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20+ Restaurant Email Templates

Advertising has become more challenging with the rise of the Internet. This is why business owners and marketers need to explore other avenues to attract people and then eventually sell them products or services. One way to do that now is through email marketing. This is when companies or marketers collect email addresses (with the customer’s prior approval) and send targeted messages to these emails. In this article, we will talk about email templates and how they are used in the restaurant industry.

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Food Email Ad Template

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Restaurant Food Email Newsletter Template

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Pub and Restaurant Email Signature Template

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Free Restaurant Email Newsletter Template

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Size: 600 Width Layout

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What are restaurant email templates?

Restaurant email templates are digital guides or outlines for emails created by restaurant owners or marketers. As the name implies, these templates specifically target consumers who subscribe to news or updates from companies or brands in the restaurant and food industries. Most email templates will come in Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (EPS), or even TXT file formats. Note that you will need to have a compatible software program in order to open or edit these templates.

Depending on the state or country you are in, there may be certain laws that you need to follow when setting up an email list. An example is making sure that your business address is written on the email, that you do not send spam messages, and that you only intend to use the emails for the sole purpose you have specified.

Email templates are usually created using Adobe Photoshop and purchasing them will also give you access to an HTML file that can be attached to an email message.

Why use restaurant email templates?

If this is the first time you have heard about email marketing, you may be wary of its necessity in marketing your business. This is perfectly all right. Trying out something new always evokes that feeling, more so when starting a business in the digital age.

To help allay your feelings and to let you make an informed choice, we have compiled a few key advantages of using restaurant email templates. Read on to find out more.

They are easy to use

As a restaurant business owner, you are most likely swamped with a lot of tasks related to growing your business, in addition to making sure that your restaurant’s daily operations run smoothly. Restaurant email templates are relatively easy to use—allowing you to send out emails quickly without affecting your whole daily schedule. It is just like creating pre-made email messages and sending them in batches. There are even email testing tools that you can use if you wish to do away with sending the emails yourself.

Almost all email templates also allow you to make customizations. This means that you can add, modify, or even remove some graphic design elements. Having the flexibility to edit templates allows you to transform them into something truly unique for your own brand.

They are cost-efficient

Another reason most restaurateurs consider using restaurant email templates is due to price. Most email templates are very affordable compared to having an in-house advertising team. When done right, your restaurant’s email blasts can become more appealing and more targeted without having to spend a lot of money on advertising.

Also, email marketing may be used as the main advertising strategy if you do not have a big advertising budget. But, if you have ample resources, combining email marketing with print media advertising would work just as well.

You can send them to an unlimited number of people

With the rise of email automation tools like Aweber and MailChimp, it is now easier to send email blasts to thousands of people within a short period of time. Building a huge email list allows you to cast your net over a large group of people in different demographics. If you want to inform a lot of people about your restaurant, you will find using email templates useful.

Granted, there is no guarantee that all the people you send emails to will even choose to visit your restaurant after reading an email about it. However, this is how advertising works. Email list templates take care of the delivery of your message and it will be up to you to make your advertising copy as appealing as possible.

You can get almost instant feedback from customers

An important feature of email blast tools is that they will come with email templates embedded with monitoring tools. These tools allow you to measure or check if your emails are being read or not. The rule is that the more emails opened or read by their recipients, the higher your conversion rate or your chances that the customer clicks to see and/or read more about your restaurant on your website.

Also, your customers can easily reply to your emails if they have questions or complaints about your restaurant service or meal offerings. Restaurateurs can use this opportunity to show good customer service.

You get a more direct connection to your customers

As mentioned above, using email templates can help create a more personalized relationship with your customers. Some brands use their email newsletters to write blog-like updates on their emails. They show a behind-the-scenes look at their dining establishment and their staff. Customers find this approach appealing because they get to know the restaurant, the people working for it, and how their food is prepared.

Well-designed email templates can help make this experience more enriching, especially if you choose an email template design that is easy to read. In addition, you can provide exclusive email list-only offers to promote customer loyalty.

There are a lot of other marketing possibilities that you can implement once you have built an email list. To make this marketing strategy more effective, it is best to experiment along the way and be genuine in all your dealings with a customer even if it happens through email.

Embedded below are 15 examples of restaurant email templates. All these templates are customizable so that you can add your restaurant’s own colors into the template. Browse through them and feel more inspired when developing your restaurant marketing campaign.

Bistro Food and Bar Email Template

Burger Restaurant Email Template

Clean Restaurant Email Template

Colorful Restaurant Email Template

Customizable Restaurant Food Email Newsletter Template

Elegant Restaurant Email Template

Email Newsletter PSD Template

How to customize restaurant email templates

When it comes to email marketing, differentiation is the key to increasing email conversion rates. If you are interested to learn how to do that with your email blasts, read the different tips on how to customize your own restaurant email templates that we have listed below.

  • Add your restaurant logo. One of the most common ways to personalize any advertising document is by adding a logo design or trademark. But this element in business branding is often neglected by new entrepreneurs. So, do not commit the same mistake. Make sure to add your restaurant logo designs into your email templates. Also, make sure that your logo matches your email template design. If not, you may have to redesign your logo. Check out this article for more useful tips in logo design.
  • Add original illustrations or icons. Another way to transform a pre-made email template is by adding small graphic design elements like illustrations or icons. For example, you may add food icons or cupcake logos if you are opening a bakery or pastry shop. Remember, your emails should not only contain a wall of text. There should be equal amounts of images, pull quotes, icons, and other graphic design elements.
  • Include original images. Nothing turns off a customer more than seeing stock photos on a branded email. In the restaurant industry, it pays to use well-photographed images of your food offerings or dishes. This is also a good way to entice customers to try out your restaurant. Due to the influx of spam email messages, customers will be wary of the authenticity of any email they receive. But if they read your emails and get a chance to visit your restaurant, they are more likely to return to your dining establishment if they see that what you have shown on your emails is the same as the food they are eating at the restaurant.
  • Add your social media links. When choosing among email templates, make sure to use a template that includes an option to add your social media profile links. This not only makes your life easier but it also makes sure that it will be easy for your customers to find you online. Remember, online presence matters a lot now since almost everyone is connected online. If adding social media links is not included in the template that you have chosen, you may add social media icons and links into the email template during the editing phase.

Food Menu Restaurant Email Template

Hungry Restaurant Newsletter Email Template

Minimalist Restaurant Email Template

Multipurpose Restaurant Email PSD Template

Promo and Corporate Email Template Pack

Restaurant Email Template Set

Simple Restaurant Email Template

The best restaurant email template

You may have to try out a lot of different restaurant templates before you finally find the one that best represents your brand. But remember, choosing the email template design is only half the battle. You still need to come up with the right content that will captivate your customers and lead them to either visit your restaurant or buy your products online. A certain degree of skill is needed in order to achieve this but, with time, you will learn how to effectively use different email marketing strategies.

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