3+ Candidate Rejection Email Templates in PDF


When you want to inform the candidate about the disqualification or rejection in the different levels of the hiring process. Using the correct words in the rejection letter is very important and crucial for ensuring huge employer branding. The writing of the rejection letter can be quiet crucial and difficult. As it is very difficult to add the positive words in the candidate rejection email or letter. The letter must be clearly indicating that it is written for the rejection purpose.

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3+ Candidate Rejection Email Templates in PDF

1. Sample Candidate Rejection Email Template

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2. Candidate Rejection Response Email Template

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3. Rejection Response Email Letter Template

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How can you write the candidate rejection email?

Step 1: Add the company letterhead

You must add the company or the organization’s letterhead at the top of the letter. As it is through the letterhead that the candidate comes to know that it is the formal and official letter or application.

Step 2: Keep it short

You must keep the letter or the application short and use the simple sentences in it. The candidate might not be interested to read the entire long letter as from the few lines they come to know about the matter of it.

Step 3: Address name in the salutation

You must add and mention the address of the candidate in the salutation. This type of letter must contain the salutation in it. As it is the formal and official kind of the letter that every organization must give it to the candidate.

Step 4: Thanking the candidate

You must also remember to thank and wish the candidate for taking participation in the job interview. The candidate would feel obliged and grateful for their valuable responses and answer.

Step 5: Stating the decision

You must clearly write about the decision and argument that the candidate rejection email must have in it. The candidate must know about the decision of the organization and its recruiters.

What is the use of the candidate rejection email?

The candidate rejection email can save a lot of time and energy when you are sending negative responses to candidates. The customizable rejection letter can be used to inform the employees about the disqualification of the candidate from different stages of the hiring process. The rejection letter is the document an employer sends it to the job candidate who is not qualified or makes it to the next phase of the selection process. The candidate is the job applicant whose resume is reviewed and looked into.

And, writing a clear and positive rejection letter is not only a kind but the professional way to address the candidates. When you send the rejection letter it works for the employer branding and improving the candidate experience. It is the kind of official notification that the employer or the interviewer must give it to the candidate. It is the kind of provision that each and every candidate must acquire to give the formal kind of the letter from the organization’s end.

The candidate rejection email is given by the employer and the interviewer to attain the complete sense of the responsibility. The main aim of the rejection email is to inform the candidate from the end of the organization. The company must work on these areas to gain trust and let know the current situation in the organization. The letter or email is for the official use or the purpose.

Therefore, sending the rejection letter or the email must build the talent pool. The construction of the good talent pool and getting ready to find and hire the quality candidates is necessary for the more productive and faster-hiring process. The rejection email or the letter is to acquire the formal kind of reply from the organization. The candidate who is not selected for the organization or the job position must be informed in a formal way. It is through the email the candidate gets the responses from the organization about the rejection or deselection. Therefore, the email must be formal in nature.

What are the advantages of the candidate rejection email?

When you write the candidate rejection letter or the email, then you must be aware of the tone and pitch of the letter. It must be filled with positivity and goodness. You must watch the use of the words when you write these rejection letters. It is the time-saving way of expressing your rejection of the candidates and the employees. There is a customizable template of rejection and you can just simply send it via email. There are the readymade letter sample or the rejection email template.

Therefore, use this type of candidate rejection email and letter to attain the formal and the official reply from the organization and its hr members.

What are the purposes of writing the candidate rejection email?

The candidate rejection email is the official and the formal letter that the HR department or the recruiter writes to the candidate who is disqualified or deselected from the organization. As they fail to qualify as the employee or the candidates. The candidate rejection email is for the rejected ones who have applied for the job position or the vacancy. The candidate must write about the email or the letter mentioning the reasons behind the rejection or denial. Therefore, the candidate’s rejection email must have the aim and objectives of not selecting them.

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