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The healing process by the application of pressure on the feet, hands ears or face is termed as Reflexology. While it has a lot of benefits attached to it as far as the body is concerned, the question is why a chart is needed to point out these facts? It’s simple, there are many various zones to keep track of by memory alone and a chart provides the right amount of information for any user interested in partaking in this type of therapy. Microsoft Word acts as a great platform to create a chart based on reflexology. Word doc serves as a Word file available apart from other choices such as pdf, XML, etc. You may also see Reflexology Chart Template

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Reflexology Charts: Importance and The Benefits They Offer

It would be impossible to know what zones and pressure points exist in the human body through a verbal explanation as it would not register. In a Word format chart, however, it is quite possible to guide anyone over all the important factors and showcase the benefits. This is why it is incredibly important to have a chart based on reflexology. There are many samples available that are downloadable for free to use in MS word that one can create a chart. The benefits to this are awareness of ailments related to stress, cramps etc. one can have access to vast information regarding the harmful effects and how they can be controlled via reflexology with a well-written chart. You may also see BMI Chart Template

Types of Reflexology Charts Available in Word

Using a variation of Microsoft Word like Word 2010, it is possible to come up with a detailed well-reported analysis of various parts of the body to better understand.

  • Foot Reflexology Charts – Shows information on the sole, medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Hand Reflexology Charts – Information covering the surface of the palm to the tips
  • Ear Reflexology Charts – Around the ear pressure points showcased in detail
  • Face reflexology Charts – Covers the cheekbone to nose to around the face to portray the pressure points.

Reflexology Foot Chart in Word Format

reflexology foot chart


Free Reflexology Massage Template Word File

reflexology massage


Reflexology Chart for Hands Word File

reflexology hands


Reflexology Headache Chart

reflexology headache


Reflexology to Induce Labor Word Template

reflexology to induce labor


Ear Reflexology Word Format Template Download

ear reflexology


Word Foot Reflexology Free Download

foot reflexology


Free Hand Reflexology Word Template Download

hand reflexology


Neck Reflexology Chart Template Word File

neck reflexology chart


Word Format Palm Reflexology Chart Template

palm reflexology chart


Scalp Reflexology Chart Word File

scalp reflexology chart


Teeth Reflexology Chart Word Format Download

teeth reflexology chart


Tongue Reflexology Chart Free Word File Download

tongue reflexology chart


Toddler Reflexology Chart Word Template

toddler reflexology chart


Content One Must Look for in Reflexology Charts

For Word infused documents the charts are usually meant to convey all the pressure points and their relevant effects. Something like. Detailed part of the analysis provided for each section such as the base of the foot, the palm of hand, fingertips, toes, heel, cheekbones, the ear’s outer surface. Must show information for each effect received from pressure points such as effects on Diaphragm, Pancreas, Bladder, Lumbar Vertebrae, Intestines, etc. Must convey colored sections to differentiate between other sections as to not overlap each other.

Important Rules to Follow While Creating a Reflexology Chart

While creating a Word Document on Word it is important to have the right information as to not misguide the user with wrong pressure points and effects. It helps to take the time to build the content and use the right amount of sections to map the area with the right colors. There are a lot of charts available for free download that one can use to guide themselves. It is also important not to use other people’s work without prior permission.

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