How to Make a Gift Certificate [10+ Templates]


People tend to be picky when it comes to accepting gifts and this results in gift givers to become meticulous in choosing what to buy. Although the former would still appreciate whatever gift they might receive, this won’t stop the latter from being too conscious. But there’s always a solution to everything.

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The best solution to this would be to give gift certificates instead. Gift certificates are simply given to the person and its up to the receiver to decide on what to buy with it. The next concern would be “how to make a gift certificate?”. The solution to that is laid out below for you to check out so go ahead and scroll down.

6 Steps to Making a Gift Certificate

1. Set a budget for your gift certificates

Although gift certificates are bought by one person and then used by another in exchange for goods, it is still important to determine a budget for making them. There should always be a sense of balance between the costs involved and the income that you will be receiving when people buy them. This can help you to determine how much you should put into the making of your simple gift certificates as well as ensure that you’ll be able to make a profit out of them.

2. Decide on what type of gift certificate to use

There are two common types of gift certificates: the cash type and the store type. The cash type will require you to get your blank gift certificate sponsored by companies or banks in order for the holder to be able to use them anywhere. The store type, on the other hand, is sponsored only by the store which means that you will only need their approval to allow the holder to use the gift certificate to purchase their goods. But if you’re running your own business, then the store type would be the ideal and practical type for you.

3. Write a draft of the gift certificate’s content

Some gift certificates only indicate its monetary value and how they can be used, others usually contain a very thorough set of information including the name of the entitled person and other relevant details. Regardless of what or how much you’re planning to write on the gift certificate, it is best that you prepare a draft to ensure that all necessary content is included and they are stated clearly.

4. Download a gift certificate template

Below, you’ll see some of the best gift certificate templates from the internet and they were gathered from highly reliable sources. By using a template, you can already give yourself a head start since they come with design elements and an editable layout right off the bat. Simply click on the download button and you can already consider your task halfway done.

5. Customize the design and add the content

As we have said earlier, templates already come with a functional and versatile design that you can work on. So after downloading a template, open your editing software and start editing the design. Also, you should start adding your content based on the draft that you have prepared earlier. Always take note of the file format of the downloaded template, you’ll be able to edit them easily if you’re using the right editing tool.

6. Print your gift certificates

And when you’ve finished editing the template according to your preferences, you can then proceed to the printing phase. If you’re choosing to have it printed in printing companies, then it would be best to do it by bulk in order to get more for a cheaper price. However, you can always do it yourself if you have the necessary tools and resources.

10+ Gift Certificate Templates

1. Modern Company Gift Certificate

modern company gift certificate format Download

Make your gift certificate look (and feel) right in today’s generation by using the modern certificate template shown above. As you can see from the thumbnail, this template comes in six different formats including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, and Apple Pages. This’ll give you enough choices to decide which file format works perfectly for you.

2. Simple Company Gift Certificate Layout

simple company gift certificate layout Download

Simplicity is often the best choice when it comes to designs because of its ability to look visually-appealing regardless of their size and where they’re being used. If you prefer something simple and easy to work with, the company gift certificate template above would be perfect, plus it comes in multiple formats for you to choose from.

3. Ticket Master Gift Certificate Design

ticket master gift certificate design Download

Who doesn’t want to avail of free or discounted tickets? And this may either be for movies, concerts, or even airline flights. Obviously, this kind of gift certificate entitles the holder to purchase a ticket for a lower price or for absolutely no expense at all. If you’re offering this one of a kind perk, then you might want to use the template above to make your gift certificates.

4. Academic Graduation Gift Certificate Template

academic graduation gift certificate template Download

Graduating from school is indeed an achievement which makes the graduate deserving to receive a reward. An example of a practical reward would be a graduation gift certificate which, as mentioned earlier, gives the holder more freedom to choose how to use or what to buy with them.

5. Spa Business Gift Certificate Sample

spa business gift certificate sample Download

After long days at work, people do need a well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, there are times wherein they would need something more to help them relax physically and mentally, and one of which is having a session at a spa center. Above, we’ve got a template that you can use for making spa gift certificates, this can also help the entitled holder not to worry too much on the expenses.

6. Company Holiday Gift Certificate Example

company holiday gift certificate example Download

Most businesses offer gift certificates to their customers and clients while some offer it to their employees as a way of expressing gratitude for their work. The template above is intended for making gift certificates to employees who wish to participate in company holiday gatherings, and this template also comes in six different formats to choose from.

7. Fitness Circle Gift Certificate Example

fitness circle gift certificate example Download

People should really learn to take good care of their bodies by eating the right kind of food as well as engaging in physical activities regularly. Some would find going to the gym costly, but they might think twice if they get their hands on a gift certificate. Promote good health, entice people to come to your fitness center by offering them a gift certificate.

8. Restaurant Gift Certificate Template

uptown restaurant gift certificate sample Download

We eat for an average of three times a day although we seldom spend on food that actually cost a lot. This is actually true, people would rather stay at home than to spend a lot on a dish that you might be able to pull off. But with restaurant gift certificates, perhaps people would think twice about it.

9. Massage Gift Certificate Template

violet massage gift certificate template Download

Getting a body massage is more than just getting your body rubbed and pressed to your heart’s content, these areas are pressure points that allow you to feel good and relaxed. People love getting a massage, but they will love it even more if they get one for a lower price. Offer people a massage gift certificate that entitles them of a discount to all your services and you’re guaranteed to have more customers in no time.

10. Fancy Style Gift Certificate Format

fancy style gift certificate format Download

Put a little more to your gift certificate to make it stand out, but not too much that the layout may end up looking messy. With the fancy-looking gift certificate template above, there’s a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity which is just enough to really make your gift certificate look stunning.

11. Carwash Business Gift Certificate

carwash business gift certificate layout Download

Car owners will realize how important it is to keep the exterior aspect of their vehicles clean just as much as they need to keep the interiors functioning optimally. Although it may cost a lot to do this regularly, you may offer gift certificates to your most loyal customers and you can make one using the gift certificate template shown above.

Were you able to make a gift certificate for your business? Did the steps and the templates above able to provide you with the much-needed assistance? As long as you’re doing the right steps and you’re editing the template using the right tool, you can already assure yourself of excellent gift certificates.

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