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History repeats itself, they say. If only that’s true and if only we can choose the right side of history to be the only ones that happen again, if only we can have the same people all over again, who fought wars, lead our country to the right path and made sure we get to have a future and a better world, then wouldn’t that be great? The thing is, history is debatable. Everyone has a version of who was on the right side. You may also see family tree diagram templates.

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Churchill said it belongs to the victors. But really, it depends which side you’re on, and who you consider as victors, no matter what the books say. In the case of our families, however, it’s quite true and proven that history does have a habit of repeating itself since people live from generation to generation, trying to uphold family legacies and traditions, up to the very end. You may also see three generation family tree templates.

Nabokov’s Ada Family Tree

nabokovs ada family tree 1 788x557

Medical Family Tree

medical family tree 1 788x609

Family Trees Guidance

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A sacred, sacred word to those who share a great bond with their parents, siblings and every other member. Your great-grandfather would have done this or that. Your Aunt Becky was so much like you, she loved to sing. Junior is graduating in high school, let’s get him in the army just like the men in the family did, his great, great, great grandpa would be so proud.

We all have our share of being told we look like somebody in the family who lived ages ago, or that we should strive to be who our fathers were, and their fathers before them. Some of us had our future mapped out before us, long before we even walked for the sake of maintaining legacies, especially if you came from a family who takes it a little seriously. You may also see 4 generation family tree templates.

But have you ever even had just a tiny bit of curiosity to find out the who, what, when, where and how, in all of these? Pretty sure you did. Pretty sure you did, a lot of times, but you may not have had the chance to answer all your questions or had answers that satisfied you enough to stop asking. The good news is, there’s a way to know and trace your bloodline, to understand your family history better, to understand who you are, or whoever you’re supposed to be if that’s what it comes down to. You may also see photo family tree templates.

Tracing Down Your Roots

So if you think it’s about time to know more about where you came from, and finally put faces and names you’ve been hearing from family gathering stories since you were a child, creating a sample family tree, even just a simple one, would be the best way and it will also educate you better. After all, it’s never too late nor too early to know the generation that lived before you. Tracing back your roots and trying to get yourself educated more about your family can seem like being inside a giant maze and trying to find your way out will be very challenging when there’s always another important information to note, a member to be added and their siblings to boot.

Then you’ll have to find a path smooth enough to work your way through each generation or period, based on what you have discovered. But remember if you’re not even halfway through yet, it’s still going to be worth it, once you encounter a great aunt that has arrived in New York’s Ellis Island, as did many of the immigrants, or a cousin once removed, who was a jazz singer in the early 50’s. You would think you’re ready to discover everything fascinating, but really you have no idea what else your ancestors has to tell. You may also see 3 generation family tree templates.

Then again, whatever your discoveries are, you’d still feel like doing a cheer or drop your jaw more times than you can count, just like a lot of people who tried to develop a family tree, going up to four or five generations and wanting to discover so much more. Because there’s always a special kind of satisfaction in getting those stories out and being able to find them yourself.

Family Tree of Mahr Majid

family tree of mahr majid 1 788x1114

Family Tree

A family tree by simple definition is an organization of names of each family member and their relationship or connection to each other. Most of the time, the younger or present generation in the family aren’t that acquainted about who their forefathers are and even have little idea about their relatives and other family members they don’t see regularly or those who they don’t see at all, but just remember vaguely by name in dinner table conversations. You may also see large family tree templates.

A family tree helps them associate and develop a better relationship with other members and encourage a stronger bond in the process. This way, they’re not only better acquainted but also more educated about their roots and the importance of a family’s history. It also helps establish closer ties to family members they have little to no chance of seeing anymore. You may also see family tree samples.

Making your own family tree is not difficult, especially if you plan to just have a simple one, with only the important details included about each member, as you can do it through a hierarchy with the head of the family on top, and everybody else down in their right order. A simple one would be so much easier to understand since you could end up struggling with putting so much information and a couple dozen trivia which you can leave out. The family members would naturally be arranged with the siblings following them, and so on. You may also see 5 generation family tree templates.

This representation of your family makes it easy for all members to understand and know other family members.

How Useful Is a Family Tree?

It’s very useful, because it tells you a lot about where you came from and it has other benefits that aren’t just limited to knowing who your distant cousins are and where your grandparents went to school.  It’s not only for putting names to faded photographs of the men and women who looks like you and your brothers or sisters. It’s a lot more that that. You may also see simple family tree templates.

Appreciation For Relationships

Getting a family tree on your computer or having one printed and pinned inside your room allows you to have a better understanding of family relationships and other relationships for that matter, since finding out more about other members of your family also makes you appreciate having an intimate bond with other people who aren’t even your blood relations. You suddenly play with your little sister more and go out with your closes friends on Saturdays. You may also see family tree chart templates.

Then you start to realize just how much your parents mean to you, in a way you never had before, had you not started researching your bloodline and formed a family tree you can always look for, when you need a reference or reminder of who you are. It makes you take care of all your relationships with other people because at the end of the day, relationships are founded on families, so before finding comfort in other people, you find comfort on family first. You may also see a free family tree.

Drawing Your Family Tree

Before drawing your family tree, you need to figure out how many generations you want to include or how much you want to trace and show. After that, you can already go for the actual drawing of the members from the oldest of the two, three or four lines, depending on what you have decided. Ideally, a family tree should have each person’s photo or name, represented in a box, so it’s better if you come up with an outline and draw boxes connecting each individual’s relationship and tying them with each other later on. You may also see sample family tree diagrams.

You may add descendants as you go along and make sure to have different boxes or sections for each branch of the family with the parents, children and so on. You’re also not limited to just drawing lines and boxes. You can actually design a family tree any way you prefer. You can choose to be creative with it but just make sure that everybody would still be able to understand and trace your lineage when they look at your family tree. Too much going on, in a chart like a family tree could lose the most important details.

Family Tree Health History

family tree health history 03 788x591

Family Tree Guide

family tree guide 01 788x1020

Family Medical Tree

family medical tree 1 788x1020

Before getting down to work, you should also establish the purpose of having a family tree all of a sudden. Did you just became so curious that you decided to go all-out in learning about your family’s background, or did something sparked that interest in you and you don’t want to give up researching and finding out more, just yet? Whatever the reason is, you can be sure your family tree will be very helpful to you and to the rest of your family members who needs a reminder about their past sooner or later, no matte how trivial they think it would be. You may also see powerpoint family tree templates.

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