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How to Write a Lawn Service Contract [5+ Templates to Download]

Both homeowners and businessmen don’t want to fool around with cleanliness or maintenance work that goes beyond just aesthetics, inside and out. Even so, the lawn or garden often gets overlooked and doesn’t receive as much attention as the interior of a building or a house. To make sure your lawn care needs are covered, hire professionals to do the job and seal the deal with a written service contract.

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6 Steps to Write a Lawn Service Contract

Step 1: Write The Basics

Make sure that you have the name of your company down. The customer or client’s name also needs to be correctly spelled with their addresses and contract information. In many cases, the contract might require your lawn care business license and bond information so post them clearly on the document as well. The schedule or date when your staff would officially begin the work should also be indicated.

Step 2: State Payment Terms

Talk about money. A contract should always state how much will be owed to you by the client per service and what the consequence is, should they fail to pay. Include a provision for what happens when the other party fails to commit to their payment or task obligations, in the side of the contractor, on the agreed time period. For instance, “If, after a seven-day grace period, payment has not been received, all work will stop until the client pays all monies owed.”

Step 3: Outline Services to Be Performed

If your services are strictly trimming, mowing and weeding, state it clearly in the contract and define the service limitations properly. If for instance, the client owns pets such as dogs and cats with feces in the front lawn, let the owner know this isn’t part of your agreement anymore. If you are willing to provide additional services such as the removal of dog waste, the contract should clearly outline how much will be charged to the client on extra fees.

Step 4: Define The Terms

As with any legally-binding paperwork, it’s crucial that the contract clarifies any ambiguities in the terms and conditions. Ambiguities can vary from provisions to amendments of terms and to the party responsible for certain damages, insurance coverage and what warrants a contract termination. Anything that leaves room for confusion or misinterpretation should be eliminated if it can’t be clarified.

Step 5: Determine Work Duration

You might think that taking care of the lawn doesn’t take too much time, nor does it warrant a timeline or schedule. That’s where your wrong since most clients will want a complete cleanup, mowing, and maintenance which could take up days at a time to finish. The contract also needs to state the time or hours of the day your staff or worker will be performing the service, and the expected date or time the service should be completed.

Step 6: Get It In Writing

There is absolutely no substitute for a written contract if you want it to have a legal ruling. The same goes for a lawn service agreement. The contract serves as a written record of the agreement you and your client have entered in. It’s going to be very important when you need to clarify something while the service is ongoing or when disputes arise.

5+ Lawn Service Contract Templates

1. Service Contract Template


Without something to back up your claims with, you won’t be able to hold the other party accountable for anything. With this professional service contract template, you can enforce mutual accountability in your establishment, building or property’s lawn services. Print and download at home or in the office.

2. Lawn Service Contract Template


To make sure you’re setting clear terms and conditions for conducting lawn service or maintenance, get this Lawn Service Contract Template. Compliance for payment and concerns about the other party regarding the service coverage will be addressed better in this printable template which also comes in all versions of MS Word and Pages.

3. Commercial Lawn Contract Sample


Are you preparing to perform lawn care service to new clients? Downloading this very useful document complete with the sample provisions or content as to what should be part of a service contract will help you lay out the terms and conditions of your agreement with the client. Just edit and customize according to your company’s and the client’s details.

4. Lawn Services Contract


Make sure that your lawn care service contractor performs the services that you have agreed to or the lawn care that you want doing. If you’re undecided as to what service contracts like this covers, get this easy-to-follow and flexible contract template. Print anytime, anywhere for your convenience.

5. Lawn Mowing Contract Template

Ensure that your lawn services provider follows your service specifications by outlining the terms and conditions properly with the help of this lawn mowing contract template. You’ll need this corporate document especially when the type of service you want is something as specific as a lawn mowing task all throughout the contract’s term.

6. Lawn Maintenance Agreement Contract


Properly define your lawn service’s provisions or terms and conditions using this standard lawn service agreement template. Save time and avoid the possibility of ugly disputes with future clients by taking advantage of this contract sample which is available to print in PDF file format. You’re also free to print the document after editing it with your own provisions and service specifications.

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3+ FREE & Premium Lawn Care Contract - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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