Checklist of Steps to Planning an Annual Meeting

An annual business meeting is a vital function that every single business needs. Conducting one allows business leaders to present the results of how the company is performing as well as allows them to express their business ideas on what should be done in order to further the company’s success. But it takes a lot of planning agenda in order to ensure that an annual business meeting actually takes place without a hitch. So, this article will focus on the list of tasks that you have to do so that you will be able to stage your business’ annual meeting successfully.You may also see meeting checklist templates.

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Checklist of tasks for planning an annual business meeting


If you want to make sure that you have everything planned out for your company’s annual business meeting, here are the things you need to include in your checklist:

Select a location

This is the first thing that you have to prioritize for your annual meeting. If you do not have a proper venue checklist, then how are you going to even hold the event? You have to think about a space that is large enough to hold all of the people who will be attending, so finding a place could be tricky. You can decide to make use of hotels, convention centers, or historic sites with meeting facilities. If you want an option that will not take too much out of your business budget, then you can always go for the auditorium at the corporate headquarters. Aside from just finding a big enough space to accommodate the expected turnout of investors, you also have to think if the location is big enough to be able to host all of the special events that will be happening during the meeting.You may also see event timeline.

If you like, you can set up virtual meetings which will eliminate the need for you to rent out physical space. However, this is going to require event planners that will set up web connections with sufficient bandwidth to ensure that the virtual meetings will not get cut off midway, meaning you have to shell out just a bit more money for this convenience. Ultimately, the decision will fall on how you think the meeting should go and other factors that should help you determine the best location.You may also see location icons.

Set an agenda

Just like setting up any other business meeting agenda, this should fall on the shoulders of  the company’s in-house events agenda team or an outside event planning service. In either case, the planners have to come up with a list of presentations that are going to take place during the event, determine how long each of the presentations are going to last, and create a event schedule that both the attendees and the presenters can utilize in order for them to set their own schedules. With a proper agenda, those who are planning the event should be able to make sure that everything takes place exactly when they should.

Plan the presentations

Nearly every annual meeting is going to have one form of presentation or another. This could either be a straightforward presentation of financial data report that will determine the business’ financial status or a preview of a new product analysis line that should get existing and potential customers interested. Those who are going to be conducting these presentations must be very well-prepared for the actual meeting. So, it is your job to remind them to do so and inform them that the meeting is coming. Make sure that all of the presenters have ample time to prepare all of their materials as well as their scripts so that everything goes off without a hitch.You may also see meeting example meeting agenda.

Issue the invitations

Once you get everything together and know where the meeting is going to take place, what the meeting agenda is, and the presentation template that are going to take place, then it is time for you to send the simple invitations. Invitations for shareholders might include proxy ballots so those who are not able to participate are still able to vote on the key issues. This would include voting for new members of the board or any proposed acquisitions. Then, once that is done, you can create and send out invitations to media outlets stating where the event is going to take place. You want to be sure that you hand these meeting invitations to them so that the press have an opportunity to attend.You may also see business checklist.

Be sure that everything above is on your simple checklist and that you complete every single one of them so that your annual business meeting is a success. Finally, check out the other business topics we discuss in the related articles linked to this post.

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