How to Write a Remodeling Contract [5+ Templates to Download]


In the event that you wish that a person hires a contractor to remodel his/her home, a contract will need to be formed to point out the agreements that need to be made before it can be done. This article will give you all the information you need in order to create a proper remodeling contract document.

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Steps for Creating a Remodeling Contract

Step 1: Identify the Parties

The first thing that you will need to do is to identify which of the parties involved is the client and which of them is the contractor. This is important as it can be used to verify which of the parties must fulfill certain obligations. Make sure that you are able to include the complete names of both.

Step 2: Specify the Remodeling Service

The contractor must provide specific details on the type of remodeling service that will be provided to the client. That way, it’s easier for the client to know what may count as additional services, avoiding any extra surprise expenses. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed service descriptions.

Step 3: Share What the Contractor Is Not Obligated to Do

Aside from sharing what the contractor is going to do for the client, the contract must also point out what the contractor is not obligated to provide. This will make it even easier to know what counts as additional services should the client make any sort of request.

Step 4: Specify Details Regarding Payment

This is where you will need to provide all of the details regarding how the client must compensate the contractor for the service. It’s possible that the contractor may provide the client with a payment schedule which points out when payments need to be made throughout the course of the remodeling service. It is also possible that the contractor would like the client to pay in bulk before the service begins.

Step 5: Provide the Scope of the Work

This is where both the contractor and the client must discuss just what type of job will be done. Make sure that it covers everything from the type of home that has to be remodeled, where it is being located, how long the job is going to take, the team that will be helping the contractor and more.

Step 6: Explain Matters on Termination

It is possible that either party member may wish to terminate the agreement early. That is why it is important that matters which concern contract termination must be fully explained. Point out things such as how agreements should not be broken and how either of the party may legally terminate the agreements made.

Step 7: Have Signatures at the Bottom

Once everything has been fully established, then the last thing that needs to be done is to have the parties involved to provide their signatures into the contract. Make sure that this is placed at the bottom of the document along with their complete names as it shows proof that the two have concluded the service arrangement.

5+ Remodeling Contract Templates

1. Kitchen Remodeling Contract Template

kitchen remodeling contract 5Download

There are instances where only a part of a home needs to be remodeled instead of the entire structure. If you are a contractor that has been given the task of remodeling someone’s kitchen, then this template will help you show the agreements that need to be made before anything can happen.

2. Home Remodeling Contract Template

home remodeling contractDownload

There are many clients who hire contractors to remodel their homes. In the event that you, the contractor, will need to provide such as service, then use this home remodeling contract template to make a document which points out details like the job that is to be done and how you should be compensated.

3. Remodeling Contract Template

remodeling contract 2Download

If you were given the job to remodel any kind of property, then you will need to make a contract which shows what needs to be accepted before you can do so. With this template, not only will you be able to provide the agreements that need to be made, but you can also detail the service that will be done, the matters concerning compensation, information on contract termination and so on.

4. Sample Home Remodeling Contract Template

sample home remodeling contract 1


Those who are tasked with the job of remodeling homes must set the terms and conditions before the job can be accepted. With this template, one can easily create a contract which points all of that out to a client, as well as provides information that could either push through with or cancel the service.

5. Simple Home Remodeling Contract Template

simpe home remodeling contract 01


If you are aiming to make a remodeling contract in the simplest way possible, then this template is definitely for you. Know that you open this template with Google Docs, Apple Pages, or Microsoft Word. Once you’ve done that, then all that’s left is to make whatever changes until it has what the information you want to provide to a client.

6. Home Improvement Remodeling Contract Template

home imporvement remodeling contract 01


There are many people who wish to improve their homes via the act of having them remodeled. If they were to hire a contractor for the job, then they will be met with a document which shows the terms and agreements that need to be accepted. This is what you call a remodeling contract and you can download this template to help you make one.

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