10+ Essential Inclusions of a Legal Letterheads


Legal letterheads are commonly used by lawyers as an effective way of introducing themselves. The use of legal letterheads often dictates that the recipient of the letter, whatever its purpose is, is dealing with a professional and qualified lawyer or attorney. A stationary bearing the name of the lawyer does not only show a level of professionalism, but an attorney letterhead samples can also be used as a branding strategy to help build the image of the writer.

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Legal Letterhead Template

legal letterhead template
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Legal Services Letterhead Template

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Legal Scales of Justice Law Office Letterhead


Example Law Firm Letterhead Template


Why are Letterheads Significant to Legal Professionals?

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed letterhead. Similar to company logos that present the brand statement of a company, letterheads also manifest the character, nature, and purpose of a certain professional undertaking, profession, or business transaction. Specifically for legal professionals, coming up with a powerful and memorable letterhead is a must. Do you want to know why? Here are some significant reasons that you may consider:

To Establish Familiarity to Their Respective Clientele

For lawyers, getting the trust and confidence of their clients is very important. Bear in mind that aiming for more satisfied and well-valued clients is a marketing strategy in itself. Your clients are channels that bring about favorable professional references and recommendations on your end.

For start-up law firms, coming up with a memorable and catchy letterhead is highly suggested. Because letters are considered as primary means of correspondence and communication, they are one of the noticeable features of a formal letter. Furthermore, your letterhead must emphasize your goals and core values as a law firm in order to capture the attention of prospective clients.

An Effective Way of Disseminating Contact Details

In the field of law, the lawyers and the law firms’ contact details are very important. Because letterheads carry with them the professional email and contact addresses, they are considered as cost-effective ways of circulating your communication details. In terms of sending and submitting legal documents and records, the contact details are also highly needed.

Legitimizes Significant Documents.

According to research, letterhead designs are utilized for official matters. Once a letterhead is incorporated in a document, it legitimizes the document provided that the authorized persons also affix their respective signatures. Specifically, legal professionals deal with issues of legality all the time. Thus, your attorney letterhead must establish a degree of legality and authority.

These are some of the important benefits and applications of a simple yet powerful attorney letterhead. Indeed, its character as a simple component of a letter is just considered as the tip of the iceberg because its uses go beyond the formatting aspects.

Example Scales of Justice Legal Letterhead

example scales of justice legal letterhead

Corporate Letterhead Legal Sample Template


Legal Letterhead Template

attorney at law firm example letterhead

Law Firm Professional Letterhead Format Template

law firm professional letterhead format template

Attorney at Law Firm Example Letterhead

attorney at law firm example letterheadBuy Now - $9

Example Format Law Firm Modern Letterhead

example format law firm modern letterhead

Example Law Office Letterhead Format

example law office letterhead format

Essential Inclusions of a Letterhead

Organizational or company letterheads are considered as a visual representation of a certain company or business undertaking. The following are some essential components of a legal letterhead:

Designation or Full Title of the Law Firm

The complete and legal title of the law firm must be spelled out. Most State laws require law firms and offices to adopt names that are in accordance with the canons of legal ethics and practice. Bear in mind that the practice of law is vested with the public interest.

The Logo

In order to establish familiarity, integrating a well-designed company logo can boost the quality of your letterheads. The color schemes adopted must be in line with the generally accepted and preferred color combinations of the company. For legal firms, the designs of the letterheads are mostly using simple and straightforward colors such as black and white, maroon, silver, and much more.

Complete and Updated Contact Details

In here, you can provide the contact information of the firm such as the following:

  • updated telephone and mobile numbers of the associates;
  • fax number; and
  • email address.

Other Essential and Unique Elements

If you want to add more professional elements that can bring about more favorable benefits to your law firm, feel free to do so. You can incorporate images that are in line with the practice of law such as the scales of justice and more.

Hence, understanding the composition of a legal letterhead is essential. They are the foundations of your letterhead designs. As much as possible, keep it simple, professional, and original.

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