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If you are a school administrator, teacher, instructor, or the owner of a learning institution, you would most likely need a form or certificate for your organization’s commencement or graduation ceremony. However, creating these formal certificates can be difficult especially if you do not have experience in designing one. To help solve this dilemma, we have compiled a number of degree certificate templates that anyone can use for their own schools or colleges.

What are Degree Certificates?

Degree certificates are printed documents that act as proof of a person’s completion of a course or studies done in a formal learning setting. They are usually used by schools, colleges, and other learning institutions. So, if you are working for any of these institutions, you should be looking into creating the best degree certificates for your own students and graduates.

With the advent of computers, desktop publishing, and graphic design software programs, creating degree certificates is now easier. Today, you can easily search for and download degree certificate templates online and then use these pre-made templates to act as the base of your degree certificate design.

In this article, we provide various examples of degree certificates that you can download, edit, and print out. More information about the use of degree certificates is also included below. Read on…

Check Out these Degree Certificate Templates

Embedded below are multiple examples of degree certificate templates that any school administrator or faculty member may use for their own graduation ceremonies. Find the printable certificate template design that would best match your institution’s image and print it out right away.

Black and White Degree Certificate Template

black and white degree certificate template

Blank Degree Certificate Template

blank degree certificate template

Block Style Degree Certificate Template

block style degree certificate templae

How to Choose a Degree Certificate Template

There are different kinds of pre-made certificate templates available online. And, as this list grows bigger, it can be difficult to find the certificate template design that will best fit your organization’s image or the impression you wish to show to your graduates and guests. To help you in that matter, we have compiled a list of a few key factors that you should consider when choosing a degree certificate template online.

1. Your Organization’s Branding Image or Identity

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing any kind of pre-made template is your own business’ or organization’s image and branding identity. This is important because you need to make sure that the branding design you show across different platforms is synchronized and that they tell the same story.

To illustrate, if you are running a private college for middle-class students while making sure that you offer the best lessons and mode of instruction, you may want to showcase this image on your institution’s advertising platforms. Whether you like it or not, schools and other learning institutions still need to advertise themselves in order to get more students or to further establish their reputation. You may also see certificate sample templates.

That is why, when choosing a template design for your school’s degree certificates, you should choose a template design that will showcase a reliable and respectable image. You may also see free certificates.

2. Template Customizability

The next factor to consider when choosing a degree certificate template is the pre-made template’s customization options. As the end-user of the template, you will need to make multiple copies of the degree template and edit them to add your students’ names and your school’s information. To do all these things, you should choose a template design that will give you total control of the template after purchasing it. You may also see word certificate templates.

Choose a degree template design that was created using Adobe InDesign or Photoshop using organized layers. This way, you can easily replace the text boxes and image placeholders with your own information. Another helpful tip is that you should choose a printable certificate template that will enable you to edit other graphic design elements on the template. Also, you may find it useful to choose a degree certificate template that allows you to change the certificate’s color schemes. Choose a certificate template like this if you want the color of your degree certificates to match your school’s officials colors, for example.

3. Template and Total Printing Cost

The printable template price is another factor that you should consider when creating your own degree certificates. This factor is important especially for those who are on a limited budget. Sometimes, learning institutions do not include the use of pre-made templates into their budgets since they rely on creating their degree templates themselves. This is a foolhardy strategy if you want to create a professional looking degree certificate.

So, while choosing a certificate template design, you should first factor in the pre-made template’s cost. Then, also compute the estimated cost of printing all those degree certificates. The printing costs will be higher if you want to use high-quality paper, ink, or after-printing embellishments (like embossed seals and ribbons, etc). A good school administrator or committee head would have looked into all these things ahead of time to make sure that the entire certificate designing and printing process will go on smoothly. You may also see funny certificate templates.

4. Editing Skills

If you are tasked to prepare your degree certificate templates for your school’s upcoming graduation or commencement ceremony, you should also consider your own editing skills prior to choosing a degree certificate template design. As we have emphasized earlier, even if you are using pre-made certificate templates, you will still need to make customizations on the purchased template. You may also see printable certificate templates.

That is why it is important to assess your own editing skills prior to using a certificate template. If you already know how to use Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, editing them will not be an issue for you later on. However, if you do not have a background on using these software tools, you may start learning by searching for free InDesign or Photoshop tutorials online. You can begin learning the basics within a few days and apply this knowledge later on.

And, if graphic design and editing is not your forte, you will have ample time to delegate the entire task to another person. Or, alternatively, you may use degree certificate templates who creators offer editing and customization for a small fee.

Border Degree Master of Arts Certificate Template

blue border degree master of arts certificate template

Corporate Appreciation Degree Certificate Template

corporate appreciation degree certificate template

Elegant Degree Certificate Template

elegant degree certificate template

5. Your Time

In connection to the previous factor we have discussed, it is also important to consider the amount of time you have for making and printing out your blank certificate templates. As the person in charge of creating your institution’s degree certificates, you need to make sure that degree certificates are all ready on or before graduation day.

So, if you have just a few weeks or days left for editing and printing the degree certificates, you need to ask yourself if you are able to deliver the finished project on time or not. Other factors like your own editing skill level and the amount of free time you have will certainly affect the completion of this project. You may also like graduation certificate templates.

If you have very little time to make the edits yourself, it is best to ask for other person’s assistance. In addition, it may also be best if you choose a degree certificate template that requires little customizations. This way, you will not be held up in making edits to the base template. You may also like templates of certificates.

The different factors listed above is not an exhaustive list of all the things that a person should consider when purchasing a pre-made degree certificate template. Use this list as a guide and feel free to add or remove other factors that you think should be taken into consideration for the specific situation you are in. You may also like work certificate templates.

Editable Minimalist Degree Certificate Template

editable minimalist degree certificate template

Fluid Design Appreciation and Degree Certificate Template

fluid design appreciation and degree certificate template

Gold Trim Company Degree Certificate Template

gold trim company degree certificate template

Multipurpose Diploma Degree Certificate Template

multipurpose diploma degree certificate template

Things to Include in a Degree Certificate Template

Always remember that a degree certificate is a formal document. Therefore, if you are creating or customizing one, you should make sure that it contains all the standard pieces of information that is needed for an official document in the academic world. We have listed these specific pieces of information below.

  • School, College, or Institution name and official logo design.
  • Official Seal (usually embossed after printing)
  • Full Name of Student/Graduate.
  • Full Name of Course or Degree Studied.
  • Name and Signatures of School or College Dean.
  • Official Degree Certificate Working (usually written in English when used in a non-English speaking country)
  • Date, Time, and Location the Degree Certificate was given.

Customizable Portrait Degree Certificate Template

portrait customizable degree certificate template

Simple Achievement Degree Certificate Template

simple achievement degree certificate template

Teal Modern Degree Certificate Template

teal modern degree certificate template

Ultra Clean Diploma/Degree Certificate Template

ultra clean diploma degree certificate template

Vintage Degree Certificate Template

vintage degree certificate template

Have You Chosen a Degree Certificate Template?

The internet is filled with different examples of degree certificate templates and it might get overwhelming when browsing through different template designs. To help give you an easier time when choosing a good degree certificate template, we have handpicked fifteen printable template examples above. These templates have the best designs that will fit the needs of most schools, colleges, and learning institutions. You may also see excellence certificate templates.

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