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15+ Department Budget Templates

Each department of an organization has its own specific functions and responsibilities. So, each department has varied expenses, savings, and returns. In order to deliver those functions properly, they need to be delegated different budgets.

Here are a few easy steps to create a departmental budget.

5 Steps To Write a Department Budget

Step 1: Refer to previous budgets

Take help from the previous years’ budgets of your department. The current budget of your department will help you understand how much income you are left with for spending. Also, you can get a rough idea about the overhead expenses, fixed, and operating expenses of your department.

Step 2: Understand the needs of your department

Now that you have referred to the current and previous year’s budget of your department, it’s time to understand what are the operations that require your immediate attention. Also, there are certain expenses that are not so vital for your department but nonetheless should be taken care of. You should include these expenses to your budget as well.


Step 3: Call for a departmental meeting

Call the concerned members of your department and discuss with them the budget plan. Evaluate projects and events that need to be financed and allocate the budget accordingly. There are excel sheet templates and budgetary tools that will help you in the allocation of funds.


Step 4: Send the budget to the departments

After the budget has been planned and chalked out, send them to the respective departments. Assign a budget handling officer who will look into the proper execution of the budgetary plan and see to the proper utilization of all budgetary tools and funds.


Step 5: Evaluate operational functions

Each operation should be allocated budget depending on the length of time required to execute the operation. Budget tracking templates can measure the results and development of those operations. Budget handling officers should take charge of scrutinizing the results and execution of the budget plan.


15+ Department Budget Templates

1. Simple Department Budget Template

This simple department budget template will keep track of all the budgetaZSry requirements of your business. The template can be instantly downloaded into your system and is available in multiple formats and sizes. The template is designed by industry professionals and will help you to customize and edit the template according to the needs of your business.


2. Basic Department Budget Template

The HR department budget template comes with suggestive headings and content section. The template can be personalized to suit the various expenditures of your department. You can compare your estimated budget with your actual budget and reallocate the funds to match the difference.


3. Genera Department Budget Template

This simple budget template is prepared for small-town public works departments. Straightforward and simple, the budget can be understood easily by the city council, line workers, employees, and citizens. The line-item budget displays the departmental budgets in the mini-budget format of each fiscal year. This will help us to compare the budgets of different fiscal years.

4. Sample Technology Department Budget

The 6-page IT  budget template will help you prepare budgets for your office machinery and equipment, accessories and parts, license and registration, consumables, storage, network equipment, and support and maintenance all in a single format. The budget gives you a comparison report of 3 fiscal years and also the details regarding such expenses.

Legal department budgets differ from normal business budgets or governmental budgets. The budgets are much more complex and a lot of accounting features is needed to be added like e-billing, invoices, reports on legal spend, litigation and non-litigation components. Our budget template is professional and detailed and will help you cover all these features and to forecast and get an actual overview of the financial needs of your department.

6.Personalized University Finance Department Budget Template

This sample financial budget gives an overview of the University’s financial activities, fund transfers, expenses, and revenues. The budget will provide you a detailed report of revenues, expenses, employee benefits and services, travel, nonpersonal services, equipment purchase expenses if any, etc. The budget also comes with a sub-section for pool-budgeting expenses.

7. Sample Government Project Department Budget Template

This is a sample budget template. The budget gives an oversight into the roles and costs allocation of each position working in the project. The salary reports of officers, wages of ground staff employees and workers, cost allocation, travel expenses, meeting and conference expenses, and office supplies all are included in this budget.


8. Modern Department Budget Template

This corporate budget template requests for budget adjustments within the department. The budget has separate columns for the approved budget, requested an adjustment, and revised budget. The budget category includes all the expenditures, direct, and indirect costs involved in the department and a brief report explaining the reasons for such adjustments.

9. Creative Marketing Department Budget Template

This is a simple marketing budget template for travel and tourism industry businesses. The chart will display your current bookings, billings from occupancy, lodging taxation, advertising expenses, administrative expenditures, website expenses, and other contingencies. The combined total tourism budget chart will project the final figures and give you the exact budgetary estimate of the fiscal year.

10. Compact Public Works Department Budget Template

The Public Works Department Operating Budget template is divided into a series of mini-budgets to cover all the departmental project works that the city performs. For e.g. there are separate small budgets for the water department, production and distribution, repair and maintenance, and other public works. The budgets are allocated for three fiscal years.

11. Standard Department Budget Template

The Academic departmental budget outlines the ongoing staff and faculty salary and expenses, planning and program cost, project planning cost, available funds, and allocation of the funds in respective projects. This  academic budget template will help the department to understand the amount of operating or capital funds left with the department.

12. Comprehensive Department Budget Template

This is a sample company budget template is  for the Research and Development department especially undertaken by Government agencies. The budget shows the breakdown and allocation of the funds into the various research programs undertaken by the research department. It also shows the area of research that requires the maximum funding of resources at the present time.

13. Clean Fire Department Capital Budget

This clean and simple annual budget template will help the local fire services to create their capital expenditure budgets. The capital budget should include the cost of new recruits, cost of items purchased like helmets, breathing apparatus, extrication tools, pumpers, scene lighting, computers, parking charges, etc. The cost and explanation should also be mentioned in the budget.

14. Detailed Athletic Department Budget Template

This annual budget template gives you a complete summary of the short-term and long-term financial needs of your athletic department. The budget includes all your anticipatory expenses like the cost of new uniforms, transportation, supplies, equipment, security, awards, fees and rentals, and salary of officials, etc.

15. Modern Athletic Department Budget Template

This detailed Athletic Department free budget template will give you a complete analysis of funds spent on the purchase of line items such as awards, supplies, fees, travel expenses, rental, security, and salary of the coaching staff. The budget is divided into a number of mini yearly budgets.

16. Free Film Production Department Budget Template

This is a film studio production department budget. This free film budget template can be downloaded easily into your device. Filmmakers can use this template to guide them through the budgetary process of their project. The template has been divided into different sections project development budget, staff budget, crew and personnel, music and talent budget, etc.

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