Exit Interview Do’s & Don’ts


There will come a time when an employee has to hand over that dreaded resignation letter. There are many reasons why an employee would want to leave, but it is up to the employers to figure out why they are leaving. And this is where an exit interview would definitely be useful.

With the help of an exit interview, employers will easily be able to figure out the different reasons why an employee would want to leave, and if there is anything that the company can improve on to ensure general employee retention in the future. If you want to learn how to properly do an exit interview, then read this article to help you.

Exit interviews do’s and don’ts

It is never easy to conduct an exit interview. While some see it as something that is vital in tying up loose ends with departing employees, others may find it a huge waste of time as they feel like they may not be able to benefit much from it. In any case, exit interviews are still very much part of the overall HR strategy and procedure for many simple businesses. So, if you are going to conduct an exit interview, here are the rules that you have to follow so that both parties are able to get the most out of it:


1. Make sure to keep everything professional. Even if you know that you and your employee are on great terms, it will not change the fact you know that he is going to leave. Ensure that you already have a room in advance to hold the interview. Inform the employee ahead of time about the professional interview and, if you think it is necessary, ask someone from HR to sit in during the exit interview and take down important notes. Make sure that you follow your HR procedures and go through your basic policy regarding how you are supposed to conduct an exit interview.

2. Prepare everything in advance. Just like a job interview, it is very important that you think about all the necessary questions that you are going to ask. Think clearly on what you would like to learn from the exit interview as this will help you formulate the questions. Come up with questions that will give you some insight regarding how your employees view your software company and how management is handling things. You will then be able to find all of the areas of your business that need to be improved.

3. Listen to everything that the exiting employee has to say. You have to hear every word that comes out from the employee’s mouth as he may just provide you with information that is invaluable to your basic business. Give them the opportunity to speak their minds openly as that will allow them to give you details on why they plan on leaving your company and if any of the particular reasons for leaving involve how your business is being run. You may also see HR Contract Templates


1. Do not take things personally. It may be tempting to take things personally if an employee were to hand in a notice of resignation. All you have to remember is to try and keep things professional. If you have any bad blood between you and the employee, then do what you can to set that aside and keep your mindset purely on business. Keep things professional and focus on tying up loose ends and finding out information that your business will surely benefit from. You may also like Interview Letter Templates

2. Do not be defensive in any way. Whenever you ask your employee to do an simple exit interview with you, you have to be prepared to hear things that you may not want to hear. You have to take in all forms of criticism with an open mind and remain calm no matter what it is the departing employee may have to say. If you feel as if you might say something that you know you are going to regret, it is best that you hold your tongue. Otherwise, the employee may just use it against you. You may also see Interview Schedule Templates

3. Do not forget to take down notes during the exit interview. The point of taking notes is so that you will easily be able to recall everything that went on during the general interview and it can help you out in the future in the event that the exiting employee wishes to take action against you. The notes can help serve as evidence as to what was said and by whom and in what order. You may also like HR Job Description Templates

In the event that you would like to learn more regarding the do’s and don’ts of exit interviews or anything related to this particular topic, then take some time to read our other business-related posts. You may also see HR Interview Form Templates

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