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12+ Camp Newsletter Templates

Nowadays you can might find newsletters being used in any number of places, including schools and companies. This can even include more unconventional places like camps since they can also find a use for newsletter templates to make their own newsletters. This can give camps more options with regard to marketing themselves and securing more campers to attend the camp.

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Camp Newsletter Template

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Church Summer Camp Newsletter Template

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Summer Camp Newsletter Template

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But like any other camp document, it pays to know about some of the basics of creating a newsletter in order to be sure that you are making yours properly. After all, if you want to use these tools as best as you can, you need to understand such things to ensure that the newsletter is able to present the camp in the best possible light.

Adventure Camp Newsletter Template

Sample Foreign Language and Culture Camp Newsletter

Camp Newsletter for Parents Template

Movie Camp Newsletter Template

Summer Camp Newsletter Sample

What to include in your camp newsletters

Like other kinds of newsletters, you need to have some things present in your camp newsletters in order to make your camp seem both fun and trustworthy. In that case, you should consider including some of these elements in your own email newsletters to be sure that you do not overlook anything in the process of making your newsletter.

Camp letterhead

As with any other kind of simple monthly newsletter, or even other kinds of official documents from any organization, it is vital that you include your camp’s name and logo in your letterhead. This allows your target audience to understand that your newsletter really does represent the camp. After all, a letterhead is one kind of evidence that can serve to convince your readers that you actually have a legitimate camp. Other than that, including your name can increase brand recognition since this should make it easier for your target audience to associate your camp with your particular offerings.

Description of the camp

This is particularly important as your newsletter should take the time to explain what your camp is and discuss something of your goals and objectives. This is an element that should sit well with parents as this can convince them of any positive goals you may have with regard to your campers. You can also discuss previous activities in your newsletter so as to give your readers an idea of how successful you have been in the past, which can make you a more enticing option for parents. Another aspect of describing your camp is providing a map of your grounds, which can clue campers and parents in on the size of your premises and what activities you can carry out there.

Schedule of activities

It also helps to include a schedule of what activities you have planned which can give parents a more concrete idea of what you have to offer. Some camps have differing activities, so this can be a good marketing tool for focusing on specific demographics for your camp. Parents can also use this section of your newsletter to determine how long their children will be staying in camp so that they can prepare appropriately. This can tell them exactly when they need to pick up the campers once they are done, which can be an added convenience for you.

Introduction to camp personnel

Like some school newsletter templates, it could be prudent to include an introduction to some of the camp personnel, similar to the case with new teachers in a school. Parents can read the testimonials from the camp personnel in order to determine how suitable the camp would be for their children. They can also use this to gauge the persons who would be taking charge of the campers for the duration of the camp.

Address and contact information

One other useful way of establishing your camp’s credibility is by including your address and contact information. This is relatively easy information to verify, which would allow parents to get in contact with you and check if you are legitimate. More practically, you would need to include this in order to facilitate contact with your clients. If they have any inquiries or need any clarifications, then contact information makes it possible to reach and speak with you. The address also lets your campers know exactly where to take the children for the camp proper.

Supplementary forms

Since you would have to take charge of children during a specific period, you need to include some forms with your newsletter in order to find out if any of your campers have some particular needs or conditions. For example, if your campers have medical issues, then it would be wise to have a medical form to find out what needs they might have. You can also include a waiver to defer responsibility for any such issues that were not reported. These are some more practical things to include as they can serve to keep both you and your charges safe while they are in your keeping.


One interesting thing to note about tools like newsletters is that you can easily add images to them in order to provide some visual evidence of what you claim. This can help you with convincing more campers to come to you since you can provide some proof that you actually do some of the activities you claim to do. You may also show images of your camp grounds in order to let your potential campers see what the place looks like so they can decide if it is to their liking or not.

Example of Children’s Summer Camp Template

Youth Camp Newsletter Example

Sample General Summer Camp Newsletter

Basic Summer Adventure Camp Newsletter Template

Sample Educational Camp Newsletter

Who can benefit from these camp newsletters?

It would be useful to you to know exactly who can benefit from reading camp newsletters. After all, knowing which demographics might be likely to read your newsletters can inform your efforts when writing. You should keep in mind that a great many kinds of people will end up reading your newsletters, so you should be aware of those people in order to know how to accommodate all of them.


Children are perhaps the most likely to read your newsletters. This makes sense when you consider that it is the children who will actually attend your camp. As such, you may want to take some tips from printable preschool newsletters so that you can have a better idea of how to make newsletters that can appeal to your would-be campers. Images might be an excellent tool here as it can serve to give the children a look at what they would be in for if they do attend your camp.


Parents can also find a need for your newsletters since they are the ones who will be making the final decision on whether or not their kids will attend your camp. As such, parents should be able to use your newsletter to determine both how legitimate your camp is and how attractive a prospect it is for campers. Other than costs, parents would be looking for an opportunity for their children to find some experiences for the sake of growth and character building. Your activities can provide this, so you should remember to design and write your newsletters with parents in mind. Parents may also be looking to keep their children productive during holidays like summer, so you can use holiday newsletter templates.

Camp staff

Camp staff can also read these newsletters themselves, if only to have an idea of what to expect in the immediate future. After all, if camp personnel are to have any hand in the events, then they need to know what is being planned for the camp. Distributing newsletters among your camp staff can serve to let them know what to expect so that they can be prepared for the next batch of campers. This can also apply to prospective employees at the camp since you would need to attract more people to work there. As such, you should always aim to present your camp in the best light so that you might be able to attract job hunters as well as clients.


Since camps can be places for children to learn other skills than those found in the classroom, it is possible for you to collaborate with schools and institutes so as to provide more learning experiences for children. Part of this can be due to camps being fairly specialized, which allows for camps to be concerned with different sciences and other fields. Other than that, schools may be interested in offering their students more opportunities to grow even out of the classroom. At best, any schools you collaborate with may include your camp in their sample school newsletters, which can be an additional source of marketing for you.

So if you want to make and use your own camp newsletters, you should be in a better position to do just that after reading this article. These insights should give you a deeper look at how to use such tools, which can only help you with presenting your camp to a client base.

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