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Checklist of Critical Documents to Bring to Your Attorney

When you are caught up in an accident, then the first thing that you have to prioritize is acquiring compensation for both receipts of medical treatment and property damage as soon as possible. Not only is there a time limit in laying claim to these, but your insurance policy sample may not be enough to cover all of the damages. You may also see Checklist Samples.

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This is why you have to set up a consultation with your best attorney as soon as possible to help you out with your case. But before he or she can begin helping you, you have to provide documents that your attorney will use to assess your liability, as well as the cost of both injuries and damages. So, this article is going to provide you with a list of things your sample attorney will need.

Checklist Documents to Bring to Your Attorney Template

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Essential documents

If you want to be useful to your attorney when he or she helps you out with your claims, then you have to provide the following:

Checklist Documents to Bring to Your Attorney Template

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  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Accident reports

An accident report is the first and most important piece of evidence that you want to collect in order to prove any personal injuries that you have sustained. If in the event that it was a vehicular accident, then it would be a police officer that would be filling out and filing an official accident report.

The report will describe the scene of the accident, when the accident took place, where it took place, the names of the people that were involved, the insurance information of both parties, a list of those who witnessed the accident, and their contact details.

In the event of other accidents such as medical negligence or premises liability, then the accident report would be handled by the small business owner or a facility administrator. Once the report has been filed, you must immediately obtain a copy of it so that you can hand it over to your attorney.

Notes regarding the accident

After the accident has taken place and you have been treated for any injuries, then you should immediately take down notes of everything that you remember happening during the incident. If you just rely on memory, most likely you will not remember the exact time, date, and other details of the accident clearly. By recording everything that took place during the accident, your attorney can use the information to help you with your case. You may also see legal and lawyer timesheet templates.

Even after the original incident, continue taking notes about any health conditions that arise after consulting with doctors. All of these little details just might be important and possibly critical information that your attorney can make use of in his or her case notes.


Having photos can help determine the extent of both personal injuries and property damage. If it is a car accident, then take pictures of the damages on your car, the other car, the license plates of both cars, the road, the location of where it occurred, your injuries (if any), and more. Be sure to take pictures of all injuries so that your attorney will be able to determine the cost of the treatment even after the injuries have already healed. You may also see lawyer resume templates.

Declaration page of auto insurance policy

If this is indeed a car accident case, then showing your auto insurance policy to an attorney during a consultation is helpful in evaluating the kind of coverage that the insurance company will pay for. The declaration page is a document that you receive from your insurance company every six months. This is a very important document as it lists down the details of your insurance policy, including whether or not you qualify for med pay coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, or collision coverage. You may also see incident report templates.

Medical bills or records

You have to make sure that you keep all of your medical receipts, discharge instructions, hospital bill receipts, and any other documents related to the accident. Your attorney will use all of these documents to calculate the total amounts of compensation that you are qualified for, and he or she can use it to estimate the cost of future medical treatment.

Pay stubs

Lastly, if the accident caused you to miss work, or if it will cause you to miss a good amount of work in the future, the attorney will need your pay stub to verify just how much you lost or will lose in terms of wages. Your sample pay stub will contain your contact information as well as the details of the company in charge of handling your payroll.

Once have finished gathering all of the documents you need, you can set up a sample schedule for when you and your attorney should have a consultation.

If you would like to learn more about the different documents that you should bring to your attorney or anything related to the topic (such as the essential inclusions of a legal letterhead), then be sure to read our other articles!

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