5 Tips on Making Your Email Marketing Strategy Work


You have probably heard the news about how email marketing is dead. While the news is quite prevalent, the truth of the matter is that it is not true. Of course, email marketing is still widely used as one of the most effective marketing strategies that entrepreneurs use up to this date. According to an article published on Inc.com, “The truth is that in terms of customer acquisition and retention, email marketing continues to hit 80 percent, easily outperforming other tactics. It’s not going anywhere”. 

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We all know that email marketing can be tough and challenging, especially if you do not have any marketing strategy in mind. As an entrepreneur who is looking forward to boost brand recognition and business sales, you will need to allocate as many resources to it just like the way you allocate enough resources to your sales strategy and efforts. But no matter how many resources you have and how great your plans and strategies for email marketing are, ft may not work in your favor if you do not know how to implement them. So in this article, we will give you some helpful tips on how to make your email marketing strategies work.

Effective Email Strategies Tips that will Surely Work

1. You don’t have to always use the recipient’s name in your email.

Forget about intimacy and personalize your email without using the name of the recipients. Given the number of reports about phising and identity theft, recipients would be often wary subscribing to emails bearing their names, especially those with personalized greetings.

2. Use short subject lines.

Adestra has conducted a research that monitors over 90o million of emails for its report. According to the result of the research, subject lines with 60 to 70 characters have been found to have no increase in either click-throughs and open rates, while subject lines with characters 49 and below have 58% open rates.

3. Do content email marketing.

This email marketing strategy is extremely popular with bloggers and SAAS businesses. It often incorporates the use of infographics, video, reports, and articles. Using this strategy well can help your target audience see you as a trusted source for information. Once you have established a strong connection with them, it will be easier for you to ask them to share your content in different social media platforms.

4. The best time to send your emails is from 8pm to midnight.

Although most emails are made during business hours, but business experts revealed that the best time that emails have higher open rates is from 8pm to midnight.

5. Emails are best sent during the weekends.

While experts revealed the best time to send your email, it is also revealed that the best days to send emails are during the weekend. This is because there are few emails on the weekend; thus giving you more chances of making your email stand out from the others.

Final Thoughts

We make sure that all the email marketing strategies that are provided above will surely work no matter what type of digital marketing strategy you have. Do not hesitate to browse through our library of business templates and download them as your reference.

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