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10 Employee Emergency Notification Forms

You will never be able to anticipate when a serious incident is going to occur. There is always going to be a possibility that a problem or two can come out of nowhere and result in people getting injured.

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So, if that is the case, what would you do? If you see that one of your staff members is being carried off to the hospital, then you should let his or her family know about the situation. It is for events like this that employee emergency notification forms exist, so that management will know who to contact in case of accidents.

Employee Emergency Notification Form Template

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University Emergency Notification Form

Service Employee Emergency Notification Form

School Employee Emergency Notification Form

Interactive Employee Notification Form

Institute Emergency Notification Form

What information should be in an employee emergency notification form?

The following details should be included in the form:

  • Your complete name
  • The complete name of the person you have set as your emergency contact
  • The home, work, and cellphone number of the emergency contact
  • The emergency contact’s complete address
  • Your relationship with the emergency contact
  • Date of when you signed the form
  • Your signature

There are some companies who take the extra step and have their forms contain spaces where you can put in other people you would like to place on your emergency contact list as well. All you have to do is make sure that there are no errors when it comes to their contact numbers as you do not want the people in Human Resources to contact the wrong person.

How to create your emergency notification process

Business liability is something that a lot of companies should be wary of. Even just one act of negligence can cost you the safety of your employees, contractors, or customers.

Emergency situations can include anything from weather, security issues, natural disasters, etc. They can also include specific events that are related to company operations such as last-minute scheduling changes, power outages, critical staffing needs, hardware malfunctions, or any other situation that can be deemed important.

By documenting your process and by having a proper emergency communication system, you can reduce the company’s liability risk by a significant amount.

So, to help you in reducing company liability and enhancing your business continuity efforts, here are a few suggestions that should help put your employees at ease in the event that an emergency occurs:

Update the employee handbook

You have to be sure that the employee handbook or operations manual is properly updated for all the different types of situations that could occur in the workplace. Document every single situation that can be considered as urgent.

Make sure that the sections you add include the communication plan for when these incidents occur, what the company will do during various events, and how the employee should respond during certain situations.

By documenting these situations, you can better prepare your employees by letting them know where to go, what to do, and who to report to during emergencies.  It also gives them a sense of confidence in their employer for anticipating these problems that could possibly disrupt operations within the business.

Implement an emergency communication system

If you are going to do this, then you have to set up a lot of different channels so that employees will have different communication options when an emergency takes place. So, you have to make use of channels such as  SMS, social media networks, and emails for communicating with your employees. Implement an emergency communication system to integrate into your employee handbook, as well as any business continuity planning you do.

Automate the communication plan

When you build a communication plan, try to automate it as much as possible by pre-answering these questions:

  • Which company leaders will be notified should these incidents occur and how will they be messaged?
  • How are the employees going to be notified and should the same message be used?
  • Will the people who received the message be required to send a response acknowledging it?
  • If these people do not respond to the message with an acknowledgement, will another message be sent or will the communication be escalated?

A few emergency communication systems can handle this type of communication plan as well as make it easier for you to set everything up ahead of time. You or the employee managing the situation may not have time to think through all the details of the plan in the middle of an emergency, so it is better to prepare everything beforehand.

Always communicate with your employees

Repeat the processes and make sure that you often give your employees assurance. Let us say that winter is coming up in your area and your employees are fearing the possible weather incidents that could happen. This is when you should remind them that you have a weather policy in your employee handbook. Then, tell them you have an emergency communication system in place should anything happen at all. You should also let them know that you have a process for critical system outages that will notify them through text or email once an outage occurs.

By following the suggestions we have mentioned, you can show your employees that you have taken every possible critical scenario into account and that you care for their safety. So, as long as you have a reliable communication system, you can assure your employees that your company prioritizes their safety and you value them just as much as you value the success of your business.

10 features that your emergency notification system needs

When you are facing a business emergency, you need to be able to get in touch with your people quickly, precisely, and reliably. Whether you are trying to reach out to everyone to discuss the earthquake evacuation procedure or providing updates about company power outages, communication is critical—which means you need an emergency notification system that is both reliable and efficient.

Emergency notification systems (ENS) can go far beyond outdated phone trees and email distribution lists. These solutions, also known as mass notification systems, will allow you to reach just about anyone, specifically students and employees, on all of their devices with the click of a button. The system’s use varies widely, from keeping everyone safe during a dangerous emergency to managing severe weather situations or communicating business-critical news. However, all of these scenarios are going to require a core set of features and functionalities in order for the emergency notification system to do its part for you and your business.

If you are evaluating emergency notification systems, make sure that your solutions have these very crucial capabilities:

Multi-channel notifications

Almost all ENS vendors offer multi-channel support. It is the main reason why it is so powerful as well as useful. But it is worth confirming that your solution covers the basics such as SMS or text messages, emails, phone/voice calls, and other different types of communication channels. You should also look into social channel support such as Facebook Messenger.

Two-way communication

Your emergency notification system should not just allow you to reach out to your employees during an emergency. It should also give your employees the ability to respond to you. Users should be able to reply to your message via email or phone call. You need two-way communication because you should be able to confirm that those you have sent messages to have actually been able to receive and read them. Additionally, these people may provide you with updates or information that you need to know while you are managing a crisis.

Global coverage

In today’s global economy, it is important that your emergency notification system is able to send out messages on a global scale. While this may sound simple, ensuring SMS deliverability in foreign lands is definitely something that you should not take lightly. Make sure that your solution includes global coverage. To avoid any surprise costs, make sure to ask if there are international usage fees.

Central control center

Your ENS should have a main dashboard where your administrators can log in to manage any emergencies that take place as well as send notifications. That dashboard should also be simple enough to navigate as well as easy to use. This is to prevent issues such as admins trying to find the right buttons that will allow them to make updates

Advanced reporting

Sophisticated reporting capabilities should be able to display important metrics such as the amount of notifications that were sent and delivered, as well as the numbers and names of recipients. Clear reports are especially useful if you choose a mass notification system that only allows you to send a limited number of messages.

Phone hotline

With a hotline feature, administrators can create a hotline within the emergency notification system that your employees can call at any time in order to receive the latest updates. This gives people more control on how they can go about communicating with you and it also provides a centralized hub where anyone can get the most recent information.

Mobile app

All emergency notification systems should be able to send important messages to all the devices on the emergency contact list. It is also important for the system to have its own mobile apps. This way, you can send messages to phones without worrying about user fees.

Conference bridge

Your ENS should support a function for conference calls so that during an unplanned event, users can easily join in on important conversations. This is very useful for when you need to gather a large group of people quickly. So, if there is an IT outage, for example, you can message your tech leads and, with one click, you can easily connect all of them into one communication channel.

HR Employee Emergency Notification

Department Employee Emergency Notification

Gym Employee Emergency Notification Form

Personal Data Emergency Notification Form

Employee Emergency Notification Update

We hope you found the tips and samples we have provided useful. Make sure you keep this information in mind when you are crafting your company’s emergency notification form or system. The safety of your employees and customers should be one of your top priorities as a business owner since these are the people who help you to succeed. Take good care of them not only during emergencies and you will be rewarded with dedication and loyalty.

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