9+ Responsive E-mail Templates


With the ever-evolving changes within our society today, all of us are forced to adapt to this new setting, and this includes learning to deal with the new technology that totally controlled our daily lives. Nowadays, people have been relying on technology in their daily lives. Come to think about the smartphones, you can basically see almost see everyone using them, using them on different purposes such as checking text or call, social media and e-mail notifications.

Although some people use them for entertainment purposes such as playing games, surfing on the net for several entertaining articles, or perhaps reading e-books. The smartphone is the most handy and most convenient technology that has ever been made so far as it really made the basic things we need more accessible and convenient.

Before, businessmen relied on their laptops to check on their e-mails; today it is possible for them to check their e-mails on their smartphones, and it has become more convenient for them, since they are always on the go. That is why smartphones are such an important essentials nowadays. Because of that, designers and developers need to adapt to such needs, and now, e-mails have been working so hard to develop a code that would work on a smartphone. Hence, the birth of Responsive E-mail Templates.

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Startups Responsive Email Template

startups responsive email template

Template Builder Responsive Email Set

responsive email set template builder

Responsive Email Newsletter Template

responsive email newsletter template1

Ecommerce Responsive Email Template

ecommerce responsive email template

HTML5 Responsive E-mail Template

html5 responsive email templateDownload

Responsive E-mail newsletter Template

responsive email newsletter templateDownload

Free Responsive E-mail Template

free responsive email templateDownload

If you are looking for a responsive e-mail design template, you can check out these 6+ Responsive Email Templates that you can gain inspiration on your design draft, or if you liked the exact template, you can use the samples, since it can be downloaded and edited.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mobile Responsive E-mail Template?

Businesses have been changing their marketing strategies in order to adapt to the new society, and this includes communicating their objectives through the e-mail, but again, with the technological advances, they have to adapt to making their e-mail templates responsive. As we all know, the Internet is a perfect tool in expanding the exposure of your product or services; however, e-mails can even expand it more to exclusive customers and clients and making it responsive can make it more flexible, especially most of the people are relying on their mobile phones nowadays. A responsive e-mail template can adapt its interface and can be more appealing when being shown in a smaller screen, such as a mobile device. E-mail marketing templates can be a perfect example for this.

Mobile Responsive E-mail Template

mobile responsive email templateDownload

Minimal Responsive E-mail Template

minimal responsive email templateDownload

Responsive E-mail Signature Template

responsive email signature templateDownload

More Templates for You to Choose

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