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7+ Catering Quote Templates – PDF, Word

Catering services are deemed a luxury by most people since it takes a huge chunk of their budget. It may seem expensive but there are catering services that offer affordable prices without compromising the quality of the food they serve. The prices for the catering also has various factors that may affect it, such as the number of guests and the types of dishes to serve. With that said, a catering quote should be requested to have an estimate as to how much budget should be allocated to it.

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Catering Quote Template

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Catering Quotation Template

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Catering quote is an important document that enables the owner of a catering service to formally present the prices of its products and services to prospective clients. With the details needed to be filled out in the quotation, you, as a caterer, can properly lay out everything that the client may want to know about your offers. There is no standard format for the quotation but there are templates that you can follow or use. These templates have more similarities than differences, so weigh down which template best fits your needs for the quotation.

Moreover, these templates can be edited and customized according to your needs and you can create a list of the details that you want for your catering quotation. You may also see design quotation templates.

Wedding Catering Quote Template

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Catering Equipment Quote Template

Catering Menu Quote Template

Catering Request Quote Template

How to Prepare a Catering Quotation

A smooth catering transaction and a continuous business-customer relationship can be provided through a comprehensive catering quotation. And, just like anything else in business, there are steps that you need to follow to prepare an effective catering quote. You may also see sample business quotations.

The steps are as follows:

1. Identify the Client’s Needs

On your first meeting, see to it that you extract all the client’s needs for the catering. This is the greatest arsenal that you can use to convince your client to hire you. Take note of the minor details as they are usually the ones being overlooked. If there are special requests, ask for an elaboration about it and voice out any concern regarding the specifications. If there are details that you missed out, you can still try to set-up another meeting with the client to clarify things and report the updates. You may also see price quotation templates.

2. Present the Food Items

You can show the different packages of food items that the clients can pick from. Offer your other services to provide additional options for them. Although a test taste isn’t necessary, you can still go for it if you have the means to do so. This will also help the clients accurately tell you their preferred food that can be included in their request. You may also see how to create a quotation template.

3. List Down the Specifications

During the presentation of the food items, make sure that you list down all the client has selected. After everything has been taken note of, add the corresponding prices of the food items. You may also see website quotation templates.

4. Calculate the Total Amount

When you calculate the total amount of the transaction, make sure that it’s accurate. This will be accounted for your credibility if there is any discrepancy in the calculation. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you made mistakes. Just provide an explanation for your client if it ever happens. You may also see word format quotations.

5. Add Suggestions

Adding suggestions could mean well for your simple business. There is a chance that some of your clients will want to acquire the add-ons that you have suggested. You can send your client an email with an attached document that provides a list of your suggestion or you can print out the list and send it to them or present it at your next meeting.

6. Review the Document

To avoid any conflict and to show your professionalism, review the document to ensure that all the details present in your catering quotation are based on your current service offerings and that the sum of the transaction prices is correct. Review it more than twice and have it checked by your assistant if you have one. Having more than a pair of eyes to review the document allows for a faster tracking of the mistakes. You may also see formal quotation templates.

Tips for Creating a Catering Quotation

The catering quote needs to well-curated to provide excellent comprehension for the client. This will help avoid any confusion that may lead to conflict later on. You may also see professional quotation templates.

Some of the tips that you may follow in creating a catering quotation include these items:

1. Be Clear

In presenting your offers, make sure that you have prepared it well so it would clearly be understood by the client. Be clear on whether the food set-up and food service arrangement are included in the catering quotation. You should create a different quotation for your non-food services.

2. Be Aware

These are the factors that you have to take note of:

  • The number of guests. When you meet with the client, see to it that they have already identified the final number of guests that will attend the event. Obtaining this data will help you create an estimate of the costs and how much you are going to prepare. Of course, the preparation will also include the offset number of guests to make sure that everybody has food on their plate. You may also see quote sheet templates.
  • The type of event. Are you going to cater for a reception wedding? Or is it for a baptism? Knowing the type of event where your catering services are needed allows you to make the necessary preparations. For example, if it’s a children’s party, you would be inclined to prepare food items that the kids will like. Also, if you are going to apply designs for your catering table, you can prepare the decorations that appropriate for it. If you don’t have a uniform, you can dress up according to the theme of the event.
  • The kind of food. In our previous example, we used the children’s party as the type of event that the catering service needs to prepare for, Although we said that the food items needed to be served should cater to children, take note that there are also guests older than their ages. So, to accommodate everyone who’s attending the event, make sure that you get the complete list of food items that the client wants to have so you can make the necessary preparations.
  • The location of the event. Knowing the location of the event will help you estimate the time that you need to depart from your headquarters and space where you can set-up the needed equipment or materials for the catering service. You may also see medical quote templates.

3. Know the Budget

If possible, ask your client about how much budget is allocated for the catering service. This will aid you in identifying the food items that you can place in the quotation. Or, if they want the packages that you have offered them, you can help them decide which package to get if their simple budget is disclosed.

4. Be Specific

In presenting the catering quotation, be specific with the terms and conditions. Doing so will create a harmonious transaction between you and the client. More so, please specify the date of validity of the catering quotation content. You may also see quotations in excel.

Quote for Catering Company Template

Sample Catering Quote Template

Inclusions of a Catering Quote

A catering quote has a specific inclusion depending on the type of service that the catering business offers. It is of utmost importance that you get to be familiar with how to do the quotation itself. To know more about the inclusions of a catering quote, read the following points:

1. Catering business identification

This pertains to everything that creates the brand identity of the catering service. In the catering quote, include a logo and the name of your business. This is usually placed at the top of the document to act as a header. Different quotation templates beyond catering businesses observe the same thing as well.

2. Product or service specification

Having a catering service as a business entails more than just food offers. Sometimes, you can branch off with additional services that your future clients might want to acquire. In the catering quote, there’s a section for product or service specification for easier comprehension for both you and the prospective client. These details will help avoid confusion with the content of the quotation. You may also see photography quote templates.

3. Quantity

This is an important detail as this is the basis on how much you are going to prepare for each food item. It also makes it easier to identify what each client needs exactly. You may also see painting quote templates.

4. Service price

Like anything else in the content of the catering quote, the service price is an essential element that aids the client in knowing how much budget they should allocate for the catering. The total amount equivalent to all the orders summed up should be accurately provided. It is in this sense that catering quotations are generally considered credible sources for both customers and catering service providers to refer to. You may also see audit quotation templates.

Get Your Catering Quote Ready

As the owner or head of the catering service, it is important that you carefully go through each detail of the catering quote. This is where the profit of your business is based and it should be comprehensive enough to be easily understood. If you are still new in this business, you can refer to the steps on how to create an effective catering quote that we have provided. You can also refer to the tips that we have listed above and take note of them so you would be able to handle creating a quote and professionally present it to your prospective client. You may also see design quotations.

We hope that we have aided you enough for you to arrive at a final decision on which template to use. Good luck with your catering service! You may also seepurchase quotation templates.

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