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Certificates are often looked as simple pieces of paper just being handed out. Because of that, some people have the tendency to over-design them in order to make them look attractive, but instead they look ludicrous. Removing the clutter a little might help in making an effective certificate that can work. To help you, here is a list of simple workshop certificates that can you can use for any type of event. You may also see sample certificate templates.

Elegant Certificate Template

Elegant Certificate Template

Simple Workshop Certificate

Simple Workshop Certificate

Workshops: What are they and what types are there?

There are many workshops that are being held by different organizations or groups of people, depending on the kind that is planned. But despite being different, workshops share one common thing and it is that they educate their participants. They help them learn or acquire new skills and information. It also helps them discover ways to improve their skills. As defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, a workshop is “a brief intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field”. You may also like certificate sample templates.

Workshops come in many different forms. It could be practical or be a lecture type. Few of the many examples of a workshop are photography workshops, a modeling workshops, calligraphy workshops, and dance workshops. A workshop is meant to be an avenue for those who see themselves as people who want to either learn or develop a skill. Doing so always requires time. That is why a workshop is a great platform for people to become better versions of themselves. You may also see a certificate in a word.

Corporate Certificate Template

Corporate Certificate Template

Sample Certificate of Completion

Sample Certificate of Completion

Clean & Simple Certificate

Clean and Simple Certificate



What can simple certificates do?

Simple certificates are perfect for those who are unsure on what design to use. It is safe, but it works. There is a common notion that when you opt for a simple and minimal design for your certificate, it is too boring or too lifeless. This notion is simply not the case. A simple or minimally designed certificate is capable of things as those with eccentric designs can.

Simple certificates, despite its simple or minimal design, are still able to catch anyone’s attention with its sleek and streamlined approach. They are more polished and clean as opposed to those with designs that sometimes are unnecessary or just do not go with the whole idea of the certificate. Not only that, but a simple certificate will elicit a sense of professionalism to your recipient. To note, any piece of paper that has the name of your company or your group has to, in a way, be professional-looking as it is a reflection and a representation of you and the company as a whole.

More so, with a simple certificate design, it will be able to stand the test of time since it does not have any unnecessary elements that might spoil it from being a classic. Speaking of which, with simply or minimally designed certificate you are given a timeless design, thus making it beautiful and appealing no matter what time of year or no matter how many generations have passed.

Where can you get your very own certificate?

You actually have the liberty with how you want to get your own certificate for your workshops. But there are two that are common among people and that is either to have one custom-made or just simply buy one that is pre-made and readily available online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You may also see membership certificate templates.

To begin, pre-made certificate designs cost a lot less than when you opt to have it custom-made. This is because a pre-made design is made in assumption to what the people might like, thus presenting customers with different designs at the ready that might be in line with their preferences. While a custom-made certificate, on the other hand, is made exactly according to your preference and is unique to you and only you. A pre-made certificate design is as capable to be attractive as those custom-made ones, especially depending on how you opt to design it— which for this case, is a simple and minimal design. It can elicit professionalism in a way that custom-made certificates can.

Pre-made certificates come in a file that is easy to edit and customize, thus making it easy to design to your preference. Also, these certificates do not require so much of your time to edit as it is already laid-out for you and the only thing you have to do is change the texts to the ones needed for your certificate. On the other end, a custom-made certificate demands a lot of time from your graphics artist. Graphic artists might have really expensive fees as well as they have to go back and forth with the process of trying to meet your requirements. This might need endless consultations before going for the final output. Pre-made certificates also come in different designs, if simple and minimal is not your cup of tea, there are ones with more modern or graphic designs, even artistic and fun designed certificates. These pre-made certificates also come in two different options: portrait and landscape, either type will make your certificate look legitimate.

Simple Multipurpose Certificates


Clean Certificates


Easy Simple Multipurpose Certificate GD007


Certificate .3


What should be in your simple workshop certificate?

As with any certificate, necessary details should be put in in order for it to be effective. A certificate is meant to recognize and honor its recipient. In order to do so, you have to have the right information. With that said, here is information needed for any certificate for any kind of event or award. As for this case, a certificate for a workshop. You may also see certificate design templates.

1. Name of the company/group/organization holding the event

Having the name of the company or group or organization in the certificate will make it more official as it elicits a sense of legitimacy and professionalism to your recipient. And in doing so, not only are you acknowledging the company, group, or organization, but you are also giving it its due respect. You may also see simple certificate templates.

2. Name of the recipient receiving the certificate

Putting in the name of the recipient makes the certificate more personal to the receiver. Also, the name is the most important piece of information as it distinguishes one from the other, which means each certificate is unique to the person with their names on it. To also note, the name of the recipient should be the biggest text among all the others in the certificate, so it will be easier to recognize and read, as that is the objective of handing out a certificate— to recognize and honor the recipient. You may also see professional certificate templates.

3. The reason for the certificate

It is ideal for any simple certificate to be distinguished from the other certificates out there. So it is suggested to put the kind of award or certificate at the very top of the certificate, whether it be a “certificate of recognition”, “token of appreciation”, ” or “award of excellence” and so on. Or you can go for a more specific label like “Employee of the Month“, “Best in Photography”, or “Most Attentive”, this way, the recipient will know what they are being awarded for.

4. Names and signatures of the manager and CEO

Having the names and signatures of the different person in a much higher position will give any certificate more legitimacy. Doing so connotes that the bosses such as the manager, department head, or CEO approve of the award that is being given to the recipient. In turn, it makes them strive more knowing that their efforts are being celebrated. You may also see work certificate templates.

5. A brief text

This box of text, commonly at the top of the recipient’s name, answers the question “why?” or “what?”; “why did he or she get the award?” or “what is this sample certificate for?” There are countless ways to say it, but as a guide, you can maybe state like “for their participation in the workshop” or something along those lines.

Simple Multipurpose Certificate 01


Certificate .4


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