6 Employee Attendance Policy Templates

Employee attendance is vital to business operations. Even if a single employee takes a leave of absence, it will hamper operations and might cause serious long-term problems for the company policy. That is the reason why companies need to have employee attendance policies so that operations will still go smoothly as planned and the tasks which absent employees were supposed to complete can be properly delegated to other personnel. Another reason why employee attendance policies are very important is to avoid abuse by a single employee or a group of employees who want to take leaves of absence for no valid reason. You may also see Quality Policy Templates.

It is usually the human resources department who are tasked with creating different kinds of policies, including the employee attendance policy. They consider the behavioral and psychological patterns of employees and constantly update the policies to fit the current crop of employees. But, in other companies, the management team collaborates with human resources to formulate the policies since they want all the guidelines and policies to go through them. In other instances, meanwhile, it is only the business owner or management team who creates all the policies while human resources only disseminate the information to the employees of the company policy.

If you are part of the management team or in human resources, purchase this employee attendance and multipurpose policy templates for your use. These templates will surely aid you in formulating policies and help you achieve sustainability and a low employee turnover rate in your company. You may also see Policy Templates in PDF.

Employee Attendance Policy Template


Company Policy Template


Attendance Policy Template


At Will Employment Policy Template


Overtime Policy Template


Tips for creating employee attendance policies

Employee attendance policies, similar to other business documents, need to contain a level of detail to achieve clarity and to avoid confusion between both parties. The last thing that both parties want to do is sue each other in court and ask for insanely large amounts of money. Aside from the tips listed below on how to create employee attendance policies, there is one general rule which should be followed regarding the creation of business documents: Everything should be accurate and detailed. If these general guidelines are strictly followed, then the chances for success become greater.

Implement the “three warnings plus dismissal” policy

Companies usually follow a “three warnings plus dismissal” policy when it comes to employee attendance (absences and tardiness). The first warning is an oral warning issued against the employee, the second is a written note, while the third warning is an automatic suspension or fine, depending on the company’s discretion. The fourth and final step, although no warnings are given, is the dismissal of the employee. Use the same format for your company as the “three warnings plus dismissal” policy gives ample time for the employee or employees to fix their absence or tardiness issues. If the employee is still having issues with his attendance even after the third warning, then there is no other option for the company than to dismiss that individual even if his productivity meets the company’s standards. You may also see Return Policy Templates.

The “three warnings plus dismissal” policy helps weed out lazy employees and those who cannot come on time for work. You may also see Policy Word Templates.

Include an “open forum” option

When you are writing your employee attendance policies, include an option where the company can conduct an “open forum” for an employee who is about to be dismissed. Although this option should not be applicable to all employees who are on the verge of being dismissed, but it should apply to the ones who have been consistently productive and have met the company’s standards in terms of goal achievement, team coordination, and employee relations.

The open forum will be attended by three parties: the employee, the management team and/or human resource personnel, and the employee’s immediate supervisor and team members. The open forum allows the employee to speak about his side regarding the absences or tardiness incidents he has accumulated over the past weeks or months. You can also list down the duration of the open forum. The minimum should be one forum where the management’s decision will be made the day after the forum, or there could be a maximum of three forums where the company’s decision will take at least a week as they will need to review the results of each forum. Three forums also allow the employee to continue his tasks and responsibilities while the management templates review his pleas.

Create a balance between employee and management relations

Your employee attendance policy templates should not favor any side, either the side of the problematic employee or the side of the management. Create a balance between both parties as they both benefit each other in the long run, especially if the attendance issues are resolved. The reason for the policy having a balance between employee and management relations is to create fair regulations and guidelines within the company. It would also create a negative image for the company if it creates policies that would highly favor the management, creating a backlash from employees and eventually bad personal relations with external stakeholders. You may also see HR Policy Templates.

Additionally, the policy should not favor the employees as this will cause serious internal issues between the employees and management. Employees might take advantage of lenient attendance policies and create conflicts between management which will result in high employee turnover rates. A toxic environment might develop due to employees taking unapproved leaves of absence and filing for sick leaves and vacation leaves without the approval of upper management. You may also see Guidelines for Policy Templates.

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Give incentives to punctual employees

Giving incentives is always a great way to reward productive employees. In this case, do not forget to add a section in your policy where you will be giving incentives to punctual employees or employees who have not taken a leave of absence for consecutive months. The incentive can either be a monetary gift, a souvenir, or even free food, be depending on the company’s budget. Giving incentives to deserving employees almost always results in increased productivity. This also helps keep employees working at your company. You may also see Printable Business Policy Templates.

Remember this: if you take care of your employees, it will definitely increase their daily productivity and contribute to your company’s success. You may also see IT Policy Templates.

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