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13 Daily Calendar Samples

In the course of your daily routines, you might find that tools like a daily calendar could be useful to you. After all, if you wanted to add some consistency to your routine, calendars would be perfect for that task. With their help, you could both create a system for your daily tasks, as well as give yourself advance warning of any upcoming events.

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And to make things more convenient for yourself, you ought to know that there are different daily calendar templates for different purposes. This includes templates for work, school, free time, etc. This way, you need not limit yourself to using calendars for only one purpose. If anything, the availability of different templates should make ordering your daily schedule an easy task.

Daily Event Calendar Template

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  • Google Docs
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  • Pages
  • PDF


Free Daily Appointment Calendar Template

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Free Daily Event Desk Calendar Template

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Sample School Daily Calendars

Printable School Event Calendar Template

Daily School Calendar Download in PDF

Free Calendar Samples

100 Days Calendar

Day of Year Perpetual Calendar

Daily Calendars and Their Uses

Considering that any calendar’s most basic task is to help you associate specific dates with any events that fall on those dates, it follows that there should be specialized calendar templates that you can use in particular instances. After all, if you needed specific purposes to be fulfilled by the calendars you use, then it is a relatively simple task to find a calendar template that can meet your needs, such as:

Appointment Calendars

These kinds of calendars are specifically meant to help you keep updated with regard to any meetings and appointments you may have. At their most basic, appointment calendars can simply keep you informed of your meetings, which makes them perfect for a wide variety of people such as businessmen, teachers, and others whose line of work requires meetings with others.

Event Calendars

These calendars can let you keep abreast of any upcoming events that may be significant to you. It is easy to imagine how to use event calendars. After all, whether these events might be personal or professional, such calendars would be invaluable to helping you remember such events. Like appointment calendars, if there happen to be any professional events you need to attend, such as seminars, then these calendars can keep you from forgetting about them.

Meal Calendars

These tools have more personal and health-related utilities in comparison to other kinds. At their most basic, meal calendars can help you plot out healthy diets in days to come. For anyone bent on watching what they eat or looking to cook healthier options, these are an invaluable tool. The same can be said of anyone looking to advise people of such, such as dietitians and physicians, so as to help monitor patients and clients.

Health Calendars

Another medical type of calendar, health calendars are a useful tool for helping patients ensure that they take whatever drugs they need for treatment. This can be more useful than it sounds, being that taking medicine is not necessarily a part of most people’s daily routines. With that in mind, one should be able to see the utility in using these tools to help keep people reminded of such.

Chore Calendars

If you need to create a system for members of a household to help contribute to its upkeep, then this would be a useful type of calendar. After all, this is one kind of task that would definitely benefit from the help of a tool to help keep the work systematic. This way, everyone in the house knows what their own tasks are, and exactly when they need to be accomplished, to say nothing of any other benefits that you may be able to milk from the calendars.

School Calendars

Schools are one kind of institution that sees the need for their own particular calendars. After all, if a school and its personnel and students are to keep aware of different events occurring throughout the year, then these calendars become invaluable. Such calendars have obvious utility to both students and teachers, both to plan out upcoming events, or for planning out basic operations throughout the school year.

Free Menu Calendars

Free Menu Calendar Report PDF Template

Blank Main Dish Menu Calendar Template

Breakfast Menu Calendar PDF Template Download

How to Make Daily Calendars

When it comes to making documents to help you, such as calendars, it is often a wise idea to use aids like templates. In this case, you have Excel calendar templates to provide you with basic frameworks that can guide you through the writing process. Of course, it is always wise to know exactly how to make the calendars yourself so that you can make them to your specifications.

Make a basic calendar format.

First, either make a calendar yourself or else acquire a template to give you a basic calendar format that you can modify as needed.

Choose the format of your calendar.

Your system can take different forms, such as a weekly or monthly calendar, so as to give yourself a wider period that you can monitor. This allows you to keep abreast of any upcoming events and adjust accordingly.

Add events.

Once you have a basic calendar, you can give yourself space to insert whatever events you have planned for upcoming days. Check any upcoming events you have and include them on the appropriate dates. One example would be activity calendars.

Target specific needs.

You should also be aware that you can modify your calendars for specific purposes. One example is a budget calendar so that you can manage your finances vis-a-vis the particular time. This provides you more options when it comes to planning out different events in your life.

Save your template.

You also have the option of saving your template for future use. After all, you would need new calendars once you exceed the period covered by your calendar, such as the year. You may also find other uses for your templates, such as using them for other specialized purposes or sharing them with others.

Basic Daily Calendar Templates

Daily Meeting Agenda Template

Sample Daily Organizer Planner for Staff and Employees

Health and Fitness Calendar

Tips for Making Daily Calendars

When making calendars, as with other documents, there are a number of tips that can improve your use of such tools. These tips can help guide you through different aspects of making calendars, from using calendar templates to modifying your format. While this is generally applicable to most kinds of documents, in this case, those tips would include:

Keep your calendars simple.

Calendars are fairly simple tools, so it pays to keep the calendars you use proportionally simple. After all, at heart calendars simply inform you of any significant dates. The simpler your calendars are, the easier it is for you or others to use and understand them. Keeping this in mind can also help make your calendars more accessible if you should ever share them with others.

Make sure to adjust the format.

In order to make sure that your calendar can remain understandable even after you start adding your own events, it is vital that you check the format of your calendars to ensure that they remain comprehensible. This not only makes it easier to understand but in the event you use the calendar for professional purposes, the calendar looks neater and more presentable.

Be flexible.

Part of keeping your calendar simple involves making sure that it is easy to modify. After all, some events may be subject to change without prior notice, which you should definitely keep in mind when making your own calendars. With that in mind, it always pays to be able to adjust your calendar as needed, even if you are only adjusting a pre-existing calendar.

Always be sure to save your templates.

If you are in a position where you regularly make new calendars as needed, it is wise to save your templates so as to be able to recycle them. This obviously saves you the time and trouble needed to make the calendars from scratch and makes it easier to make adjustments whenever you need to. Keeping templates also makes it possible to share them if you ever see a need to distribute them.

Feel free to specialize.

Since there are so many kinds of calendars, you may take a page from that book and specialize your own calendars. For example, you may elect to develop your calendars into planning calendars so as to help you plan out your routine ahead. This is not the only application of calendars, as you should already be aware, so you should always remain aware of what options you have.

Check different templates.

If you wanted to use pre-existing templates to make your calendars, it might be a good idea to browse around before committing yourself. This allows you to examine all the options available to you so as to ensure that you make the best decision for yourself. After all, you would always want the best choice for your needs, whatever they may be.

Work with other documents.

Your work may also require that you use your calendars in conjunction with other documents, so that is an eventuality you should be prepared for. In the course of your daily life, you might find yourself having to use different documents and templates together, so you should make preparations to coordinate your tools so as to improve your workflows.

With these insights, your ability to use daily calendars should be improved, which should be a boon to staying aware of what is happening in your life.

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