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5+ Chess Certificate Templates

Chess is a game that requires tremendous intelligence and patience. While most chess players are born with an innate talent, some undergo thorough training to master the art. As a matter of fact, several chess championships are organised from time to time. What do all of these events and programs have in common? It would have to be the free certificate template. People participating in both chess championships and training programs deserve certificates. To create them, you can use the templates below.

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Black and White Chess Excellence Certificate

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The first thing you notice about the chess certificate is the border which resembles a chess board. It maintains a standard black and white theme throughout the template as well.

Chess Certificate Template

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This chess certificate template consists of a chess board image in the background. Apart from that, the template has been kept simple, to the point and precise. Also, it is fully editable.

Chess Achievement Certificate

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This chess certificate maintains a simple red, black and white combination which makes it look very classy and sophisticated. The template comes in a standard size and is ready for print.

Participation Certificate in Chess

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This chess certificate adds splashes of blue to the design to make it look attractive. Also, the template highlights the certification more than the design and the layout, which is the way it should be.

Chess Excellence Certificate

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This chess certificate comes in a standard size and in a cream theme. Also, it is fully compatible with Word, making it easy to use and edit. It is impressive and elegant in nature.

Who can use the Chess Certificates?

One must admit that the chess certificates provided here are versatile, multipurpose and flexible when it comes to utility. Here are some ways in which they can be used:

  • There are several schools which offer courses of varying difficulties on chess. On completion of the course, the student may be declared a professional chess player. Now to certify this, a certificate is usually issued. For that, one may use these templates. You can also see Tennis Certificate Templates.
  • There are several chess championships and tournaments taking place around the world even as you read this.
  • Organisers of such events use these templates to design certificates for the winners and participants.

> Why use the Chess Certificates?

The chess certificates can come in handy and reduce your workload. Here’s how:

  • These templates are ready for print. That means if you are satisfied with the design, you can just edit the minute details and then print them on a large scale.
  • The use of such chess certificate templates would reduce your workload to a great extent and wouldn’t require too much of a hassle either.
  • These templates are easy to use and wouldn’t take up too much of your time.
  • They come in formats that are easy to use and fully customisable, thus making them a popular choice.

The chess certificate templates that you see here would help you in ways you cannot even imagine. Most importantly, you have a plethora of options at your disposal. You can browse through the endless choices of certificate templates and then, finally make an informed decision based on your requirements and demands.

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