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14+ Cleaning Contracts Templates for Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery – Docs, Word

For those of you who have worked in the food industry, you would know that cleanliness is very important. A restaurant, bar, or bakery has to be clean and organized in order to function properly. If it’s not, then it’s going to lead to a lot of serious consequences that might just cause the restaurant to shut down.

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This is the reason why there are cleaning services that a lot of restaurant owners hire for their establishments. If a deal is made, then a proper cleaning contract needs to be created to ensure that those in charge of doing the cleaning do the job, and the restaurant owners properly compensate them for whatever work was done.

Restaurant Cleaning Contract Template

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Cleaning Contract Template

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Size: A4, US


Cleaning Contract Template PDF

General Conditions of Cleaning Contract Free Doc

Cleaning Contract PDF Format Free Template

Independent Cleaning Contract Agreement Free

Contract Cleaning Sector Free Doc Format

Safety in Contract Cleaning Free PDF Template

Cleaning and Security Contract PDF Format

The ups and downs of hiring a cleaning service

While it may be great to have a cleaning service proposal do the tidying up for your establishment, even this has its cons. So here is a list of advantages and disadvantages if ever you decide to hire a cleaning service:


  • They will clean as much or as little as you desire. Since these people are getting paid to clean, you can basically tell them to clean the whole restaurant, or you can tell them just to clean a portion of it. And once you tell them to, they’ll have to do it.
  • It will take the burden of cleaning off of your staff. Those who work in the kitchen don’t always enjoy washing the dishes or scrubbing the floors after they’ve already done a whole day of service. So hiring a cleaning service can help take away at least one problem that they would have had to deal with.
  • They can come in during work off-hours. They can come in whenever everyone else is done for the day, making cleaning much easier. Plus, they won’t be getting in the way of your staff during regular operations if you’ve negotiated that the cleaning service only does work after closing hours.


  • It’s going to cost you. You’re hiring someone to clean your establishment for you, so naturally, you’re going to have to take the expenses out of the restaurant’s finances. The more well-known the cleaning service provider is, then the higher the amount you would need to pay. So you’re going to have to learn to choose wisely if you don’t want to spend more than your budget plan.
  • The availability of services. Cleaning services don’t offer the same type of work. Each of them can do more than one thing, but some of them may not have the services that you require. And if they say that they are willing to do it, sometimes they may have an extra service charge.
  • The possibility of staff complacency. Your employees might just forego cleanliness in general if they think that the cleaning service provider is going to do everything for them. You’re going to have to remind them that cleanliness is still something that should be taken into high consideration or else all of their employee training will be for nothing if they can’t keep things clean themselves.

Things to consider when looking for a cleaning service

Budget for the service

This is the first thing you’re going to have to seriously consider if you’re going to hire a cleaning service for your establishment. If you don’t have the money to pay for the work you want to be done, then don’t expect your restaurant or cafe to be sparkling clean anytime soon. Go through your profit and loss reports to help you see the financial health of your restaurant.

It can also be a good starting point when coming up with a budget for when you decide to bring up a cleaning service. In the event that your budget doesn’t allow for a daily service, then you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of having a cleaning service do the tidying up for you and your staff. You can always strike up a negotiation where the cleaning service can provide less frequent and heavier cleaning for a reasonable price.

The level and frequency of the service

This is really important if you’re going to look for the right type of cleaning service that your establishment both needs and deserves. There are a lot of things that you’re going to have to consider before choosing a cleaning service. So does your establishment require daily cleaning? Does the cleaning have to be heavy or light? What are the services that these cleaning providers offer and how well are they able to do them? You should know what to expect out of the people that you wish to hire.

This means that you’re going to have to do a lot of research to help you understand which cleaning service has the level and frequency that can fit within your budget and maintain the cleanliness of your establishment.

Areas that need to be cleaned

Once you have a general idea of just how much you want to spend on a restaurant cleaning service, as well as the level and frequency of the service that you would like to see within your restaurant, then you’re going to have to think about the areas of your restaurant that you want to have cleaned. The reason for this is because those cleaning services that you are going to hire are going to want information regarding what areas of your establishment you want to have cleaned.

The reason for this is because it will help determine the kind of price that you’ll have to pay in order to compensate for the amount of work that’s to be done, and the number and size of these areas are determining factors for the total amount. You’ll have to write down all of the areas that you want to have cleaned before you can start the hiring process for those potential cleaning services.

PDF Format Contract Cleaning Services Free Template

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Types of Cleaning Service Contract Template Free Doc Format

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How to find these cleaning services

After you’ve weighed everything and you’ve decided that your establishment is going to need a cleaning service, then the next step that you’re going to have to take is to know where to find them. The fastest and easiest way of doing this is by making use of the Internet. All you have to do is type down the words “restaurant cleaning services” within your local area and you should see multiple results. If you think that relying on the web is a bit too risky for you, then you can always go the traditional route and go through the local business directories or the phone book for any company that can help you with your cleaning needs.

Lastly, there’s always the option for you to ask other restaurant owners to see which company or group of people they’ve hired to provide them with their cleaning services. If they’re good, then you’ll be able to see it with their cleaning schedule, as well as the amount and quality of work they do. If you think that you question the type of service that they’ll bring you, then you can always ask around for the opinions of others that have employed them previously. Making use of word-of-mouth advertising could very well be your best bet when it comes to searching for cleaning services within your area.

Interviewing these restaurant cleaning services

Once you’ve decided on a couple of companies that could potentially become your establishment’s cleaning provider, it’s time for you to interview these people to see if they actually are a good fit for your business. While some may find this task rather daunting or even unnecessary, it’s going to pay off in the long run as it will help you find those that can give you the service providers that will leave a positive impression on your customers. So here are a few questions that you can ask while you’re doing the interview:

  • How long have you been in operation? Do you have other clients that we can contact to verify the information that you’ve given us?
  • How much experience does your staff have when it comes to cleaning restaurants?
  • Is your business certified by any agencies?
  • Who will be doing the cleaning? Is it going to be the same person every time or does it alternate with every service session?
  • What are the kind of services do you offer and how do you charge your clients?

While the food industry is always going to be very tricky, you’ll have to remember that customers won’t want to eat in a place that doesn’t maintain cleanliness. So if you would like to know more about cleaning services, such as cleaning price lists or how to find the best type of cleaning service, then you may go through our other articles to give you the information that you need.

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