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How to Make an Outsourcing Services Contract [5+ Templates to Download]

Companies in various industries face a lot of market competition. Businessmen have never been so pressured in controlling labor and overhead costs that oftentimes, they turn to the next viable option which is outsourcing some of their processes in operations and contracting with third-party providers. Startup companies, often hire contractors outsourcing their accounting, customer service, distribution, and other administrative work. Before agreeing to an outsourcing deal, it’s important to get your terms in writing.

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6 Steps to Write an Outsourcing Services Contract

Step 1: Start With The Basics

Get each party’s basic information and make sure you have them written down correctly. Every contract should start with a title, date and any other relevant or general details about the two companies. You may want to follow this up with a brief description of each company as well as the business addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses.

Step 2: Evaluate The Situation

Make an assessment of the company’s situation then ask yourself if the service you offer would be enough for their processes and operations, including customer satisfaction. Include important provisions such as the scope of services needed, purpose and other key details. Also, make sure you have a proper understanding of what’s at stake on both sides.

Step 3: Know Who You’re Contracting With

As a rule of thumb, you have to do a bit of homework whenever you decide to enter into an agreement with a client or another business. Make sure that you know the current industry position of the company you’re contracting with and that they are capable of having this business relationship with you.

Step 4: Define The Contract Terms

After defining the service, knowing the other party and evaluating them, define your roles, duties, and responsibilities. Be very clear about the contract’s duration and whether or not the deal would later warrant an extension. Be specific about service limitations and service downtime such as holidays. Defining your terms as well as agreement limitations is crucial to your performance as a provider.

Step 5: State Conditions And Fees

Outline your conditions properly and get it in writing. The importance of a written contract cannot be overstated. You need to have a clear record of what you have agreed with the other party. Don’t forget to include payment terms and what cases apply for an exception. The clearer your conditions or statement samples are the lesser confusion and misunderstanding.

Step 6: Get It In Writing

Keep a record, because there is absolutely no substitute for a written contract especially if you want it to be enforceable. A written contract is also your best weapon for disputes and court battles with the client and vice versa when worse comes to worst. More than that, it serves to protect both companies’ business interests, allowing you to have a professional transaction with the client.

6+ Outsourcing Services Contract Templates

1. Outsourcing Services Contract Sample


Define the exceptions that your contractor have to observe in performing the tasks outsourced to them by presenting a clear and complete contract with the help of this easy-to-customize outsourcing services contract template. The template comes with an editable file layout which is available to print in all versions of MS Word, Pages and Google Docs.

2. Software Development Outsourcing Contract


Need to close a deal with a client who is looking to outsource some of their processes? Be it customer service or back-office tasks, you can use this comprehensive and printable outsourcing contract agreement template inflexible file formats. Download this template now and get ready to have your contract signed!

3. Outsourcing Services Agreement Template


Always be ready with a corporate document contract in offering an outsourcing agreement that takes into account both parties’ interests. Get this template in MS Word and Pages then print in any desired format for your convenience. Download anytime, anywhere on any compatible device for your convenience!

4. Outsourcing Contract Agreement

Not sure about the structure of your outsourcing agreement? Worry no more because we have attached this agreement template to guide you in writing your first outsourcing agreement or contract. Rather than starting one from scratch, download this document which is very useful and will save you a lot of time.

5. Outsourcing Contract Model


Easily outline your terms and conditions for outsourcing services to mutually agree with a service contractor. Download this outsourcing contract sample then customize the file to suit what your company or business requires. This template comes with a clear structure for you to end up with a professionally-written contract.

6. Outsourcing Services Agreement Template


Define your terms and conditions as well as the limitations of your service through this customized sample outsourcing services agreement which suits any provider or client’s needs. Modify the content to your company’s information and save in a PDF file format which you can just print in no time!

7. Outsourced Services Provider Contract


If you want to maintain a great business relationship with companies who want you to take care of some of their tasks, you need a contract with well-defined terms. Luckily for you, this outsourcing template is flexible enough to edit and customize as you see fit, so go ahead and download now!

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