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3+ Customer Discovery Hypothesis Templates in PDF | DOC

At the time of the discovery phase, you must test four fundamental hypotheses related to the potential and influential startup business with the actual customers and they are the problem hypothesis, solution hypothesis, price hypothesis, and go to the market hypothesis. You must find out who you want to represent your team like who is on the product development team? who is on the customer development team? etc. So, this customer discovery program is essential in developing a successful start-up.

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Steps to Create the Customer Discovery Hypothesis

Step 1:  Mention of Product Features

You must mention the product features in your report and mentioning about the good qualities that will attract more and more customers. You should mention about the product features in a more elaborate manner so that more and more people would achieve the overall features of the product and the brand.

Step 2: Add Product Benefits

You must add on the product benefits that are specified and easy to grab the attention of the customer. The product benefits would be added to the customer discovery hypothesis as it is important to do market research for the customers

Step 3: Specifications of Properties

You should also do not forget to mention the specifications of the property of the product and the brand that you want to present. You must always specify all the properties that can be attained only with the product and price hypothesis

Step 4: Determine your Customers

You must also determine and aim your target customers whom you want to present before the products in a very easy and simplified way. You should always determine and aim at the customer’s overall research and analyzation.

Step 5: Go to Primary Customers

First of all, do not forget to target your primary set of customers as they are to be preferred at the very first stance and place. You should always approach the primary and the permanent customers that will help to achieve the overall market knowledge and the information that will help to get more and more primary customers.

3+ Customer Discovery Hypothesis Templates in PDF | DOC

1. Customer Discovery Hypothesis Template in PDF

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 2.25 MB


The most enduring ideas and companies solve a particular problem or fill a significant gap. What do you think about your problem? You must extract from everyday life- common objects, events, and processes can almost always be created more efficiently, faster, stronger, or more enjoyable manner. What is the motivation for your idea? Why does the problem persist? etc. These are a few questions that you ask yourself while stepping forward.

And the template of the customer discovery hypothesis is one of the kind that you can get hold of it when you download it. Download and create innovative ideas. The templates must be divided into the various segments like the division of the labour, the testing with the customers, repeat customer discovery process, etc. There are methods to determine if there are actual customers for a brand and the product.

2. Customer Discovery Hypothesis Template in PDF

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  • PDF

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The customer discovery hypothesis is essential to think about how your ideas specifically will create a solution to the problem you identified in your problem hypothesis. A rule is there present that is to regulate what 20% of details will satisfy 80% of the customer’s demand. This is joined to your minimum viable product(MVP). Those are the minimum features or choices that you can provide that technically solve your consumer’s issues or problems.

Therefore, it is easy on the part of the customer discovery training templates that will train you to be ready for innovation and creativity. So, download this template for further great evolution. You must download these templates for the customer discovery hypothesis and the survey.

3. Weekly Customer Discovery Hypothesis Report

File Format
  • DOC

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You must decide how will you bring on the revenue? Do the customers are agreeing to pay for your product? Is it worth it or not? What is the procedure for the payment? Do you charge any additional costs beyond the product purchase which are involved in owning or making use of your product? Mention that the price is closely linked to the importance of the pain you’re solving. The customer will measure your price against the consequences of buying from a competitor or doing nothing.

Does the solution to the problem save the customers time and money? So all these considerations are important when you deal with your customers in the business. You will get all the required knowledge from the template of weekly customer discovery eligible for downloading it on your phone or another device.  Download this customer discovery meeting is meant to analyze and evaluate the market where you can directly interact with the customer for the starting up the business and the startups.

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