, which should make it much easier for leaders to manage the employees under them. In extremis, teams can also use their calendars to adjust for setbacks so as to lose as little time as possible.

Training Calendar Templates

Business Training Calendar

Annual Company Training Calendar

Blank Budget Calendar Examples

Sample Budget Calendar

Company Budget Calendar Sample

How to Make Company Calendars

In order to make such calendars yourself, it would help to be aware of some of the most basic steps. After all, as with any other kind of document, there are some considerations you need to make when in the process of writing. This is a necessary step in order to ensure that you make all your documents properly, which is what would enable them to serve you properly.

Make sure to secure a list of events relevant to your calendar.

When making any kind of calendar, it is always necessary to have a list of relevant events so that you can include them when appropriate. This can be seen in training calendar templates, as you need a list of events so that you can determine the flow of the training of your employees. Such a list would be a necessity no matter what kind of calendar you make, whether for compiling events or for creating a timeline or timeframe.

Also, secure a calendar template with a format useful to you.

Naturally, a calendar template can make the task of writing a calendar a much easier job. Take sales calendar templates, which would make it easier for you to record sales across a given period. This is a fairly specialized purpose, so it pays to find a template made with such purposes in mind. After all, a general calendar template is not necessarily a tool you can use for every calendar you can make.

Make sure you have provided enough time on the calendar.

When making certain calendars, you always have to consider whether you have included sufficient time for tasks that need to be accomplished. This is especially evident in calendar templates like project calendar and marketing calendar templates, as you would have to use your calendar to provide time frames for accomplishing your tasks. Quarterly calendars can be a useful format, as it can give you a fairly wide perspective of the amount of time available to you as a whole.

Be sure to allocate time for delays.

Your business calendars also need to consider delays in your work. Unexpected delays always emerge at the least convenient times, so it pays to prepare for them well before they occur. As such, the time frames you create with your calendars have to remain flexible so that you can maintain productivity even in the face of such unforeseen setbacks.

With these insights, you should have a better idea of how to use company calendars yourself. This should come as a boon in the event that you have to make company calendars for your own reasons.

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