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How to Write a Computer Service Contract [5+ Templates to Download]

With the most trusted service providers not settling for anything less than topnotch equipment and competitive service pricing, it’s safe to say that providing computer services isn’t as easy as purchasing computer units. As a computer service provider, having a written agreement ensures your relationships with clients remains in a good place. Contracts for services also lay out the terms and conditions in a clear and effective manner thereby avoiding disputes and serving both parties well.

17+ FREE CONTRACT Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

5 Steps To Write A Computer Service Contract

Step 1: Identify The Chances Of Needing The Services

Before writing and finalizing any service contract, give some thought to the type of services and whether or not the tools in question are going to need the services provided by such agreements. When it comes to computers however, clients will be needing the repairs, installation and even maintenance one way or the other, sooner or later. Go over the contract and make sure it also specifies what the service covers.

Step 2: Determine Whether You Need Extra Coverage

When performing service or maintenance, make sure your client reads and analyzes the warranty that comes with the services being asked and that they have gained enough understanding of its coverage. In many cases, a computer service contract wouldn’t include a number of extra coverage which doesn’t make the extra coverage that much of an addition. The client can then compare and determine if it’s worth what they have to pay for.

Step 3: Know The Other Party

Regardless of the type of service, when you want to enter into an agreement with another business or client, you have to do your homework. Make sure to research information about the company or person you’ll be signing the agreement with. For instance, contracting with another party who is in danger of going out of business will render contract benefits useless. Always consider the company’s financial stability before you sign.

Step 4: Find Out The Length Of Coverage

Just like most contracts, a service contracts for computer repairs, maintenance or installation will usually serve as a term contract which means it’s going to stay in effect for a specific and agreed-upon time period. This time period should be clearly defined in the contract. Your length or period of coverage can be broken down through various factors as well.

Step 5: Make An Offer

Finalize your contract and go over the terms you and the other party are agreeing to. You’re also allowed to discuss and negotiate the provisions if you find something that isn’t defined properly. In some situations, the other party can sign the contract after reading it or he or she will respond with an offer that counters the original. Make sure you read any changes carefully before you both decide the contract is final and acceptable.

6+ Computer Service Contract Templates

1. Computer Service Contract Template


Make your provider commit to delivering the best installation, repair or maintenance services for your personal computer or company computer units with this easy-to-edit computer service contract template. Make sure to download and print on your PC in any version of MS Word, Pages, and Google Docs.

2. IT Service Contract


This template allows you to organize your provisions or terms and conditions appropriately. It also comes in printable Pages, MS Word, and Google Docs formats which you can easily customize anywhere, anytime. If you’re not sure how to begin with your agreement, this is the perfect contract template for you!

3. Computer Maintenance Agreement

Reach an agreement with your provider or business partner using this carefully-crafted and professional service contract template to make sure you’re covered well after purchasing your computer. Computers don’t come cheap, so if you want to safeguard yourself from hardware and software issues, download this template now!

4. Computer Service Agreement

Protect your money and company resources using this Computer Service Agreement template. The file comes in pdf format which is available to edit according to your preference or service needs. If you are the provider, you can also make use of this template in drafting a contract that your client needs.

5. Computer Software Services Contract



In need of a legit document that protects you from claims of fraud among clients? Get this well-written contract that takes into account the interests of both parties in the agreement. Download and print to save time, then go over the content that you need to edit and replace with your own terms and conditions as needed.

6. Network And Services Agreement



Hesitant to enter into a computer service contract or agreement without knowing what’s in it for you? Then get this service contract template to set clear and well-defined guidelines on how your service provider must perform or fulfill its obligations. This template comes in a professional file and outline which you can easily incorporate with your desired arrangements.

7. Warranty Agreement For Computer Services



Want to to map out shared obligations between you and your computer service provider? Download this comprehensive contract template so that you can prepare yourself with the responsibilities that comes with entering into a service agreement, the easiest way possible. Just make sure to check the terms and conditions for a hassle-free and legitimate professional relationship on both sides.

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