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16+ Company Training Certificate Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Companies conduct training for their existing and new employees, and these are perfect avenues to gauge the current skill set of the employees and improve them or branch into new ones to explore uncharted waters. As the CEO or president of the company, it is your responsibility to ensure that certificates are given after an employee has completed a certain training under your management. These certificates are extremely important for the employees especially if they are aiming for a promotion or just wanting to add a new proof of achievement for their hard work.

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Company training certificates are usually simple and minimalist, but you can always go for a grander design if you want to put on a show. If you are still unsure of what route to take for the design, you can browse through our list of training certificate designs and templates below. Each of them has a different style, so you would have plenty of options to choose from. They can be easily purchased and downloaded as they are accessible online. Let us not wait further and let’s start going through each of the templates so you can start customizing them for your training.

Company Training Certificate Template

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Free Company Training Certificate Template

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Clean Company Training Certificate Template

Company Training Certificate Sample

Red Company Training Certificate Template

Reasons a Training Certificate Benefits Your Company

1. Happier employees

A certificate is a proof of one’s achievement and giving it to your employees will make them feel that you have acknowledged their efforts and hard work for self-improvement that will surely be helpful for their work. This acknowledgment can go a long way especially in making your employees stay in the company for a longer time. Employees are also happier working for organizations that are supportive and invested in their professional development and are supportive in helping them prepare for the next steps in their career.

2. Encourages greater peace of mind

Employees who had undergone training will be more aware of the certain standards that they need to adhere to the company. With this, they will aim to reach the benchmarks and for a higher and more consistent quality of their work. As the head of the company, you would be at peace knowing that you can confidently rely on your employees for certain tasks that require professional standards. You may also see company training certificate templates.

3. Gives your clients confidence on your business

A training certificate isn’t just a proof of one’s achievement but it also showcases one’s expertise in a certain field. Knowing that your employees hold the highest professional standards will make the clients feel safe and confident that you can deliver what is asked of you. This will also help forge your business’ credibility and integrity in uplifting the utmost standards. You may also see fitness training certificates.

4. Boosts productivity

If you put yourself in an employee’s shoes, you are more confident and motivated to finish daily tasks after you undergone training. This is because you are more exposed to new technologies and methods that will make your work easier and faster. Also, you are confident that the methods that you have applied for a certain task uphold the standards, thus producing a high-quality output. For example, if you are certified in a software application, you are able to make greater use of a program’s features. Going through training will help you work more efficiently and this will greatly help in the team’s productivity.

Minimalist Company Training Certificate

Modern Company Training Certificate Template

Geometric Company Training Certificate Template

A4 Company Training Certificate Template

Colorful Company Training Certificate Template

Details to be Included in a Company Training Certificate

Creating a certificate is more than just about the design because, in this, the information should be complete and accurate. You need to make sure that all the needed information are included in the certificate. If you are still new into creating certificates, you should take note of the following details that should be in a company training certificate. You may also see computer training certificate templates.

1. Name of the Company

The name of the company usually doesn’t stand out that much and is formatted in a way that it’s noticeable enough. You can format the name of the company into bold, italic, or an entirely different font style. Usually, this is in a classic typeface for it to be distinct and easily noticeable. You may also see free dog training certificate.

2. Presentation Line

In this part of the certificate, the name of the department that the employee is under and the name of the employee is clearly shown. In the title, you can put “Certificate of” or “Award” to specify the prefix or suffix of the title. Usually, the text is formatted in a classic or stylish font style, like the ones that are seen in old scriptures. But, you can go for a modern touch if you want to. Just make sure that the name of the department and the employee’s stand out from the rest. Also, since it is a title, it has a font size larger than the rest of the text in the certificate. You may also see security training certificate templates.

Obviously, this line does exactly what it sounds like: to present the certificate to the recipient. You can use some of these commonly used phrases for the presentation line:

  • is awarded to
  • is hereby awarded to
  • is presented to
  • is given to

3. Recipient Section

This is always the first thing that any reader would notice and look at first since this is the part where the name of the recipient lies. This is the part where their name is eternally embedded with the indication that they have passed a certain training; that their hard work and effort going through the training is acknowledged and appreciated. The name of the recipient usually has a different format from the rest of the text in the certificate. You may also see service training certificate templates.

The name of the recipient has the largest font size and the most different font style. If you have noticed, this section can have a line or not. The line that we are pertaining to is the line where the name of the recipient can be printed over. Some of the certificates opt to keep the line since this is what is traditionally done. But, there are designs in some certificates that go for omitting the line and just print the name of the recipient without it. You can choose to go either of the two; it doesn’t matter anyway. What’s important is the name is there and that it’s as large as any other text in the certificate.  And, as is the case with the rest of the details in the certificate, this section must be positioned in the center.

Flat Company Training Certificate Template

Simple Company Training Certificate Template

Straightforward Company Training Certificate Template

Vintage Company Training Certificate Template

Neat Company Training Certificate Template

Traditional Company Training Certificate Template

Stylish Company Training Certificate Template

4. Description

This section fully describes what the certification is for. Write a detailed description of the certification, but you don’t have to go overboard and write a whole essay about it. The elaboration can be done in a concise manner. Just include the important details so it wouldn’t be too boring to read and that it wouldn’t take up too much space on the certificate’s layout. This is an important part of the certificate as it explains what the recipient has accomplished. You may also see participation certificate templates.

5. Date

This is self-explanatory but just for the sake of it, this section specifies the date when the certificate is awarded or presented to the recipient. This section can come before or after the description, so it depends on your personal preference on how you want to be formatted. You may also see certificate templates.

6. Signatories

Without the authorities’ signatures, the proof for the recipient’s accomplishment will not be legitimized. Their signatures must be affixed above their names at the end of the certificate. The number of signatories depends on how many officials or authorities are needed. You may also see sports certificate templates.

The usual signatories for a training certificate are the head of the training, head of the department, and manager, CEO, or president of the organization. In this section, their names have a position in a way that you indicate their position in the company’s hierarchy and you should also include their positions below their names. You may also see free certificate templates.

Have you found the perfect training certificate template?

The certificates that we have presented to you have different styles to them, so choose the template that will be the most appropriate for your company’s image. Once you have chosen and download the template, make sure that you do some customization to the certificate’s design so it would have a more distinct look. You may also see leadership certificates.

Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with the design; this is a certificate, not a flyer or any business promotional tool. This is a formal proof of one’s accomplishment and it should be held with utmost professionalism when it comes to designing it. The usual size for this is A4, but you can opt for a different one if you have already set a certain size for all your certificates in your company.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect training certificate template for your company. We wish you all the best in your company’s success and may your employees religiously apply what they have learned in their training. You may also see printable certificate template samples.

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