What Is an Organizational Chart Template?

Organizational charts are widely used by different offices and organizations either in the public or private sectors. The charts are used to establish the hierarchy of officers that lead a certain organization or office. Similar to Gantt charts, organization charts also showcase how different officers relate to each when it comes to the performance of their functions.

In an employment or business setting, specifically, organizational charts are shown to trainees as a part of the orientation process. As a component of a training chart or program, the new members or employees of an organization or business, respectively must be well-versed with the names of the authorities that lead them.


General Types of Organization Charts

There are a number of classifications of organizational charts that are tailored fit for a particular activity, transactions, and professional dealings. Both the chart templates in Word and Chart Templates in PDF allow the proponents of the chart to choose the type of chart that will suit the context of the organization.

  • Hierarchical Chart This type of organization chart adopts a pyramid-like structure. They are mostly used by companies in outlining the managers and officers for each department or office. In contrast to the other chart templates, they are good in conveying the designation of authorities and in defining responsibilities.
  • Matrix Charts – This type of organization chart adopts a grid-like structure. There are mostly used in the management of projects. They are mostly used because their features allow project managers to choose specific individuals that fit a particular responsibility.
  • Flat Charts – This type of organizational charts are used companies which have few levels between the upper management and the staff-level employees. According to research, these chart samples can help streamline the communication aspect among employees and their supervisors.

There are still more chart type that you may refer to. As long as you take into account the context and dynamics of your organization.


Tips for Building Organization Charts

Regardless of the type of chart you’re dealing with, you should ensure that it can clearly convey the message and rationale for making the chart. Blank chart template, specifically, allow you to fill in the provided template with the pertinent organizational information of your department and to make the necessary adjustments. Other than that, you can refer to the following tips:

  • Make an initial draft. Before building your chart, you should make a conceptual representation of your chart. You can use any medium for this matter. Also, you need to finalize the components and contents of the chart such as the names of the officers and their respective designations.
  • Adopt a reliable chart-generating software. Aside from the simple chart templates that serves as your guide, there are also software that you can avail of to make your chart more professional and creative. Choose the platform that best suits your preferences and interests.

Furthermore, by using a chart generating software makes it more easy and convenient on your end to conduct regular updates. As we all know, the persons designated in the organizational charts are subject to change with respect to their terms and tenure.

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