The Basics of Writing an Employee Warning Letter

A warning letter can be one of the letters an employee does not want or wish to receive. There are different types of employee warning letters that are issued by the manager to the erring employee:

Warning Letter Basics

A warning letter is a type of formal letter that is used by the immediate head to reprimand the employee about his poor attendance or behavior. If the employee continues to his erring ways, then the next letter he or she will receive is an employment termination letter. However, before you issue a warning letter to the employee, it is important to give the employee a chance to respond to the allegations against him/her.

What to Include in a Warning Letter

A warning letter can be an important tool in the workplace because it can help the employees have a better understanding of what the company is expecting from them. This is especially helpful if the employee continues to ignore the rules and regulations, which can ultimately lead to the employee being terminated from his job. So if you are tasked to write a warning letter, you will need to determine the things to include in the letter.

Process of Writing a Warning Letter

If you have an employee who continues to ignore and follow the company policy, then it is time to issue him or her a warning letter. However, there is a proper protocol to observe to make the whole process legitimate.