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Short courses are very rampant nowadays, giving people of different educational attainments options to further their knowledge. Those who have finished a full degree choose to add more to what they already know by enrolling themselves in a short duration course, while there are some who have not but are willing to further what they know by simply attending short classes. This is actually most useful for those who have not acquired their college diploma or further their education, as this provides them intensive knowledge about a specific field. Short courses are an opportunity for them to somehow have security especially knowing that most job employers demand of their potential employees a college diploma.

Although most jobs seek a college diploma, some others are fine with just certificates from short courses. With this in mind, it becomes a lot easier for those who have been struggling to find work to finally land one. With each short classes they enroll in, they get intensive learning, and for which they will eventually graduate on, in turn giving them a certificate as proof of their attainment. So, if you are an individual who works for an institution that offers short courses, here is a list of course certificates you can use on your commencement exercises.

Free Course Completion Certificate Template


Gold Brocade Certificate Template


Certificate of Course Completion

Certificate of Course Completion

Modern Course Completion Certificate


What is the Best Way to Acquire a Course Certificate?

Although there are different ways for one to acquire their very own course certificate, the best way to do so is by simply buying one that is premade and readily available online. Simply because of its practicality and efficiency, premade certificate designs and templates offer those who are seeking certificates an option that is affordable, but that does not compromise design quality.

Having it custom made with a professional graphics artist, the more known counterpart of premade options, although provides unique designs to their clients is priced considerably. Its price makes it a discouraging option since there are certain factors that are being taken into account leading the end price to be expensive. As such are the consultations that take place before the creation of the certificate and then, the number of hours the graphics artist spent with making the certificate. Inevitably, this leads to a somehow expensive price, which does not seem practical at all. You may also see training certificate templates.

Contrary to buying premade certificate designs and templates, where designers create certificate designs and templates on their own accord without having to oblige to any demands or requests, will not cost you a lot. Also, these premade certificate designs and templates are all easy to make since they come in a file that is easy use.

Course Completion Certificate Template

Course Completion Certificate Template

Simple Course Certificate Sample


Course Completion Certificate Sample

Course Completion Certificate Sample

Why Should You Opt for Premade Certificate Designs and Templates?

1. It is Very Affordable

This is the main reason to what sets the premade option from its custom-made counterpart, the gulf between their price points. As stated earlier, premade options cost a lot less because of how they are made by the designers on their own preference, at their own pace and time. Compared to having it custom-made, which certain factors are taken into account leading to its price to skyrocket. You may also see the certificate of completion templates.

2. It is Easy to Work with

Premade certificate designs and templates are all easy to make since they are all initially designed and laid out by the designer of the designs which can also work as a guide. Taking into consideration that when bought, it is already set up as a certificate, you have the option to follow how it was initially done by the designer or do it on your own accord. You may also see a certificate of completion.

Also, you do not need to have an intensive knowledge of the different software used in designing and creating different mediums for graphics, as basic understanding can get you as far. Far enough to fully materialize your very own course certificate. To also note, these premade certificate designs and templates come in a file that is easy to edit and customize. Sometimes, it comes with smart object layers that enable you to move around elements of the design creating a more personalized and unique course certificate. You may also see free printable certificate templates.

3. It Can Showcase Your Creativity

Although most certificates are designed simply, there is still enough room for you to be able to showcase your creativity. Taking into account the fact that these certificate designs and templates are premade, which gives you the ample freedom to do whatever you want. You can choose the way the certificate will look or where the elements will be. With that in mind, all the designs and elements on a premade certificate are fully editable and customizable from colors, texts, fonts, even some of the other elements. You may also see free certificate templates.

4. It Provides More Options to Choose From

Despite being premade, these certificate designs and templates also come in many other variations. Contrary to the notion that all there is to premade options are simple designs and templates. In fact, aside from the simple option that most people are accustomed to, there are also other options one can choose from. As such is the modern certificate designs and templates for those who prefer a more modern certificate, elaborate certificate designs and templates that are able to elicit sophistication and class, and of course fun certificate designs and certificates for those who opt for nonconventional and unique looking certificates. You may also see PSD certificate templates.

Modern Course Certificate Template


Multipurpose Certificate Template

Multipurpose Certificate Template

Simple and Minimal Multipurpose Certificate


Multipurpose Achievement Certificate

Multipurpose Achievement Certificate

What Pieces of Information Should Go on a Course Certificate?

A course certificate is only as effective with the different pieces of information that should go on it. Although, one can choose to exclude a few of the information, having most will ensure of its effectivity. Also, it will be capable of connoting professionalism, reliability, and legitimacy to the recipient, something that is mandatory for a course certificate. You may also see Microsoft word certificate templates.

1. Name of the Institution Handing out the Course Certificate

There are two benefits to having the name of the institution on the actual certificate: first, it will make your course certificate look professional. By simply putting in the name of the institution will give other people who get to see the certificate the impression that it is of legitimate nature, it will also make your institution look reliable. Second, as it is a certificate meant to honor the accomplishment of an individual, it can also work as a promotional medium. Considering that there are other people also looking for short courses to enroll in when they get to see the name of your institution on the certificate they will be made aware of you. You may also see attendance certificate templates.

2. The Kind of Certificate Being Handed Out (in this Case, a Course Certificate)

By simply putting in the kind of certificate you are giving out to your recipients, will just avoid future confusion. Considering that there are numerous of other certificates out there, specifying or labeling what the certificate is will just simply avoid the circumstance. Certificates vary from one occasion to another, that also serves different purposes, there are certificates that are simply meant to recognize, others are meant to appreciate, but there are also some that honor the excellence of individuals. But, a course certificate serves more than recognize and honor, it can actually be a ticket for others who struggle to land a job to finally get one. The course certificate can be used as a proof of the accomplishment or attainment by the individual. You may also see safety certificate templates.

3. Name of the Recipient Being Given the Course Certificate

Each individual is given unique names, and to have that on a course certificate make each one different and unique from the other. Considering that all certificates used in an institution or school share the same element or design, the names of the recipients make the certificate different and apart from the other. It is also important to make the names of each individual on the certificate the biggest text so it would be easier to see and recognize, especially since that is one of the very objective of the course certificate: to honor and recognize the recipient and their accomplishment. You may also see free computer diploma certificate.

4. A Short or Brief Text to Put Context to the Certificate

This short or brief text on the course certificate will simply state what the recipient has done or achieved in order to deserve the course certificate; it also helps put context to an otherwise basic certificate. You can either state “has duly completed the approved course and so on” or “has successfully completed (name of institution) (course that was taken)” or anything of your preference. This will also help other people understand what the recipient receiving the course certificate has done or accomplished. You may also see free company training certificate.

5. Names and Signatures of People in a Higher Position

These pieces of information will help validate and solidify the course certificate, that is why it is important. Having the names and signatures of people in a higher position— the president of the institution, the administrator, or even the course facilitator, will make the course certificate look more professional and legitimate. It will simply solidify the attainment, knowing that it is recognized by people of higher positions. You may also see printable music certificate template.

6. Other Pieces of Information

There are also other pieces of information you can add on a course certificate aside from the ones already mentioned. These other pieces of information will help more in the effectivity of the certificate; it can also help in connoting professionalism, reliability, and legitimacy. As such are the date the course certificate will be given and the name of the person that will be giving out the certificate. You may also see painting certificate templates.

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals working in an institution that offers short courses seeking the best course certificate. You may also see free choir certificate of participation templates.

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