How to Evaluate an Applicant’s Resume


If you are going to do a research on job application tips, the Internet would not fail you because it offers a myriad of information on how you can easily nail and get the job you have always dreamed of. You can also find a lot of tips on writing an effective resume that increases your chances of getting hired. But what if you are an entrepreneur looking for a pool of employees to work for your company? How are going to know if you are hiring the right people to run and manage your day-to-day business operation? How do you go about evaluating the resumes from hundreds, if not thousands of hopeful applicants?

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Vetting applicant’s resume can be an extremely tedious process, especially if there is pile after pile of resumes waiting on your table to be evaluated. Beyond that, choosing the best applicants who are right for the position you are offering can be even a daunting task, because you will have to carefully and diligently evaluate their qualification and employment history. Not to mention, hiring the wrong person can potentially cause monetary loss.

3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Job Applicant

While the whole recruitment process can be a tedious and challenging experience, it is important for employers to look for a certain set of qualities in an applicant that are not listed in the job advertisement. Although it is highly understandable that you, as an entrepreneur, only want the best people for your company, it is important that being the best does not equate to being perfect.

Of course, no job applicant is perfect, although each one of them strives for improvement. With that being said, the hiring party, including yourself, should pay close attention and prioritize applicants that have the following qualities:


One of the key qualities employers are looking for in an applicant is strong leadership skills. Obviously, employers love to hire people who have a future in their organization. We all know that leadership is not an innate trait; hence, everyone can learn the facets of leadership. That is why hiring applicants who are leadership-oriented are often preferred by most companies because they can be easily molded into progressive thinkers.


If you are looking for someone who strives for long-term success in life and at work, make sure to hire an applicant that clearly shows integrity. An applicant with integrity is often true to himself, meaning he is able to be perfectly honest with himself and the people around him. Most importantly, integrity equates to loyalty.


We all know that competence is the ability to perform something with efficiency, thus making it an integral factor to success. Hiring competent people who can effectively and successfully do the job without requiring to be micromanaged is essential today, especially if you are running a busy company. What is great with people with a high level of competency is that they are able to identify which tasks should be prioritized and then focus on the things that are on top of their to-do list until they have completed their assigned tasks.

Steps in Resume Screening

According to an article published by, “Resume screening is the process of determining whether a candidate is qualified for a role based on his or her education, experience, and other information captured on their resume”. Thus, resume screening is a method used by employers to find out whether the qualifications of the job applicants matched with the job requirements. This helps the employer decide whether to move or reject the application of the candidate.

1. Look for Employment Gaps

Significant gaps in employment history of the applicant may not be a good sign. Although employment gaps do not necessarily mean that the applicant is not qualified for the job, he or she may be required to take extra training to allow him to re-adapt to the position s/he is applying for, as well as fit to a more structured work environment. Additionally, it is also important to observe if there are any negative behavioral traits that might contribute to these gaps.

2. Job Hopping

Job hopping is definitely one of the red flags to watch out for when evaluating the applicant’s resume. This often shows a lack of loyalty towards their past employers. It is also important to be cautious in hiring employees who have been working in the same position for years, because it may mean that they lack initiative and motivation to grow.

3. Check the Small Details

Although one of the essential things an employer needs to know is whether the qualifications of the applicant matches with the job requirements, it is equally important to look for small yet, significant details listed on the applicant’s resume. Has the applicant provided vital skills that are relevant to the position? Are there any spelling and grammar errors in the applicant’s resume?

4. Thorough Evaluation of Work Experience

Make sure that the applicant has provided a detailed description of his or her responsibilities and duties. Oftentimes, a general description of past work experience may mean a phony work experience.

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Final Thoughts

Careful resume screening and evaluation of applicants can provide you with a comprehensive overview of how he or she can potentially fulfill key expectations set by your company. The more you dedicate time to evaluate a job applicant’s resume, the better you will enhance your resume screening skills. Before we end this article, make sure to check out and download our job description template and job application forms.

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