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6+ Employment At-Will Policy Templates – PDF, Word

One of life’s greatest gifts is the gift to make a choice at any moments notice. Simple things from choosing what to hold, what to look at, what to touch, what to smell, what to decide, and sometimes involuntarily, what to feel. This kind of gift in a way gives us control in our lives. We can also have this kind of control in the company we would work for depending on the contract being signed. Didn’t think it was possible, huh? You may also see policy templates.

6+ FREE POLICY Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

Aside from sample resignation, there is one policy that would allow you to take control of your term in one company and leave at any time with the benefit of not telling the said company why you want out as soon as possible. This is the Employment-at-will policy. To know and understand more about the said policy, read comprehensively the following paragraphs below. We will also give you some templates of the Employment-at-will Policy and what are its pros and cons.

Employment At Will Policy Template

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Sample Employment At-Will

University Employment At Will

What Does it Mean to be an Employee-at-will?

If you agree and sign an employee-at-will contract, you must have had understood what having that position means to you and your future with the company. Being an employee-at-will ultimately gives you the choice to leave whenever you want with or without giving any reason at all. The drawback of that is the boss or the employer can choose to fire you too without any reason at all and at any time as long as the reason for firing or terminating you is not because of racial issues. These are one of the situations when you may get fired:

1. You can get fired if your boss does not like you. This could be because of your attitude or performance in the workplace. So if you still want to hang around longer, show kindness and always wear a smile at work no matter how bad your day was and still is. You may also see employee attendance policy templates.

2. If a co-worker has complained about you to the manager or the CEO. This happens whenever this particular co-worker is jealous of you or has a grudge. This will lead him or her to complain about possibly fake things you did and offensive words you did not even say to him or her. So again, if you want to stay long, have that healthy relationship not only with the boss but also with your co-workers and be humble with your achievements. You may also like time off policy templates.

3. If your boss is interested in putting someone else in your position. No matter how nice you might get, someone will always be ahead of you. With you signing the agreement, it will allow the boss to just fire you because he wants this particular person to do your job, leaving you to find another one outside the company. You may also see re-hire policy templates.

4. If false stories get through. This is when the boss or manager would believe that you have done something wrong or broken some policies without sufficient evidence. That is why it is always important to stand for what you know but also provide some evidence to prove that you’re right before he legally fires you right then and there. You may also like harassment policy templates.

Employment At Will Doctrine

Statement and Acknowledgment of Employment At Will

The Good and the Not So Good for the Employee At-Will

Just like any other agreement or policy, it generally has its own pros and cons no matter what angle you see it through. Take note of the following because you can use this useful information if you are one of the employees’ who is at will in one company. Here are the pros of being an employee at will:

1. Promotion based on merits. This means that an employee will be given a promotion based on the productivity he/she has done for a specific span of time working in the company. There is definitely nothing much sweeter than climbing the ladder to success if you work hard. You may also see workplace fragrance policy templates.

2. No negotiations in keeping employment contracts. This means that you don’t have to negotiate all over again with your employee how long he/she has to work if his/her contract has already been up. Remember, you can fire him/her anytime you want without prior notice, no matter how unprofessional that may seem to the people who are unfamiliar with the employment-at-will policy. You may also see theft policy.

3. Can find a better job. This is considered a beneficial thing because as the employee garners more learning and experience in his current job, he can look for another one that pays better and has amazing benefits and use that there. As agreeing with the said policy, the employee has the power to resign without giving a specific reason and he/she can do so anytime. You may also see free policy templates.

Those are just some of the pros if one is in an employment-at-will situation. Now, let us go now to the downside being in this agreement. The cons being in this agreement are as follows:

1. The boss can fire you for any reason and I literally mean ANY reason. Having signed and agreed to this agreement, if your boss is having a bad day, he could just lash out at you because you did not greet him properly and then fire you right then and there. So, if you want to stay, better avoid the boss whenever he is in a bad mood. You may also like company policy templates.

2. This employment-at-will doctrine varies. With this, it means that for example, if you fire someone based on their racial upbringing, that is considered discriminations but this might be used as a legal termination in another. You may also see punctuality policy templates.

3. An employer would lose a good employee. Since the employee has the right to leave whenever he wants, the employer would be regretful in signing him into that employment-at-will agreement especially if the employee was unexpectedly an exemptional performer in the workplace. You may also like email policy rules.

California Employment At Will Doctrine

Still Be Professional

Even if you have the privilege to resign at any time you want without explaining in full detail why you should always remain professional. Depicting a sense of professionalism knowing you have that kind of right within the workplace just goes to show that you’re still willing to work hard and learn new things despite the fact that also you don’t have a definite timetable in your existence in the company as the employer may choose to fire you.

In an event that that may come, be ready and accept the fact that it was coming to you someday. The end of one job is not the end of your life.So go out there, explore different kinds of jobs and opportunities until you find the one thing you want to do for as long as you live. Just make sure that this time, it won’t be an at-will agreement. You may also see HR policy templates.

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