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10 Employment Verification Forms

Those of you who are part of management or Human Resources would definitely know the exhausting feeling of having to go through a lot of applicants and seeing whether any of them are fit to work in your company. You have to be able to see if these people have met the qualifications needed to handle the responsibilities and duties of the position that they are applying for. You may also see employment templates.

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And one of the most important things that you have to do is to make sure that all of the information that an applicant has provided you is 100% accurate. This is why employment verification is needed as well as employment verification forms.

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Steps for doing an employment verification

Conducting an employment verification is always going to be an important part of every company’s background screening process. This is because there are a lot of applicants or employees for a promotion that tend to be dishonest with the information that they present. There are always going to be those people who are going to put at least one lie in their resume in the hopes that they will not get caught by their employer and, in most cases, they get away with it.

This is the result of employers not knowing who they are hiring and what their experiences and skills actually are. This will not just lead to hiring someone who is bad for the business, but it can also lead to your organization being held liable for a negligent hiring lawsuit. So this means that you have to conduct a proper sample employment verification to ensure that you are hiring the most qualified person for our business. Here are the steps that will help you do so:

  • The first thing that you have to do is obtain consent from the applicant or candidate allowing you to contact their previous employer or employers. The standard of gathering work history information should be at least five years. However, if the person who applying for a position with your company is currently employed with another company that you want to contact, then you should do your best to make sure that you do not jeopardize his or her current work situation as you may just end up costing this person a job, and that will definitely give him or her a negative image of you and your company.
  • The next step is for you to actually contact the applicant’s previous employer. You can do it through the most common way by contacting them through the phone, but take note that this is the most time-consuming method. If there is any other method for you to contact the employer and if you are not able to contact the employer in a timely manner, then you should definitely consider trying other methods. You can always send that person an email and request the verification on a couple of things such as the applicant’s previous job title and salary. You should also be wary of phone numbers that do not match a company’s published contact information. While this does not usually happen, there is a possibility that a candidate has come up with a set-up where the number is that of a friend or a family member where they can feed you false information that can heavily affect your employment verification.

The next thing that you have to do is to ask questions regarding the following:

  • The previous job titles that the applicant was able to acquire
  • The duties and responsibilities that he or she was tasked with
  • Compensation information
  • The reason why the applicant had to leave his or her previous job
  • The applicant’s eligibility for rehire

You have to remember that consistency is very important as you have to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  If you decide to hire a background screening organization to help you verify a person’s employment history, then you also need to make sure that they are consistent and compliant with the procedures.

Also, depending on the previous employer’s disclosure agreement, and possibly their “no reference” policies, you may not be able to gather everything that you would like to know about a candidate’s work history. Be sure that you are able to indicate all of the questions that you were not able to acquire the answers to and you have to be careful that you do not hold those non-responses against the job candidate when the time comes for you to assess his or her eligibility to work for your company.

  • The final step that you have to take is to use a standard verification of employment form to help you with the process. This is definitely going to help out with recording everything that took place during the employment verification process and ensure that it was completed. Once that is all done, file it with the applicant’s application form. You may just need the form in the event that there are any complications or disputes that could arise regarding the verification process.

While it is undoubtedly important, conducting an employment verification is going to take a lot of time. If you would like to reduce or try to get rid of the back-and-forth your HR department may encounter and free them to focus more on their duties and responsibilities, then you should definitely consider hiring a third-party service to help you with the process. While this may cost you a good amount of money, at least they can help with the verification process as these people make a living out of doing so.

Employment Verification Form for Social Service

Employment Reference Verification Form

Blank Verification of Employment Form

Previous Employment Verification Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Tips on employment verifications and background checks

The results of the employment verification process plus background checks can be deciding factors on whether or not the employer is willing to offer a candidate a position within his company. Most people think that once they are able to accept the job offer, all they have to do is resign and move to their new position. This is a big mistake as employers may just find something that could potentially make you lose the job that you just acquired. This is why you have to be very careful with whatever you place in your resume or job application. Below are some tips to ensure the employment verification and background checks go as smoothly as possible.

