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How to Write a HVAC Maintenance Contract [5+ Templates to Download]

Technology had made the lives of the average American easier, so much so that the failure of equipment mostly because of poor maintenance would ruin a great day and turn it into a nightmare. Especially if it’s an equipment that you use on a daily basis be it in the workplace or at home such as your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) system. If you’re an HVAC maintenance service provider, you’ll need a contract that protects you and the clients you want to serve.

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6 Steps to Write an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Step 1: Know The Basics Of Maintenance Services

As far as maintenance in the business context goes, services usually involve general upkeep, repair and troubleshooting, maintenance of facilities and sometimes, even installation, depending on what you have agreed or negotiated with the client, of private or commercial buildings and the equipment they have (electrical systems, heating, cooling, plumbing, etc.). In some cases, maintenance also includes maintenance of computer networks as well as vehicles.

Step 2: Define The Parties

The importance of having a contract can’t be overstated. However, both clients and contractors tend to underestimate the need for identifying and defining who they are entering an agreement with. For more than obvious reasons, the start of the contract should properly indicate whether each party is an individual or a business organization then state other information that legally identifies them.

Step 3: State The Maintenance Service To Be Performed

Outline the maintenance services you agreed or committed to performing early on. This is where you should go into detail by providing a broad list of the services as much as you can. In an HVAC contract, specify the service limitations as well as other fixtures and troubleshooting you may be performing. Otherwise, any service that isn’t clearly laid out would make the contract less enforceable.

Step 4: If Necessary, Include Warranties

Draft a section for service warranties or any related commitment and promises by either or both parties. Warranties can range from a guarantee that each party is going to follow all legal statutes while bound to the contract or throughout the business relationship to something as complex as refunds and money-back guarantees for equipment used and the amount of time spent performing the task that the other party isn’t satisfied with.

Step 5: Write Guidelines For Disputes

No matter how clearly outlined, properly-written and well-meaning they are, there are times when one or the other party would dispute some clause or part of the contract they feel wasn’t defined correctly or when they feel something has been violated. To avoid dragging both your companies in a court battle, add indemnity clauses specifying compromises with each other.

Step 6: Set Payment Terms

Your firm’s maintenance service agreement should be reflective of the most “accurate” pricing for your business. It should also be specific in stating whether you’ll be paid in a lump sum basis, hourly, weekly or monthly basis. If you plan on charging about the same service rates for any or all of your clients, state the figures in the contract. Otherwise, there should be spaces that you can just fill out depending on your negotiations with any client.

5+ HVAC Maintenance Contract Templates

1. Sample HVAC Maintenance Contract


Want to help another company with their HVAC maintenance? Download this HVAC Maintenance Contract template and print in all versions of MS Word, Pages and Google Docs, anywhere, anytime for your convenience! It’s also easy to customize so you can add in any provisions you may find necessary.

2. HVAC Systems Contract


About to perform HVAC maintenance service on a client’s building? Get this HVAC contract sample to make sure you’ve got an agreement in writing, complete with sections or clauses that define your terms with the client. Download and print anywhere you are on any compatible device!

3. HVAC Maintenance and Repair Contract


So many contracts have been written without thought on service terms and conditions. Avoid the same mishap and make your agreement with the client enforceable by downloading this maintenance and repair contract template. Edit the professionally outlined content as needed.

4. HVAC Maintenance Contract Template


Make sure you have all the necessary provisions in your contract before signing or asking the other party to sign it. A maintenance contract lacking any of its most important parts wouldn’t hold weight in court and you’ll find yourself at the receiving end of an ugly dispute. Download this HVAC contract sample now!

5. HVAC Repair and Maintenance Contract


Doubtful that the contract you have drafted wouldn’t be legit enough? You’re in luck today because this sample of an HVAC maintenance contract is easy to customize and comes in an accessible PDF file format which you can print and edit if you want to personalize it with your firm’s and the client’s details.

6. HVAC Annual Maintenance Contract

A wise businessman would do everything to ensure that he maintains a good relationship with his current and future clients by writing contracts that protect his business objectives and interests as well as that of the party he aims to do business with. Get this contract template and click on the download button then print and edit in no time.

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