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6 Ways You Can Increase Employee Morale and Motivation

One of the major secrets revealed by experts regarding how they made their companies succeed in the business world is employee appreciation. As an entrepreneur, you have to understand that your employees have a lot to contribute to the success and growth of your business. Employees spend eight to ten hours every day in your company working hard to ensure that your business operation runs smoothly.

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If you want to show your appreciation to your employees, you do not have to wait for employee appreciation day. Appreciating your employee is considered to be highly effective and time-tested strategy for boosting their morale and motivation, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the workplace.

According to the infographic published by, “69 percent of employees worked harder when they felt they were appreciated, and 54 percent of employees would quit working at a company where they didn’t feel appreciated”.

How Showing Your Appreciation Boost Employee Morale and Motivation

It is important to know that every employee regardless of the type of industry they are working needs to be recognized for the hard work and passion that they have contributed to the growth of the company. When the employer shows appreciation, employees become more motivated than ever before because they know for a fact that their effort and hard work have been recognized by their employer.

When your employees have successfully met their monthly goals and quotas, it does not necessarily mean that you have to give them monetary bonuses to keep their passion burning. Although monetary rewards may sound like a great idea to most employees, this type of incentive is commonly awarded quarterly or yearly to deserving employees.

Employee recognition or appreciation comes in different forms and can be intangible.  Oftentimes, intangible awards cost the company less, yet it can have the same effect as tangible rewards. As an employer, you should keep in mind that showing your appreciation can be a priceless experience to employees.

Here are the other effective techniques that can help you increase the morale and motivation of your employees:

  • Quarterly Reviews

It is extremely important for the employer or the management team to conduct a quarterly performance review of all its employees. Make sure to allocate some time to sit down with each employee to discuss and provide feedback on his or her target work goals. Experts find it an effective way to make your employees know that you value them and their success, as well as motivate them to transform themselves into better and professional individuals.

  • Celebrate Employee’s Major Milestones

Taking time to celebrate the notable accomplishment of your employee(s) is always commendable. It makes them more proud of themselves, as well as driving themselves to do even better. Additionally, when someone gives a compliment about how well the project has been done, make sure to give the credit to the people who deserve the praise.

  • Giving Them Flexible Working Hours

It is no secret that employees have other responsibilities outside of work, even employers do. There are some times when these responsibilities, family to be more specific, can cause conflict with their regular work schedule. That is why some employees find themselves late for work, which can ultimately affect their overall work performance. To prevent this, there are companies who allow their employees to set their own working schedule to help improve work/life balance.

  • Making Your Office a Fun Place to Work

Oftentimes, low productivity is caused by low employee morale and boredom in the office. To prevent these certain issues, why not think of a way that would make your employees anticipate coming to work? There are a lot of ways in which you can make your office an interesting place to work in. You can encourage creativity by giving your employees the freedom to redecorate the office during their free time, or you can hold a decoration contest on which department has the best artistic skills.

  • Career Advancement

No employee would ever want to work in a company that does not guarantee them a clear path for career advancement. If you think that an employee has been performing well on his or her task and is able to meet or exceed their quota, then take some time to discuss it with the management team and evaluate the possibility for promotion.

  • Award Employee Appreciation Certificates

Although employees spend at least eight hours working in the office, surely, there is at least one employee who has done his best and exerted more effort in reaching his target quota over the other employees. To keep that passion burning, make sure to identify the employee(s) whom you think deserved to be awarded an Appreciation Certificate.

Giving value to their efforts and hard work is a great way to keep their motivation up, as well as their passion burning. If you are not short on the financial department, you can choose to include movie tickets or gift certificates. Check out the following certificate of appreciation templates so you can show your employees just how much they mean to the company.

Sample Certificate of Appreciation Templates that You Can Download and Use

Company Appreciation Certificate Template

Appreciation Certificate Template Presented to Individuals

Best Certificate of Appreciation

Modern Certificate of Appreciation

Colourful Certificate of Thanks

Business Certificate Template

Corporate Certificate Template PSD


Editable Certificate of Appreciation Template

Work Certificate of Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Certificate

Common Elements of a Certificate of Appreciation

Although you can choose to download our professionally designed certificate of appreciation, you can also create your own certificate in Word and from scratch. However, to do so you need to get to know all the key elements to be included in the certificate.

  • Title

The title or main headline is usually found at the top part of the certificate. It usually tells the type of document that is awarded to the recipient. The title can be as simple as Certificate of Appreciation Award. However, there are some companies who used some catchy title such as Smith Group of Companies Employee of the Month Award.

  • Presentation Line

You do not need to use flowery words when writing the presentation line of the certificate. It can be as simple as “This certificate is awarded to or This award is hereby presented to”, followed by the name of the recipient. Or you can choose to write the presentation line in this format “This certificate is hereby presented on (date) by (name of the company/employer/manager/supervisor) to (name of the recipient)”.

  • Name of the Recipient

Depending on who you are giving the certificate to, the recipient can be the name of the employee or group/department. In most cases, the name of the recipient is often written in enlarged text so that it can be highlighted in the certificate.

  • Description

The main purpose for writing the description is to provide an explanation for awarding the certificate. The description is often a simple statement stating the achievement of the recipient. You can even make it special by personalizing the descriptive statement to reflect the reason why the recipient deserve such award or recognition.

  • Signature

This section is usually found at the bottom right part of the certificate bearing the signature of the person presenting the certificate of appreciation. The name of the presenter is usually written below the signature.

  • Company Logo

In some cases, the certificate bears company logo instead of the company name. Depending on your personal style, you can also choose to use an image that is related to the company.

  • Seal

The seal that is affixed on the certificate can be a stick-on gold or silver starburst. Other companies choose to use an image of a seal that is printed directly on the certificate. The use of putting a seal onto the certificate is to ensure authenticity and legality of the document.

  • Borders

Although there are some companies that do not use borders around their certificate, it is important to understand that a border or frame is a common element in a certificate. Traditional certificates often incorporate fancy borders on the design while others use an overall background pattern for their design.

Final Thoughts

It is no-brainer that high work motivation and good employee morale are crucial factors that can help you reap a number of benefits and catapult your company to success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or supervisor, it is extremely important to take care of your workforce and value the efforts and hard work that they have invested in your company.

Although you may have hundreds of hopeful applicants lining up, losing  good and hard working employees can spell disaster for your business.

Come to think of it: what are the percentages you have for finding another set of good employees among the hundreds of applicants? That is why if you think that you have found the perfect people whom you can trust to work in your company, it would not cost you too much to show them that they are highly valued and appreciated.

Before we formally end this article, we would like to recommend browsing through our excellence award templates and leadership certificate templates. They are expertly design and are available for download. They are highly editable to match your personal purpose.

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