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Those of you who are in the food industry should understand that catering services are always going to be in demand. There will come a time when someone somewhere is going to need food for his or her event. This is the reason why there are lots of restaurants, cafes, or even bakeries that offer their simple catering services.

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However, before any service can be provided, there has to be some form of document which both parties have to sign to show that the two are in a payment agreement. This is what you would a catering contract templates, and this article will focus on how you’re going to make one.

Basic Catering Contract Template

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Size: A4, US


Sample Restaurant Catering Contract Template

restaurant catering
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Catering Contract Agreement Template

catering agreement contract
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Standard Catering Contract

standard catering contract


Wedding Catering Contract

wedding catering contract


Food Catering Contract Template

food catering contract template


Event Catering

event catering1


Food Truck Catering

food truck catering


Catering Contract Example

catering contract example


Hotel Catering Contract

hotel contract1


How to draft a contract for a catering business

Drafting a contract for a catering business is simpler in the event that you and the client have already come to terms about certain arrangements. So before you begin, you should browse the Internet for examples of other catering contracts because you might be able to use a form rather than have to create one from scratch. But if you do wish to just make one yourself, then follow these steps to help you out:

  • Draft a “whereas” statement containing the names and addresses of those that are involved and the general subject of the contract. Whereas personal statements are not required in all jurisdictions, but they are useful for providing a general understanding of the subject matter of the contract. This statement explains what goods and services are being exchanged and what each party is expected to provide. An example might read, “Whereas the client desires to hire the caterer for the purpose of providing services and the caterer wishes to provide services in exchange for the agreed sum, the parties agree as follows.”
  • Draft a portion of the contract that can be completed later and one that has the anticipated number of guests that will partake in the event, the time in which the event will start, the location in which it will be held, and time frame for when the catering service will be rendered during the function.
  •  Make a statement regarding the total price of the catering service that’s being ordered. There are a lot of catering businesses that also require an up-front deposit and deduct this amount from the total price. This means that you’re going to have to explain how a deposit will be handled and whether the deposit is refundable. Because there will be times where customers might just want a refund, so explaining to them if they can get still get a refund will make all the difference in the world.
  • Draft provisions related to any additional catering services being offered by the caterer. For example, if the caterer is willing to provide the chairs and tables for the event, then the contract should clearly state that.
  • Draft a statement detailing how gratuities and taxes are going to be handled. There are some caterers that opt to cover these fees in their overall pricing, but if you will be charging these fees in addition to the price of catering, they should be explained.
  • Create a space at the bottom of the contracts where both you and the other party can place your formal signatures and the date of when the contract was signed.

If you would like to know more regarding catering services, such as how to make a catering service website, then you can go through our other articles to help you out.

Banquet and Catering Contract Sample

banquet catering contract sample


Catering Contract for Schools

catering contract for schools


Catering Contract for Events

catering contract for an event


Catering Contract for Birthday Party

catering contract for birthday party


Catering Services Contract

catering services contract


Blank Catering Contract

blank catering contract


Now that you know how to create a catering contract, are you excited to make your own?

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