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11 Advertising Order Form Templates

When you decide on getting the advertising that you might need to promote something, then you might need all kinds of document templates to help confirm your decision like advertising contract templates. Another kind of document that you might need is an advertising order form, which you could use to specify all the parameters of what you want in your advertising.

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Of course, you would need to keep some things in mind when making your advertising order forms. Like when using any other sample order templates, it would be wise to make yourself aware of the different aspects of these tools. This can help you assure yourself that you are making the best possible use of these document templates so as to make them more effective at letting your clients decide what they want from you.

Basic Advertising Order Form Template

Advertising Space Order Form Template

Business Advertising Order Form Template

Sample Advertising Order Form

Marketing Advertising Order Form

Why You Would Want an Advertising Order Form

Some information that could help you make the most of these advertising order forms is knowing some of the concrete reasons why you would want them in the first place. You should already know that there are a number of things that these order forms can do for you, but being aware of exactly what those are can make it much easier for you to apply the forms to your own situation.

Allows You to Decide on Payment Method

As is the case with insertion order templates, one function of advertising order form templates is allowing you to decide on convenient payment methods for the advertising services you provide to your clients. There are several aspects to doing this, such as deciding on what credit card service you can use, or if you want to let clients pay via cash or check. You may also be able to choose to provide the option of paying in installments. This could make it possible for clients to pay only on designated dates, which can help if they do not quite have all the funds at the start of their campaign.

Lets You Put Advertising Schedules into Effect

Your clients will presumably have some kind of proposed schedule in place when they come to you for advertising services. As such, your order forms can include some options for clients to specify their time frame, which can help you plan out the advertising campaign as a whole. After all, if you are going to embark on an advertising campaign, it pays to have an idea of how you plan to advertise an event up until the final release date. Offering clients a chance to specify their schedules in the order forms can serve to make your work considerably easier since you can devise a more concrete plan of action for how to carry out your end of the job.

Enables You to Determine What Advertising Methods to Use

The advertising order forms can also include information on what methods you actually want to use for the advertising campaign. While this is information that can also be included in an advertising proposal, it pays to make this information available so that you can find out exactly what methods your client might want for their campaign. This is one of the more vital aspects of planning as the methods you choose are exactly how you are going to convey the information to the customer base, hence the importance of letting your clients share this information with you. After all, your clients should be given the means of letting you know how they want attention to be generated so that you can discuss how to make the campaign most effective.

Allows You to Choose Methods that Conform to a Budget

It is likely that your clients will also have a specific budget to inform the methods they might select for their advertising campaigns. As such, they would not want to have too costly methods included on your advertising invoices. With that in mind, you should make it possible for your clients to see how much their choices will cost so that they can find a way of conforming to their budgets. This can also make clear exactly what methods you are free to use so that you can have an easier time of planning out how you can proceed.

Lets Clients Specify Their Purpose

You should also include the option of letting your clients specify what purpose the whole advertising campaign is for. After all, different purposes would have different approaches to spreading the word around. This purpose can be further spelled out in an advertising business proposal, but having an idea of what the client’s purpose in an order form can make it easier for you to prepare for carrying out the work. Having some kind of advance warning should make it considerably easier for you to find out exactly what you will need for a given campaign, so this is vital information for you to know.

Lets You Determine Who the Target Audience Is

Your advertising order forms may also make it possible for your clients to tell you who the target audience of the advertising campaign is. This can help inform how you can approach the actual work of advertising to the customer base as you would know exactly how to sell the idea to them. If you are going to embark on this kind of work, you would definitely need to know to whom you are targeting. This is a necessary piece of knowledge so that you know how to tailor your plans to make them more enticing to the audience in the first place.

Allows You to Develop Prototype Advertising Designs

Some order form templates may also include space for clients to plan out flyers, brochures, billboards, and so on. This is not to say that those designs are the final design, but they can definitely give you a better idea of how the design should look for when you need to make and distribute advertising to the target audience. After all, the design can be used as a simple framework that you can use to make more effective advertising tools, if you should deem it necessary. Aside from that, this can give you a more concrete idea of what the client wants from you so that you can satisfy those needs.

Advertising Request Form Template

Program Advertising Order Form Example

Sample Advertising Request Form Template

Student’s Advertising Request Form Sample

Art Advertisement Order Form Template

Sample University Advertising Order Form

What Purposes You Can Use Advertising Order Forms For

You should be aware by now that it is possible to advertise all kinds of possible events. As such, there are an equal number of different purposes that can be specified in advertising order forms. It would help to know about at least some of these purposes so that you can prepare your own order templates so as to meet those kinds of needs for any clients that might come to you.


Perhaps the most obvious use of advertising order forms is to promote some kind of business or product. This is a normal thing to expect in business as it would be necessary to market these products to generate awareness amongst a customer base. In a way, advertising order form templates for businesses are job order templates in that clients would be placing an order for a specific job to be done over a specific period of time.


It is also possible to make order forms in PDF for artistic or scientific events like concerts, plays, exhibitions, and others. These events would also need their own advertising so that they could make any interested parties aware of them. After all, these events would have their fair share of patrons who might have an interest in participating. The organizers might be in need of an advertising service to make sure that the right parties hear about those events, which would be where you would come in.


You may also want to prepare blank order forms for advertising for seminars and talks. These events would be in particular need of advertising so that they could actually get people to attend and learn from their speakers. Of course, they would need to state their advertising needs via order forms so that they could get an advertising business to market those events well in advance. This would allow anyone interested in attending the events to delegate some time to actually attending.

School Events

Of course, it is unrealistic to assume that these advertising order form templates are only examples of work order templates. Other organizations like schools or their related organizations can find a use for these order forms if they wanted to generate interest in any event they might organize. This can actually vary in that it would be possible to generate interest both among the school itself as well as any interested parties outside the school if necessary. As such, there are indeed order form templates that can be used specifically by school personnel in order to be sure of getting adequate advertising for any events they may have.

You should hopefully be better equipped to make and use your own advertising order forms now that you have some more insights into how they function. After all, you may have a much better idea of how you can use these forms to the fullest as they can apply to you.

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