  • You should never resign from your current position until the company that you are applying to has already conducted a proper and thorough employment verification and background check. A lot of employers will tell you that they are going to contact the HR department to fully complete the employment verification process. While this is partially true, a lot of employers today outsource employment verifications and background checks.
  • You should never lie. When someone does a background check, then you should expect that nothing is going to be hidden and that includes both your personal and your professional information. There are a lot of people who think that just because they committed a crime a couple of years back, it will not really matter anymore since it happened a long time ago. Every single thing that you put in your resume or sample job application can be used against you. In some cases, it can even be used against you in court. So just make sure that all the information that you present to your future employer is true. Because if the employer catches even one single lie, then the chances of you getting that job are close to none by that point.
  • You should also never lie about the salary that you previously earned. This is very important as a lot of people think that if they just round of their salary to the nearest thousands, then it will not really matter. If the employee finds out that you just simply rounded off the number and your actual salary is way off from the one you presented in your application, then most likely they are going to rescind the offer. So to help with that, it is best to acquire a W2 statement before filling out your job application. This will help make sure that you place the actual number of your salary so that your employer will not have any questions about how much you actually made.
  • In order for an employer to perform any kind of check on you, then the first thing that they need is your permission. While the majority of people just sign the application when done, be sure that you go through it thoroughly and completely. This is because it may just be in very small print what verifications and checks they will be doing in the event that you receive an offer. There may even be some cases wherein they will make you sign a consent form before they can actually do a background check on you. This way, it will help protect both parties.
  • There are a lot of companies that no longer just do pre-employment screening. They are also doing a continuous or ongoing screening of people who are already working for their company. This kind of information should be presented in your employee manual or handbook. This means that your employer has the right to conduct a background check at any given point in time while you are still employed by the company. So in the event that something happens to you—for instance, someone files a lawsuit against you—report it straight away to your Human Resources department.

Tips for quick and accurate results when requesting employment verifications

When requesting for a background check to be conducted by an employee screening company, most often the search that is holding up the final report is the employment verification.

There can be various reasons why there would be a delay in these searches and all of them are definitely going to be a troublesome. So here are some tips for employers and simple job applicants to keep in mind when requesting employment verification.

  • If the applicant used a temp/staffing agency and did not put it in his or her job application, but instead listed the company they were sent to work at, the background screening company will have to contact the employer that is listed. This may result in the report being delayed for a few days before the employment screening company finds out that the applicant was actually employed through a temp agency.
  • In the event that an applicant or applicants fail to supply the correct name used while being employed, then those in the Human Resource department may not be able to locate accurate information regarding that particular employee. This is going to be a big problem as just about every employer would want to know the people that are going to be working for them. Not all employers maintain their files by Social Security numbers. So not providing this crucial data will end up with delays, discrepancies, or it can even result in a no-record response.
  • If an applicant were to leave important fields in the application form blank regarding previous employer information such as address, city, and state, then a delay is definitely going to occur. The background check company that the employer hired is left to search the Internet for the contact information of the company in question, which can be impossible if they do not even know the state or city that the company is from. This means the verification department analyst is going to have to reach out to the recruiter or even the applicant. The additional process of doing so will usually cause a delay.

Prepare for the verification

In the event that your employer decides to conduct a background check, then you cannot really stop him or her from doing so. However, the best that you can do is at least prepare for it to ensure that there are no negative results for you whatsoever. If an employer wants to get as much information about you as humanly possible, then most likely they will pay for a professional investigation service to help make sure that nothing is left out during the background checking process. They will most likely start with an online search. They will go through everything from your social media pages to even your own personal blogs to see if they can gather anything that is worth taking note of. So the best thing that you can do is to clean up anything that may make a negative impression on a potential employer. Do as much as you can to minimize any damage to your image as it may determine whether you get the job or promotion that you want.

Verifying the facts about you that exist for others to see can take a lot of time to complete and your employer is also going to have to shell out money for this service. However, even they know that this is a worthwhile investment as they can make sure that they gather all information about someone before they can even consider that person for hire. Most likely, they will be checking your criminal background to see if you have done anything that could ruin the company’s image should they decide to hire you. If you do, then you have to get this straightened out before you even start applying for that job. Otherwise, you are definitely going to have a hard time as no employer wants to accept an employee who is facing a lot of legal charges.

It is very important to make sure applicants are supplying as much precise information about themselves and their previous employers as possible. This is so that background check report templates are quick and not much of a hassle.

So in the event that you would like to learn more about employment verification forms, or anything else that is related to employment, then all you have to do is go through any of our other available articles to help you get the information that you need.

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